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REVIEW - STINGER (A Sign of Love #3) by Mia Sheridan:

TITLE: Stinger
SERIES: A Sign of Love
SERIES PLACEMENT: #3 (stand alone)
AUTHOR: Mia Sheridan
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2013
FORMAT: eBook and Paperback
PAGES: Approx. 398

RATING: 4.5 Stars!

Grace Hamilton was the girl with a plan. She knew exactly where her life was going and prided herself on always achieving her goals. It was who she was, and how she lived her life. She never stepped outside the lines, and never considered what she might desire and whom she was actually trying so hard to please. Until him…

Carson Stinger was a man who didn't play by any rules except his own. Working in the adult entertainment industry, he didn't care what others thought, and took each day as it came, no direction, no plan. He knew what women wanted from him and believed it was all he had to offer. Until her… 

When circumstances forced them to spend several hours together, they walked away changed. But for two people who never should have meshed, overcoming the reality of their vastly different lives wasn't possible. At least not yet…

THIS IS A STAND-ALONE SIGN OF LOVE NOVEL, INSPIRED BY SCORPIO. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

4.5 “Life Is Wild” Stars!
Steamy Porn Star Meets Timid Lawyer. Holy Hotness! From Beginning To End, This Book Consumed Me! 

The Review: 
I’ve been quickly working my way through Mia Sheridan’s stand alone A Sign of Love series ever since reading Archer’s Voice... which I totally and completely LOVED. I have not been disappointed yet and I can absolutely add Stinger to my list of favorite reads for this year. This fantastically written, double POV story stole my heart and has yet to give it back!

Quote Spotlight...
Law student, porn stars, aliens from distant planets, it hadn’t taken me long to realize - just walking through the airport actually - that when it came to the City of Sin, shock value was practically non-existent.

Carson Stinger, Straight Male Performer, never had a plan. His childhood wasn’t the stable environment he might have chosen and his present is a day-by-day happenstance. He’s the master of disguise as he wears a mask so thick, his “life is a party” vibe covers the real man hidden beneath it. But with one outlandish elevator ride, his mindset shifts and he has a huge choice to make, which all becomes vibrantly clear after the amazing, soul changing weekend with a girl who made him see his world in a different light.

Grace Hamilton, the girl with a plan, finds that your future can’t always be mapped out and you can’t live the life someone else wants for you and still achieve true happiness. All that becomes abundantly clear after spending one heedless, salacious weekend with an unlikely match.

Quote Spotlight...
”You bastard!” she hissed.
... “Prude,” I hissed back. 
“Oh, real inventive, Ice queen!” 
“Piece of ass!” 
“Sell out.” 
And suddenly we were kissing. Hard core, angry kissing, our hands everywhere, groping and grabbing. And damn it if she didn’t taste like sunshine and everything sweet and fresh this world had to offer.

I LOVED that scene! 

This book started out all kinds of fun. The banter back and forth between Carson and Grace was slapstick hilarious and sexy as hell! These two had the most amazing chemistry right from the start and it only increased as the book continued. Their story stretches over a five year period where timing is the biggest challenge in their relationship. At first, they were on separate continents when it came to their lives. Carson’s profession was not ideal for the life Grace had planned for herself and Carson knew he couldn’t have a girl like Grace in his current circumstances.

Quote Spotlight...
”Carson, I want...” she moaned.
“What Grace? What do you want,” I choked out.
“Everything. I want everything,” she panted. “Everything you have to give.”

That didn’t stop them from having one of the steamiest, “get to know you” weekends ever. These two brought out the very best in each other and their love and devotion stood the challenges life brought them later, which was all cemented on that one weekend. 

Quote Spotlight...
For whatever reason, that hadn’t been our time. But it was out time now.

When they come together almost five years later, both have changed dramatically. Carson... well, I won't give it away for you, but his porn days are behind him. Grace has followed her true dream and is living the life she desired, with the exception of one thing. Carson.

Over the course of their lives, the things that helped them grow, taking their own paths, they found themselves and could then come back together and be who they needed to be in order to support and cherish the other for who they in turn, had become. But... there are still obstacles in their way and watching them try and move past those obstacles was intense!

Carson was hot hot hot! He was a fantastic hero and I loved the way this author wrote his character. The same goes for Grace. She was the perfect heroine. She accepted Carson, even in the beginning, knowing they couldn’t be together. Reading their struggle, their change, their angsts... it was so much fun! This heartwarming story sucked me in and compelled me to read straight through. 

Carson and Grace’s journey was beautiful, sensual and romantic!!!! 

The Wrap Up: 
I have quickly become a fan of this author. She writes beautiful, layered characters with depth and her stories hold a rich well of originality that consumes you and carry you through to the sweet ending. This book had me swooning in parts, biting my nails in others and never once did I want to put it down because I was obsessed to knowing what happened next. I loved this read!

Quote Spotlight... 
Grace has saved me by calling my bluff, and then listening to the secrets I believed made me unlovable, with acceptance in her eyes. The gift she gave me was her glow - and it shined for me so brightly, that my own darkness disappeared.
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