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RELEASE TOUR w/REVIEW and GIVEAWAY - ENTHRALL HER (Enthrall Sessions #2) by Vanessa Fewings:

TITLE: Enthrall Her
SERIES: Enthrall Sessions
AUTHOR: Vanessa Fewings
GENRE: Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 20, 2014
FORMAT: eBook and Paperback
PAGES: Approx. 310

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RATING: 5+ Stars!
CLIFFHANGER: Slight Cliffy

This is the escalation of the forbidden. This is the power of Enthrall. 

Deemed too feisty to train. Too defiant to dominate. Mia's journey into the world of the forbidden takes its next step. 

Richard Booth, her master, must make the crucial decision...let her go or give her over to the only man who can her truly subjugate her, Cameron Cole, Director of both Enthrall and the preeminent BDSM manor Chrysalis, and a connoisseur of the dark arts. Cameron's gift with shaping blossoming submissives will ensure Mia reaches her potential, a destination that may take her too far. 

Mia's choices will lead her to places both within and without that she never dreamed possible. 

But when her training is complete, will Cameron be able to return her to Richard, or will her transformation have bewitched him beyond repair?

REVIEWERS NOTE: Enthrall Her is book two in the Enthrall Sessions series and is an Erotic Romance written by Vanessa Fewings. I was gifted a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review through Literati Author Services.

5+++++ Incredibly Erotic, Dominant Stars!
Provocative, Intense and Phenomenal! This Is Storytelling at It’s Best and By Far, My Favorite Adult Book This Year! 

First, I have to say... Cameron Cole... You, Sir, Can Put Me In Your Dungeon ANYtime. You are officially my new favorite book boyfriend! :D

The Review: 
Exquisite and thrilling! Seductive and Salacious! Sexy As HELL!
Admittedly, after reading book one, I was eagerly awaiting the release of book two and getting my greedy little hands on the eARC had me doing a full-on happy dance. I knew it was going to be good. I knew I was going to like it. But I had NO FREAKING IDEA I was going to be SUCKED into a new level of reading bliss I never knew existed. Very few of my reviews have 5+ stars. But this one does. I can die happy now.. no, wait! I can die happy after I read the third book. The wait is going to be torturous.

When book one concluded, Mia was at a crossroads after the painful revelations in the final chapters. Now, she is haunted and conflicted from her father's abandonment, her step-mothers betrayal and the guilt of her past. And as if that wasn’t enough, she now doubts her relationship with Richard is as concrete as she once thought.

All this has left Mia’s self-esteem decimated, her confidence shattered and her trust obliterated. She begins to act out, doing destructive things and testing those around her that claim to love her. She’s lost faith.

She wants Richard to continue the submissive training he’s been guiding her towards but both Richard and Cameron know she’s not emotionally strong enough for the challenge and Richard isn’t patient enough to do the job that needs doing. Mia, with her self-doubt, see’s Richards refusal as her not being enough and he can’t seem to reach her.

Deciding Cameron is the only one who can break down her walls as he once did for Richard himself, he agrees to let Cameron take Mia under his care in hopes of giving her a chance to become stronger, more empowered and to be the submissive they both want her to be.

But as Cameron guides her towards empowerment, they both find letting go might be more difficult than either of them planned.

Mia was delightful! She was full of fire and snark and all of that along with her kindness and sultry really propelled her to one of my all time favorite heroines. She was forever finding herself in the most awkward of situations but she warred her way through, dignity a bit less shiny but still intact. The woman was amazing and the way she found her self-worth, her inner strength which blossomed under Cameron’s aid and tutelage, was mesmerizing to watch. He helped distill her blazing fire and turn it into a controlled, emboldened thing that took her beauty to a new level. 

We see a very different side to Cameron in this read. He’s a self proclaimed “connoisseur of the dark arts, and known as the ultimate master of BDSM.” In book one, he presented Mia to Richard with the certainty they’d make a perfect pairing but even as Richard and Mia’s story unfolded, we capture glimpses of Cameron’s interest. Stealing quick glances and finding her intriguing, we knew Cameron’s interest was more than friendship though he masked it well as he is also the master of hidden feelings. 

In this book, once he has the chance to actually have her, with Richards consent, you know there’s more to his want and need of Mia than to train her in the art of submission. He may not have wanted to admit it, even flat out denying it, but he has these forbidden feelings for her. They grow with each look shared, each secret spoken, every kindness shown, every time she makes him laugh unabashedly and every time her wit surprises him. I absolutely loved their interactions. 

