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ENTHRALL ECSTASY (Enthrall Sessions #9) by Vanessa Fewings Review:


From USA Today Bestselling Author Vanessa Fewings comes the eagerly anticipated next novel in the celebrated romance series the ENTHRALL SESSIONS.

Cameron Cole’s trusted head of security Shay Gardner has someone in his sights: new submissive Rue Asher.

It’s my sworn duty to protect her.

But I find myself craving not just her safety…but her love.

A love that comes with a price. I’m unable to resist her demands to become her Dom, but I fear she has no idea of the intense play I’m capable of.

I will take her beyond her limits. Beyond her imagination. I will reveal to her depths of pleasure she didn’t know was possible.

Rue will soon call the secretive world of ENTHRALL her home.

For the answers lie in the ecstasy.



5 Stars!
In Short: ... a brilliant addition to the Enthrall series ... an absolute must-read!

This book was amazing in every way. The scenes were captivating, daring, and full of life. Vanessa Fewings really outdid herself with this one!

The ENTHRALL series is one of my all-time favorites. I’ve done so many rereads, that I’ve lost count. Each and every book brings something new to the storyline, yet holds a familiar and comforting enticement. I’ve enjoyed each book in this line immensely, and Enthrall Ecstasy is one more book to add to the “favorites” lineup.

Enthrall Ecstasy starts out with Shay Gardner, head of security at Enthrall, intervening in a situation involving a newly trained sub, Rue Asher. She seems to have gotten herself in over her head and an acquaintance has asked Shay to step in and get her out. The moment Shay sees Rue, he knows she’s a bewitching temptation he has to stay away from. But when Rue sees Shay, she knows she’s found “the one” - her master - and she’s going to put everything into taming the beast.

Shay has been featured in other ENTHRALL books and he was always a curiosity to me. He was intriguing and mysterious and I was fascinated by all his dark corners. I really wanted to get to know more about him and see his mysteries revealed. Vanessa Fewings delivers his story beautifully! She fleshed out his characters so wonderfully in this book. He was captivating and alluring and dangerously delicious. Oh, how I loved getting to know him.

And he met his perfect match. I thoroughly enjoyed Rue as well. She was a spitfire and I loved how vulnerable yet tough she was. She was savvy and unique, and she had gumption - which she desperately needed in order to break through to Shay. I enjoyed getting to know her. All her desires and idiosyncrasy were riveting to read.

Shay and Rue were enchanting together and their chemistry was supremely HOT! They had such passion and intensity! The lengths they went to for one another were awe-inspiring.

Enthrall Ecstasy is filled with excitement, eroticism, angsts, and a whole lot of fire! Shay and Rue’s chemistry induced those wonderful tummy flutters and butterflies I love so much. Theirs was a truly romantic story with a heavy dose of seduction and intrigue. The story flowed beautifully and passionately. I was entranced!

Now.. let’s talk about the returns! I admit. I did a few squeals. The author brings back all the Enthrall family in such a lovely, seamless way and as always, my absolute favorite - Cameron Cole - delivers miracles. I'm so awestruck every time this character steps onto canvas. He's so real and lifelike that I forget he's actually a character in a book! I always enjoyed the bromance between Cameron, Richard, and Shay, but it was front and center in this book and it filled me with the happies!

As I said, Enthrall Ecstasy is a brilliant addition to the ENTHRALL series, with a familiar backdrop and new designs. Everything about it had a "rush to finish" kind of feel. I HAD to keep reading. I needed to know what happened next. It kept me glued to the pages. I was spellbound and utterly enjoyed everything about it.

An absolute must-read!


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