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REVIEW TOUR with GIVEAWAY - ENTHRALL HIM (Enthrall Sessions #3) by Vanessa Fewings:

TITLE: Enthrall Him
SERIES: Enthrall Sessions
AUTHOR: Vanessa Fewings
GENRE: Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: Nov. 23, 2014
FORMAT: eBook and Paperback
PAGES: Approx. 370
ISBN: 9780991204625

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RATING: 5+++

This is the reward of the forbidden. This is the ecstasy of Enthrall. 

Billionaire Cameron Cole is the one in control. He makes the decisions of both pleasures and punishments. He is the ultimate master.

Owner of L.A.’s preeminent BDSM clubs, Cameron has yet to relinquish the all encompassing control of his submissive, twenty-one year old Mia Lauren.

Mia’s training unlocks a maelstrom of passion. A powerful connection. An unpredictable result. Her uninhibited journey intensifies by the day, but there are new complications on the horizon.

A powerful rival of Cameron’s has emerged with a relentless desire to make Mia his own. Lance Merrill has the means and the will to take what he believes is his and bring down an empire in the process.

Mia is taken by Cameron to London for her protection. Her obedience will be tested in ways she could not have foreseen. Richard Sheppard, her former master, has decided it’s time to take her back. Will Cameron give her over? 

Or will the choice be hers?

In the rousing third novel of the renowned Enthrall Sessions, author Vanessa Fewings guides her readers through the uncharted territories of raw passion into the most heated corners of the human heart.

This is true obsession. This is the time for Mia to Enthrall Him.

REVIEWERS NOTE: Enthrall Him is book three in the Enthrall Sessions series and is an Erotic Romance written by Vanessa Fewings. I was gifted a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review through Literati Author Services.

5 +++ “..sacred feminine..” Stars!
Utterly Riveting! This Story Literally Takes Off Running And Absolutely Doesn’t Stop Until the Climatic, Beautiful End! 

The Review: 
I am once again in awe of Vanessa Fewings talent to bring me to my knees with an intense, mind blowing, completely spellbinding and artistically enthralling story. Every paragraph drew me in more and more, enticing me, seducing me and totally obliterating my emotional strength. The characters were superb, the banter fun and exciting, the chemistry scorching and the story seductive and beautiful. 

I was enthralled the whole way through and I’m sad this is the end but what a wonderful way to end it! Enthrall Him is without a doubt one of my favorite reads of 2014!

Cameron’s has an enemy waiting in the dark for the perfect time to exact his revenge. Seeing his chance, Lance Merrill “purchases” Mia right out from under Richard and Cameron and tries to use her to exact his vengeance.

But Cameron has other plans. Sweeping in to save the day, Cameron whisks Mia away to London in an attempt to see to her safety, also using the excuse of continuing Mia’s training as the danger back at Chrysalis is too severe to keep her within enemy reach. Cameron and Shay, his top security enforcer and good friend who’s also a prominent dom at Chrysalis, head off across the seas in an effort to protect Mia while Richard stays behind to smooth things over.

Mia and Cameron spend some wonderful time getting to know one another and Mia’s training becomes an afterthought as Cameron and Mia’s feelings grow stronger. And when the danger catches up with them, Cameron has to rely on his wits to keep his girl safe.

But the powerful Lance Merrill has ways of getting what he wants and Mia finds herself in dangers she never expected, catapulting her into the heady world of seduction, pleasure and past vendettas. And she has to decide if this bewitching, sometimes hedonistic world is truly for her. 

Main Characters... 
Cameron Cole liberates as his strong intellect, passion, dominance, charm and charisma decimates his rivals. We learn a great deal more about this intriguing, dark man as layers are slowly peeled back and stripped away. In the beginning of this journey, he’s a man of mystery and I loved getting more insight into him and what kind of person he really is. He’s loyal (to a fault), trustworthy and putting others needs before himself was almost his downfall.

I absolutely adored Mia Lauren. She was strong and fierce in the face of the danger surrounding her. She had entered a world so different from the one she knew but one she seamlessly fit into. This was her new life and I loved how she grabbed on and put everything she had into it, even when she was moving in a wrong direction. 

When Mia’s training concludes and Richard resumed his place as her boyfriend and Master, Mia has to hide the part of her heart that she willingly gave to Cameron and as time moves on, she’s convinced that duty and doing the right thing outweigh needs, wants and feelings when the heart of a good man is involved. 

And of course, that never works out!

The author puts so much emotion into this read and I was in angsts heaven! Cameron and Mia’s chemistry was off the charts hot! These two were searing together and their passion, intensity and heat left it’s inevitable imprint on my heart. Their easy, sometimes sarcastic, often playful banter stole the show and made you fall deep for them. They could be themselves around the other without fear of being a disappointment. In Mia’s company, Cameron could relax in a way unfamiliar to him. He found peace he didn’t know he could have or thought he deserved and he was ill prepared for it. 