Cameron is hotter than seven suns! He captures the attention of everyone, man and woman alike, when he walks into a room as he exudes a confidence that’s not used to mask some dark pain but rather it’s a part of him, a result of breeding and a result of knowing himself and what he’s capable of. It catapults him to an entirely different alpha-dominant stratosphere! The man is God-like and his care of Mia only strengthens his appeal.

Cameron’s unorthodox methods saved Mia from a lifetime of guilt and pain and in return, I loved how Mia rescued Cameron from something he never even knew he was experiencing. Loneliness. Cameron's affluent life is glamorous and his days are full. But he has no one to share it with. No true companionship. In Mia, I think he’s found that. 

These two are a passionate inferno that had me devouring the pages and their time at Chrysalis was intense, sexy and “fan myself” erotic!

The Bromance...
Richard had a much smaller part to play in this read and though I missed him, he was almost an afterthought to the explosion of chemistry Cameron and Mia have during their sensual play. Cameron's dedication to Richards friendship has him struggling to let Mia go. But its obvious Richard isn’t over his past. 

I enjoy Cameron and Richards bromance. They are as close as brothers and they both respect and find solace in the other. Everything about Cameron and Richard is hot and sexy and desirable. And though I simply adore Cameron ... I’m also very torn. I want Cameron and Mia to end up together. But when Richard enters the picture, his pain is so profound, you can feel the intensity in which he needs Mia. And to lose both of them would ruin him. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out with the one woman they both want, standing in the middle.

The Wrap Up: 
It’s easy to tell, Vanessa Fewings put her heart and soul into this story and into these characters. Her enchanting writing, her sophisticated vocabulary, the intriguing dialogue, the well thought out and planned storylines... all flowed brilliantly because of her amazing talent. 

And that ending.. Wowza! This erotic goody ends on a curious note that definitely has me anxiously anticipating book three, Enthrall Him, to see where their story is heading next!

Just Some of the Quotes I Loved From The Book...

Quote Spotlight...
I gripped his forearm, hoping he’s read from me the words I wasn’t ready to say. The need for me to be taken, dominated, mastered, enslaved. Richard had awoken within me a need so deep that I marveled I had never known that part existed until he’d roused it that evening in Enthrall. That might he’d taken me into the depths of the club and brought more pleasure than I’d ever known.

Quote Spotlight...
”You never had the chance to explore a real relationship with a man who is gentle and loving -”
“You’re gentle and loving.”
“Yes, but I also have the inclination to do very bad things to you.”
I swooned with the thought. “I want that.”

Quote Spotlight...
”I will take you further than you have gone before. What will be left of you is that which you do not believe exists within you. I will destroy you. I will burn away this facade and I will reveal the true Mia.”
“By the time I’ve finished with you,” he said, “you won’t know which way is up or which way is down.”
My legs wobbled and I hid my shaking hands behind my back.
“Innocence will be a stranger to you. Are you prepared for this?”
“There’s one more issue,” he said. “I have no used for safe words.”

Quote Spotlight...
I wondered if Richard and the girls knew that Cameron’s techniques were this messed up. I had willingly stepped right into this fucked-up fuckery.

Quote Spotlight...
”Now is all we have,” said Cameron wistfully. “Learn to cherish it.”

Quote Spotlight...
”I’m going to take you again, Mia,” said Cameron fiercely.
“What? No.” I shook my head, unsure, my body too consumed with exhaustion.
“Fucking is finished when I say it’s finished.” He rolled on top of my again and pinned me down. “This is about me worshipping you, in case you missed it.”

Quote Spotlight...
Standing tall and proud, confident with my sexuality, I no longer felt shame. Instead I understood the profoundness of elevating consciousness to shed the illusion of selfhood.
Emerging from this chrysalis, I was reborn.

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About the Author...

Vanessa Fewings is the award-winning author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. The fourth installment in the series, Bohemian, was released in October. Vanessa is currently writing book two in her erotic novel Enthrall trilogy.

Piper Day's Ultimate Guide to Avoiding George Clooney is her latest novel. Co-written with Author Christina Cannarella, their fresh and laugh out loud romantic comedy has already garnered a buzz of excitement from readers around the world.

Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus. Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.

Vanessa Fewings is repped by management firm IPG.

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