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BOOK REVIEW! FORGET YOU, ETHAN (Forget You Ethan #1) by Whitney G. is now available:

"Hilarious interactions and outlandish situations, with plenty of feels and great dialogue... I loved this one." - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Forget You, Ethan
SERIES: Forget You Ethan #1
AUTHOR: Whitney G.
AGE GROUP: New Adult
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: August 2, 2018
PAGES: Approx. 228

RATING: 4 Stars!

I've always hated her. 
She's always hated me. 
We've never been 'friends,' just the best of enemies...

I've hated Rachel Dawson since I was seven years old. My next door neighbor and number one sworn enemy, she's the reason why almost all of our childhood fights ended with me setting something of hers on fire. (Or, vice versa.)

She snitched on me when I broke curfew.

I snitched on her when she lied about having a boyfriend.

We went back and forth like this throughout high school, both vowing to never talk to each other again when we went off to college.

But that was until she showed up at my apartment during my senior year and asked me for a temporary place to stay. Until I realized just how much between us had changed, and the line I thought we'd never cross became harder and harder to ignore...

4 Stars!

The Review: 
This was a great read! From the moment it opens up, you know you’re in for a treat. Dual POV’s and amazing flashbacks make this a fun, exciting, and absolutely hilarious read.

Rachel Dawson is seven the first time she meets her archnemesis, Ethan Wyatt. And the first thing she does to show him who’s boss is to push him down a flight of stairs. He in return burns her collectibles in effigy... and on and on it goes for over thirteen years with hate mail and revenge tactics thrown in between growing angsts and life-changing events.

Rachel left for a while but now she’s back, and rooming with Ethan in an unexpected turn of events that leaves them both still hating one another, but also kinda sort-of liking one another too. And both of them are shocked to find they are also hot for each other.

I loved this read. Rachel was a hotheaded, pie-in-the-sky, overdramatic character but the author totally made it work for her because as ridiculous as she was, you couldn’t help but enjoy her antics and her heart. She was beyond naive but it was also kind of adorable on her.

Ethan is the hot man on campus and all the girls wanted a piece. But none of them can wrap their head around his complicated frenemies relationship with Rachel, and it’s a relationship he doesn’t care to explain. There’s a fine line between love and hate, right? Ethan was a complete sweetheart under all that faux hate. The fact he couldn’t recognize his feelings only made me love the things he did for Rachel even more because they were genuine and done out of a true sense of caring.

Without realizing it, Rachel was constantly turning to Ethan for advice and reaffirmation. Without realizing it, Ethan was stepping in to protect her and help her when her life went sideways... which happened a lot. Throughout it all, they didn’t go through one major event without the other being witness to it ... or having the other’s back.

But they still hated each other ... until they didn’t.

Hilarious interactions and outlandish situations, with plenty of feels and great dialogue, kept me reading throughout the night. I loved this one!

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