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TITLE: Faking It With Damian
GENRE: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 23, 2017
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
PAGES: Approx. 260
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I don’t do relationships… especially not with egotistical jerks like my new boss, Damian Wood. The man is vile, arrogant, condescending… and scorching hot. If he weren’t my boss and a grade-A a*&hole, I would turn on my world-famous charm and seduce the pants right off the man. But giving in to his undeniable allure might just cost me my job. Or worse yet, my heart.

I’m a prick…and Janice Holder’s new boss. Which means I should stay away, but I’ve never claimed to be a nice guy. If I don’t get my twisted fascination under control, it will only be a matter of time before I bend her over my desk and screw her. Hard. The way I’ve imagined no fewer than a thousand times since we met. I’m playing with fire and neither of us can afford to get burned, but landing in hot water might just be worth the risk.

Faking It is a full-length, standalone office romance. It contains steamy scenes with a ton of heat and strong language intended for mature audiences.

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Interview with DJ Hunnam

We asked DJ to tell us a little about herself and her writing. Here's what she had to say...

Q) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A) Sure. First off, I just want to say that I am so excited to be doing my very first blog tour. When I started writing “for fun”, two years ago, I never thought I’d actually be here, promoting one of my books. My first two books, Drowning in Talon and Faking It with Damian, were published in January. I’m hoping to release my third book, Falling for Dante, sometime in May. I am a geologist, by day, and an aspiring author by night. I am married to a wonderful man (who inspires my writing every day) and I have two wild sons, under the age of ten, who keep me on my toes.

Q) How did you choose the genre you write in?

A) I read a ton of romance as a teenager, primarily because my grandmother was a voracious reader of historical romance. Around age fourteen, I started sneaking her books whenever my parents dropped me off at her house. While the content was a bit questionable for someone my age, I fell in love with these books. I stopped reading romance, and really much of anything else, in college, because I was so focused on school and my career. I started reading romance again about four years ago, and I was shocked at how much the romance genre had changed.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, although for the last fifteen years it’s been focused on technical writing, for my “real” job. A few years back, I was a bit discontent with my job and looking for a creative outlet. I started my first book, Drowning in Talon, as a creative outlet and as a way to work through some things going on in my life. At the same time, I was reading a ton of romance/erotica. The genre is so popular because it provides the perfect escape and I decided to try my hand at it. 

Q) Where do you get your ideas?

A) A lot of my ideas come from my real life or from the lives of my friends and family members. My first two books, Drowning in Talon and Faking It, are centered around two women navigating the corporate world. I worked at an engineering firm for the first sixteen years of my career, so a lot of their experiences were gleaned from my own (although I never got the chance to hook up with a super-hot, alpha boss). I spent many summers, during my teenage years, in Alaska pining after sexy oarsmen, hence the setting of my first book, Drowning in Talon. I’d say my ideas come from a combination of my own experiences and perhaps things I wish to experience.

Q) What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

A) My favorite chapter to write was Chapter 18, the scene where Janice and Damian go to a Seahawks game and Damian decides to “teach” Janice about football, in a slightly unconventional and erotic way. It was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but when the idea came to me, I latched onto it. It is also one of the only chapters I’ve ever forced my husband to read. I needed him to check it for accuracy, since he played football in high school and college. He commented on several things, but his physical (ahem) reaction to reading the scene, was hilarious.

Q) What project are you working on now?

A) I am currently working on Falling for Dante, a third installment in this unnamed series. Falling for Dante is a brother’s best friend story with Erica (Damian’s sister) and Dante (Damian’s best friend) as the protagonists. It is a story about a young girl who falls in love with her brother’s sexy best friend, and the serious impacts it has on her life. I hope to release Falling for Dante in May 2017.


First introduced to the genre by her grandmother, DJ Hunnam is an author with a true love for great romance novels. After reading hundreds of them over the last twenty years, she finally decided to put pen to paper and craft her own happily ever afters (HEA). She loves to write about strong heroines who fall in love with even sexier heroes, while tackling real-world problems. Her books are packed with sizzling scenes sure to make you blush.

A scientist by day and author by night, DJ Hunnam straddles the fence between the mundane and the erotic on a daily basis. When she isn’t writing, you might find her curled up with a book, chasing her two wild sons, or pursuing her own HEA with her husband of ten years. She’s a sucker for dark chocolate, a good bottle of Malbec, and a sexy six-pack.

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