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NEW RELEASE with BOOK REVIEW - OFF THE AIR (Running On Air #1) by L.H. Cosway is live!

"... a wonderfully fun and exciting second chance romance with plenty of angsts and likable characters ..." - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Off the Air
SERIES: Running On Air #1
(can be read as a standalone)
AUTHOR: L.H. Cosway
AGE GROUP: New Adult/Adult
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: March 5, 2019
PAGES: Approx. 264

RATING: 4 Stars!

Spending a month filming a reality TV show with your ex is no picnic.

Especially when you’ve signed a contract stating that the two of you will not, under any circumstances, have romantic relations while filming.

Leanne Simmons and Callum Davidson never had an easy relationship. From enemies to lovers and back to enemies, they’ve been on again/off again for years. Things come to a head when Callum gets into an altercation with a rival for Leanne’s affections. Their management decide enough is enough and give them both an ultimatum: sign the contract or leave the show.

Unwilling to give up their livelihoods, Callum and Leanne sign on the dotted line. However, like always, they can’t resist making a bet. Callum thinks it’s only a matter of time before they break the agreement, while Leanne is determined to see it through.

Can she resist him for an entire month without losing her sanity? And what if this is the one bet that finally breaks them both?

Off the Air is a contemporary romance and Book One in L.H. Cosway’s brand new “Running on Air” Series. Each book focuses on a different couple and can be read as a standalone.

REVIEWER'S NOTE: I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. HUGE thank you to the author for allowing me to read and review.

4 Stars!

The Review: 
A contract, a wager and a limited amount of time to fix all that’s been broken. Told in dual POV’s, Off the Air is a wonderfully fun and exciting second chance romance with plenty of angsts and likable characters ... even if it took a while to get to the “like” part.

Story/Characters ... 
In this series, we meet Leanne Simmons and Callum Davidson in the novella, Air Kiss. The moment they meet, it’s both instant attraction and instant dislike. That one moment sets the stage for the next few years of their tumultuous relationship. After falling in love, they experience the worse kind of heartbreak a couple can. Now, both are trying to recover and find not only themselves through all the pain, but also each other.

Callum wanted nothing more than to earn money doing the thing he loved most. Parkour. He’s now the reality star he wanted to be and has the means to care for his mom and set her up in better living conditions. The only thing out of sync is his relationship with the one woman he’s ever loved. He’s hot-headed and possessive and he knows that if he wants this last chance with Leanne, he needs to change.

Leanne loves parkour. When the opportunity came knocking for her to be able to do the thing she loved most on television, she jumped at the chance to work with her idols. She never imagined falling in love with one of them or experiencing the misery-infecting-pain that came afterward. She's sworn off Callum and their toxic relationship forever ... but the man has pull. There’s something about him she’s never been able to resist and now he’s on a mission to win her back and there seems to be little she can do to keep from falling.

Thoughts ... 
It took me a few chapters to get into this one. And it was solely because of Leanne. I loved the novella and was instantly intrigued with this couple. And I love second chance romances. They are like air for me, but Leanne was hard to like in this book. Yes, something tragic happened to her ... but not just to HER. It took a great deal of the books for her to come to terms with what happened and to accept her part in it and to realize how horribly she’d treated the one person who could have made it all so much easier because he was going through the same kind of pain. By the end, I understood Leanne better and even liked her. But it was hard to see that cool chick I instantly liked in the novella behind the dark cloud she shrouded herself in like a shield.

Callum on the other hand. Oh my! That man was just ... a bag full of yum! He knew what he wanted in life and he went for it. When tragedy struck, his pain was just as piercing as Leanne’s, leading to three years of back and forth and tumultuous relationship highs and lows. He comes to the realization that something has to change and in a last ditch effort to make Leanne his, he pulls out all the stops and it was thrilling to read! His character grew so much throughout the whole book. He learned to control himself, have patience and find an inner strength I don’t think he even knew he had.

The side characters, as always in this authors books, were on point and I adored them all. I can’t wait to see more from their stories as this series progresses.

The Wrap Up: 
I enjoy the writing of L.H. Cosway a lot. She writes beautiful stories filled with fascinating characters, angsty, emotional scenes and always puts a unique spin on things. Just as she’s done with this book. I may not have liked Leanne for most of the book, but I did like the well-told story and the atmosphere the author created. Parkour has always fascinated me and reading characters who can scale buildings and practically fly was so much fun. I can’t wait for more!

NOTE: I haven’t read all of this authors books ... yet. I understand that Callum and Leanne make appearances in Hearts on Air from the Hearts series. I’m very much looking forward to reading that book and getting more glimpses of these two.


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