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NEW REVIEW! EARTHMAN JACK vs. THE RING OF FIRE (Earthman Jack Space Saga 4) by Matthew Kadish is LIVE!

"... fast paced, easy to read intergalactic thriller ..." - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Earthman Jack vs. The Ring of Fire
SERIES: Earthman Jack Space Saga #4
SERIES SUBTITLE: The Conclave Trilogy
AUTHOR: Matthew Kadish
AGE GROUP: Young Adult/All Ages!
GENRE: Science Fiction
RELEASE DATE: October 15, 2017
PUBLISHER: Twelve Oaks Media
PAGES: Approx. 762

COPY PROVIDED BY: Author/Purchased
RATING: 5 Stars!

Earthman Jack vs. The Ring Of Fire is the second installment of "The Conclave Trilogy" and the fourth book in the Earthman Jack Space Saga.

After nearly dying in his face-off with the ruthless bounty hunter Stalker Crux, Earthman Jack Finnegan awakes to find his companions have brought him to The Conclave - a mystical ancient temple in an entirely different universe. It is here where super-powered Paragons, who can use quantum physics to reshape reality with their minds, are trained.

As Jack's friends leave in an attempt to find a way to save Princess Anna from the control of the evil Verrutus, Jack begins studying to become a Paragon, excited to learn how to be a "superhero" so he can complete his quest to save Earth. But the rigors of his training begin to take their toll, and have Jack questioning if he actually has what it takes to become a Paragon.

As Jack learns new skills and makes new allies, it becomes apparent The Conclave is not the safe haven he at first thought it was. A hidden enemy by the name of Mellegogg has infiltrated the ancient temple, and has begun sowing the seeds of corruption from deep within The Conclave and secretly infecting all who live there.

As new threats become clear and new enemies emerge, Jack and his companions soon find themselves under siege from multiple fronts as the brilliant and deadly plans of the Deathlords begin to play out. Soon, Jack finds himself in a crucible of danger as Mellegogg assaults the Conclave, putting Jack, and everything he cares about, in peril.

Will Jack find the strength he needs survive the deadliest threat he's yet to face? Or will he be consumed by the Ring of Fire?

5 “The Void” Stars!

The Happenings... 
Once again, Jack and company return for another smashing adventure and things have never been more critical or dangerous! This book picks up just where the previous book ends with Jack at the Conclave, preparing for his Fire Ring classes. We also get to know more about the pocket universe, the Paragons and their teachings.

The heroes are scattered, with dangers lurking in every corner. Scally, Glimmer, Green and Shanks are on the infected planet of Eionmeer in hopes of finding a doctor to help Anna, who is back at the Conclave and still infected with the slythru. Fred, Wil, Grohm and the rest of the Alpha Force crash land only to face off with an even more sinister force. Heckubus and his new crew have an evil standoff, Mourdock gets jealous and all the while politics are being played under the table, new deals are being made and the deathlords get one step closer to their destructive plans coming to fruition.

Oh and Jack? His training is well and truly underway, but it’s highschool all over again for this poor guy as he tries to fit himself in a world that’s not his own, with peers who are all too happy to place him on the bottom rung. As with most things in his life, skills don’t come easy and he struggles so much in this book. Paragon training is tougher than he thought it would be. He and the Unlikelies form an unskilled alliance as they work together to try and find their inner Paragon, and when others would have him discredited, Jack finds a reluctant champion in the form of Yado, err, Ravencrow!

The Conclave - the one place Jack and his friends thought they’d be safe, is threatened and it seems even traveling to the ends of the galaxy, hiding in a time paradox, can’t save them. There’s a malevolent corruption poisoning the Great Seal, and the pocket universe and all who reside within, are in serious danger.

Plus, there is a TON of other amazing and exciting things going on in this book! Mr. Kadish is a fascinating storyteller, combining pop culture, uniquely fresh ideas and likable characters, all mixing together to create an imaginative, thrilling and FUN adventure for all ages to enjoy!

This fast paced, easy to read intergalactic thriller is a must read!

The Wrap Up: 
How can you not love this series, these characters and this story? It’s impossible.

The author masterfully combines a captivating, massive story undertaking with an ever expanding cast of incredible characters and manages to coherently and expertly orchestrate an exciting, powerful tale of good versus evil in this electrifying installment of the Earthman Jack saga!

He amps up the excitement and intrigue and ... totally messes with my “feels”!! There is some serious heart written into this installment. Things happen that had my emotions bouncing all over the place. I was equal parts exhilarated, sad, happy, teary-eyed, excited, frustrated and grinning ear-to-ear. Not to mention the intense nail biting during that shocking ending! Thank the book gods all three books were published at the same time so we don’t have to wait to see what happens next!

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