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NEW REVIEW! EARTHMAN JACK vs. THE INTERGALACTIC MANHUNT (Earthman Jack Space Saga 3) by Matthew Kadish is LIVE!

"... wild, intense, crazy thrill ride!" - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Earthman Jack vs. The Intergalactic Manhunt
SERIES: Earthman Jack Space Saga #3
SERIES SUBTITLE: The Conclave Trilogy
AUTHOR: Matthew Kadish
AGE GROUP: Young Adult/All Ages!
GENRE: Science Fiction
RELEASE DATE: October 14, 2017
PUBLISHER: Twelve Oaks Media
PAGES: Approx. 506

COPY PROVIDED BY: Author/Purchased
RATING: 5 Stars!

Earthman Jack vs. The Intergalactic Manhunt is the first installment of "The Conclave Trilogy" and the third book in the Earthman Jack Space Saga. 

After the events of The Secret Army, Earthman Jack Finnegan and his rag-tag group of companions are on the run as a galaxy-wide manhunt is underway, with the Empire's military, ruthless cyborg bounty hunters, and the members of the Deathlords' secret army relentlessly pursuing them. As if that weren't bad enough, the love of Jack's life - Princess Anna - is still in grave danger, thanks to the evil Deathlord Supreme Verrutus. 

A new and relentless enemy emerges in the form of Stalker Crux, the most legendary bounty hunter in the universe, who sets his sights on Jack and his companions. While this new threat looms, another Deathlord Supreme emerges from the shadows with a plan of far-reaching destruction that will shake the galaxy to its very core. 

Jack's one hope to save Anna and lift the price on his head may lie with Mourdock Skyborn, Anna's fiancee and next in line to assume the role of Emperor. But trusting Mourdock may be more dangerous than he thought, as dark forces conspire against Jack to lead him and his companions into a trap which they may not be able to escape. 

How can Jack protect the universe if all in it have turned against him? How can he hope to prevail as his enemies grow more and more powerful? Where can Jack run to when there is no place left that is safe? 

Can Earthman Jack stay one step ahead of his adversaries long enough to save the day? Or will he never be able to escape this Intergalactic Manhunt?

5 Intergalactic Stars!

The Happenings... 
Jack and friends are back with yet another exciting adventure!! And as always, the author takes us on one heck of a wild, intense, crazy thrill ride! 

Added to the canvas are a whole slew of new and fascinating characters, including many who are in cahoots with the deathlords! Muahahaha! - but wait! The evil deathlords have an new plan - or rather an old one - universal domination! New villains, corrupt allies, more sinister deeds and a force that seems truly unstoppable as they seek out destruction and total annihilation, giving us one incredibly entertaining page turner!

Book three of this saga has been broken down into three parts - because trust me, it was too incredible to be told in just one book - beginning with Earthman Jack vs. The Intergalactic Manhunt, which starts out with an ingenious and inventive recap of book two, allowing fans to relive that epic journey and new readers to get caught up on what’s going on.

When this story begins, we meet back up with our heroes who are in a most dire situation! Jack and his crew are aboard the Earthship, being hunted throughout the galaxy by Imperial ships and Shanks is desperately trying to break through to Anna using his mind construct, hoping to help free her of the hold the slythru has on her. Soon, Jack has to accept help from an old friend, which puts him and his crew in an even more disastrous situation, leaving them separated and at the mercy of the enemy!

New allies are discovered, war is being waged on many fronts, enemies and betrayal are everywhere and painful sacrifices are made. It really does feel as if the heroes just might lose this daunting battle. On the plus side - or maybe not, since it seems there are some who don’t want him at the Conclave - Jack might finally get the paragon training he wants. But things aren’t always as they seem, which he soon finds out.

I don’t want to give too much away, but just know, there is A LOT going on in this book, all leading up to one impressive adventure that ends on a cliffy that would be agonizing if the next book weren’t already released - because the author is awesome and knew we wouldn’t want to wait to find out what happens next! 

Hats off to you Mr. Kadish!

The Characters... 
Jack is the kind of hero you have to root for. Even when things are going markedly wrong, his conviction, his courage and his eagerness draw you in. He’s not always on top. In fact, he rarely sees the top. In true hero fashion, he has some serious obstacles to overcome and he’s not always skillful in his delivery. Even with all he’s already accomplished, there are people who doubt his ability or his iron clad will and they push him aside as useless, but Jack NEVER gives up. That’s what I love most about him. He just never gives up!

Heckubus is still one of my favorite characters as his evil wittiness keeps me both laughing and amazed at how cunning his schemes really are. Scally has always intrigued me, but as he plays front and center, rescuing his friends when they need him most, I found I grew more excited when he appeared on the canvas! He’s quickly became one of my favs, too! And Grohm, the giant with few words, Green, the professor who is filling out his hero shoes quit well, Shanks who is willing to make the huge sacrifices for the greater good, Dan, who NEEDS his own spin-off story ... all these characters may be in separate corners this time, but they are united in their loyalty, their friendship and in their quest to rid the universe of the deathlords.

I love all of them!

The Wrap Up: 
I’ve enjoyed this series since the first book, which blew me away. Each episode gets bigger, better and more daring. There are dangers everywhere and just when you think things can’t get more complicated, the author throws in the kitchen sink and suddenly complications become unbending barriers. I couldn’t help but be glued to the pages as it all played out, excitedly flipping through them to see what happens next. This series may be classified as young adult, but it can be easily read by any age reader and they are sure to find something extraordinary between the pages. I read it. Then my daughter read it. And we both loved it!

The writing and creativity is outstanding, the world building and the character development are amazing and the story itself is ... ingenious. It’s entertaining, it’s thrilling, it’s scary at times, it’s laugh-out-loud fun, it’s complicated and it’s emotional. Just what all great stories should be.

On to the next!

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