Mia could be “more” but also free to just be herself too. It was compelling to see them together as they worked through their growing feelings, especially knowing it was forbidden and couldn’t last because waiting in the wings was Richard, best friend and boyfriend. 

In the first book, we get a strong sense of who Richard is, his dark personality, his desperate need to be in control. From a side view, he’s a perfect fit for the innocent Mia. But to look him straight on, as we get to do in books two and three, I realized that compared to Cameron, Richard isn’t the preferable match. At least he wasn’t in my mind. He seems almost inept, for every time Mia’s in some sort of trouble, it’s of Richards making and he’s incapable of seeing to her safety. I think this was because unlike Cameron, Richard loved Mia but wasn’t in love with her. She didn’t fulfill the dominant need inside him and since that need was so strong, he couldn’t love her the way she needed. 

Cameron, because he was in love with Mia wholeheartedly, saw all these dangers because he put her needs first. He saw her vulnerabilities because she was his first, top and most important priority.

In this book, Richard puts his own needs before Mia. He’s harsh and sometimes unkind. 

Cameron storms in and saves the day on more than one occasion! The man is HOT! And though I love his sharp, intellectual mind that can almost magically predict one's psyche and predict one’s actions and reactions allowing him to outsmart his foes, he proves he can also throw a magnificent right hook!
The man exudes sexiness and though Richard is wealthy and cultured, he looks like a bumbling fool when standing next to the magnificent Cameron Cole. 

Can you tell I’m Team Cameron all the way?? ;)

Other Characters... 
We get the pleasure of returning characters as well as the meeting of new and fascinating ones. Some you’re sure to love, some you will totally be in awe of and others you will despise, all creating a story so intense and seducing, you’ll never want it to end!

I enjoyed the tour through British landscapes and buildings as the author erected cultural history, leading the reader on a march through time all the while building a sweet, sensual, exotic romance between the main characters. And Oberon Grove and the Owlets!! Oh wow, those chapters stole my breath away.

The Wrap Up: 
The ending the author gives us was absolutely perfect, in every way. This series was beautiful, sensual, exciting, intense, emotional and educational. Vanessa Fewings has the wonderful ability to seduce you into her world and leave you in rapture. This series left me completely enthralled!

Some of my Favorite Quotes... 

For some reason, I struggled to get ahold of my life. There always seemed to be some drama unfolding and always of my own doing. This all too familiar ache burrowed into my heart. I cursed myself for opening up and becoming vulnerable.

Cameron looked severe. “Only good girls get to come.”

“He must have one fault,” I said. “He can’t be this perfect.”
“He does Mia, but if you can’t see it, I’m not going to be the one to point it out.”
I raised myself onto my elbow. “What do you mean?”
He stared at me, his frown deepening. He has an Achilles heel...”

“Why do you insist on giving me another reason to fuck you, Mia?”
Hugging his body with all the strenght I could muster, I whispered, “Because I’m yours to discipline, sir.”
He stared into my eyes, his boyish smile dissolving his frown. “If that were true, the world would be perfect.”

I peered up at him, nervous I’d somehow let him down, worried I’d not pleased him.
“I had no idea how a man could be willing to give up a kingdom.” His head crashed against the headrest. “God, now I get it.”

He’d stolen my heart and stashed it away somewhere I’d never be able to find it.

Yes, Cameron really was my sexy, sensual superhero. And superheros always went it alone.

He leaned into me, both hands gripping either side of the crisscrossed bar. “I can’t stop thinking about you. My heart aches when I’m not around you. When we fuck, I can’t take a deep breath in.”

I’d been a source of pleasure for two very powerful men, but what moved me more was this revelation I’d also been their strength, their place of safety, their refuge.
Their way of forgetting.
Cameron had his demons too. I knew that now. He didn’t need any more regrets. More than anything I wanted to make him proud, please him, give him the peace of mind he deserved and let Cameron see I’d not be a burden to him.

... life was messy, imperfect, full of twists and turns and bound to leave a mark...

“My sweet, sweet, Mia. You are enthralling.”

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Enthrall Him (Enthrall Sessions #3)
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About the Author...

Vanessa Fewings is the award-winning author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. The fourth installment in the series, Bohemian, was released in October. Vanessa is currently writing book two in her erotic novel Enthrall trilogy.

Piper Day's Ultimate Guide to Avoiding George Clooney is her latest novel. Co-written with Author Christina Cannarella, their fresh and laugh out loud romantic comedy has already garnered a buzz of excitement from readers around the world.

Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus. Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.

Vanessa Fewings is repped by management firm IPG.

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