Saturday, September 15, 2018


Hey guys...

I know I have giveaways to end and winners to pick. I have posts to get out and reviews due. Please bear with me over the next couple of days as I get things straightened out. We were in the path of Hurricane Florence and though we are safe and well, we have a little bit of damage and family/community responsibilities to take care of.

Thank you for understanding and for your patience.

I hope all of you who were in the path of any of the hurricanes are safe and doing well.

My thoughts are with you all. 

- Hazel w/Craves the Angst


  1. Stay safe! Sending positive thoughts to those of you in the line of the hurricane. Here's hoping damage and danger are as minimal as possible. Xx

  2. Glad you are safe! Please take care of your family & community. The reviews & giveaways can wait.

  3. I'm glad to hear you safe. Sending prayers to you and all families *hugs

  4. Thank you so much, everyone. I appreciate your patience. We are safe. And very, very lucky! <3 <3 I'll be caught up soon. :)