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NEW REVIEW! EARTHMAN JACK vs. THE CONCLAVE OF CORRUPTION (The Earthman Jack Space Saga #5) by Matthew Kadish is LIVE!

"... an entertaining sci-fi fantasy that boldly and bravely captures the heart and imagination of the reader ..." - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Earthman Jack vs. The Conclave of Corruption
SERIES: Earthman Jack Space Saga #4
SERIES SUBTITLE: The Conclave Trilogy
AUTHOR: Matthew Kadish
AGE GROUP: Young Adult/All Ages!
GENRE: Science Fiction
RELEASE DATE: October 17, 2017
PUBLISHER: Twelve Oaks Media
PAGES: Approx. 562

COPY PROVIDED BY: Author/Purchased
RATING: 5+ Stars!

Earthman Jack vs. The Conclave of Corruption is the epic final installment of "The Conclave Trilogy" and the fifth book in the Earthman Jack Space Saga.

Disaster has struck as the mysterious Deathlord Supreme Mellegogg has kidnapped Princess Anna and trapped Jack and all the other Paragons in the ancient temple of the Conclave.

With the Paragons out of the way, Mellegogg is free to begin his devious plan to destroy the universe, involving a multi-pronged attack which Jack's allies are caught up in, and woefully unprepared to stop. To make matters worse, the evil Verrutus is joining forces with Mellegogg, and about to unleash his Secret Army upon the Empire, with devastating consequences.

As the Deathlords inflict their campaign of destruction upon the galaxy, Jack makes a desperate attempt to escape from the Conclave with his spaceship in order to save Princess Anna and his friends so they can stop Mellegogg and Verrutus before it is too late.

Jack and his allies unite to keep the forces of darkness from overtaking the universe. But as they discover the extent of the Deathlords' plans, they realize they may be too late to prevent them from succeeding. Now, as corruption and terror spreads across the galaxy, Jack and his friends must come together against all odds to save the day - even if it may cost them their lives.

Will Earthman Jack finally unlock the power to become the superhero he's destined to be? Or will he lose everything to the Conclave of Corruption?

5+ Corrupted Stars!

The Review: 
Absolutely brilliant! That’s right! 5 PLUS stars for this one!

Earthman Jack vs. the Conclave of Corruption was balls out, no limiter, fast paced action from start to finish! The deathlords are exacting their plan, all our heroes are in peril and the universe is literally in danger of going extinct! There was so much going on in this novel, from all different perspectives, but as always, the author did a phenomenal job telling the story and not only telling it well, but telling it expertly. You’re going to LOVE this one!

The Happenings... 
When we left off in the previous book, the Conclave was in major trouble and now, everyone is looking at Jack to save them. Scally and Glimmer are in the hands of an enemy bent on getting his revenge, Princess Anna has been taken with Shanks determined to save her at all costs, Green and Sawbones are surrounded, Fred, Wil and Grohm are storming the planet, Heckubus is finally exacting his evil plan - Muahahaha! - and the entire universe is in the middle of its last stand!

And that barely scratches the surface of what’s happening in this highly addictive read that fuels the imagination and captures the heart of young adventure, true friendship and the fight for the greater good.


Mr. Kadish really steps up his game this time around. The war that’s been brewing has finally been waged and the massive amount of power and supporters the deathlords have backing them seems daunting. At every turn, there’s a new threat, a new and more serious danger to our heroes and I couldn’t help but wonder, how are they going to get out of this! I often forgot I was reading a book as I was dragged into the fray, fighting along side these brave characters. 

There’s a ton of action, as fight sequences play out in stunning detail! There’s adventure, fun and betrayal. My “feels” were all over the place because some of it was expected, but some of it was SHOCKING! I think that word accurately sums up how this book made me feel. I was shocked and jaw-dropped through a huge portion of it. I was anxious, I was cheering and I was excited, my heart pounding with each new undertaking!

The Characters... 
Nothing comes easy for Jack and this time was no different, but he’s slowly finding himself and he’s learning what he’s made of. Just when you think he’s had enough and he couldn’t possibly take any more, he gets back up and fights harder, stronger and with more willpower than any character I’ve ever read! I just love him so much.

Grohm has quickly taken second place in my favorites category. For a character who says so little, he has a HUGE presence about him. His iron will, courage and bravery had me falling for the big guy in a big way. Wil and Fred also quickly grew to be some of my favorites. We get to see more of them and their personalities, and not just their partying, roguish ways. They really become unlikely heroes themselves.

Professor Green always adds some levity to the situation as he bumbles his way through, but in this installment, his intelligence really shines and he, alongside his friends, fight and fight hard. I loved their parts in this story.

Heckubus comes through in a big way - and that’s all I’m saying about that. ;)

There’s even a little bit of romance going on, too. Scally and Glimmer have a connection, but Scally is a free spirit (think Han Solo!) and it was interesting seeing how the Red’s heart caved for the girl he won’t allow himself to fully have. Jack, Anna and Mourdock have a love triangle going on and jealousies rear up between them, but ultimately, the greater evil takes center stage. I can’t wait to see how that all plays out.

The Wrap Up: 
At the heart of these novels, Jack, a seemingly unimpressive teenage boy, unexpectedly finds his life yanked from obscurity to notoriety in a galaxy fueled by corruption and betrayal. He’s made good, honest, trusted friends through his journeys and together, they fight the corruption on multiple platforms as the story is told from a myriad of point-of-views.

Each episode so far, has lead up to this point in the story, each chapter filled with a building tension, high adventure and heart pounding excitement, all exploding onto the pages in book five. The world building is ingenious and it encompasses lovable characters you can’t help but root for and vile enemies you want to loath! 

This series is an entertaining sci-fi fantasy that boldly and bravely captures the heart and imagination of the reader, leaving a deep and lasting impression well after the final page. And after that ending???? It’s going to be a painful wait, but I’m excited to see where the author takes us next!

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