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NEW RELEASE with BOOK REVIEW and SIGNED GIVEAWAY - THE PRIZE (Icon Trilogy #3) by Vanessa Fewings is NOW LIVE!

"Intriguing, provocative and powerfully addictive..." - Craves the Angst

TITLE: The Prize
SERIES: The ICON Trilogy #3
AUTHOR: Vanessa Fewings
GENRE: Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: June 26, 2018
PAGES: Approx. 384
Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

RATING: 5 Stars!

A life she never imagined...and a love she can’t deny

Zara Leighton has risked everything to track down the elusive art thief known as Icon, only to discover him already in her arms: the billionaire tech genius—and her lover—Tobias Wilder. Zara wants to resist Tobias, to deny his fiercely sexy smile and their sizzling chemistry. But instead, she agrees to help him one more time.

Tobias will do anything to protect Zara, but he needs her for one last ultimate job: a job that will clear both their names and grant them a future together... if they can pull it off.

The danger is real. The stakes are unbelievably high. But when it comes to love, there’s only one prize that matters…

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REVIEWER'S NOTE: I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

5 High-Stakes Stars!
Intriguing, provocative and powerfully addictive... 

The Review: 
Vanessa Fewings has done it again! I never get tired of reading one of her novels. Since the harrowing cliffhanger from the second book, I’ve been faithfully waiting to get my hands on the thrilling conclusion to this fabulous trilogy. An all around amazing read, The Prize was definitely a win! 

Intriguing, provocative and powerfully addictive, this climatic end is chock-full of suspense, adventure and sexy good times! Once I started this one, I couldn’t walk away!

This book picks up right where the the end of the second book, The Game, left off. Zara Leighton’s world has just turned inside out. For her, she has done the unimaginable, running down a path totally foreign to her.

Tobias and Zara have fled LA on Tobias’s private jet, suspicion surrounding them as being the famed ICON thief who’s been stealing art around the globe. Zara’s career and life are threatened and she doesn’t know if she can trust Tobias, a man she suspects is the real ICON and a man she’s fallen in love with.

Quote Spotlight:
“Never had a love affair been so forbidden.” - Zara 

Tobias Wilder is dangerously alluring. He’s a sexy gadget man, inventor extraordinaire, possible art thief and a complete mystery. His wealth and charm make him the complete package and you can’t help but be smitten with all that is him! And he has a plan. He claims to want to help Zara get her life back. He claims he cares deeply for her and he claims she has opened his eyes to possibilities.

But Zara has trouble trusting and after everything she thinks she knows, she’s not sure if she can trust Tobias’s daring plan to save them both. She has to decide if when the dust settles, will she be able to live with the risks she has to take to get her life back and justice served, or does betrayal sit firmly in her future.

You want to believe it will all work out in the end, but like Zara, you’re constantly wondering about the lies, the secrets and the truths. Zara’s trust is held captive and the enemy is hot on their trail. But you just never know what’s going to happen. Is Tobias a good guy righting the wrongs of their enemy? Will they find their way past the secrets? Will the enemy win? Can they both trust? Is there more going on that you don’t know? And that’s the best part! You just don’t know ... and I LOVED that! I loved that throughout the whole story, you couldn’t help but wonder at everyones intent and ultimate goal. Zara’s uncertainty adds so much intensity to each chapter. Will Tobias betray her or will he be the promise she wants him to be. You’ll just have to read to find out! Too many times I can tell where a story is headed. I know too soon how it’s going to end. But not this one. The suspense was well played and the pacing was perfect!

And we HAVE to talk about their scorching chemistry! The heat between these two is swoon-worthy. Tobias knows how to woo his woman and the author expertly amps up the sexiness! *fans self* Tobias is a man of principles, heroic and ingenious with an inventive flare. He's also sexy, passionate and multi dimensional. The man is fascinating. This author always writes such intelligent, brave, layered characters. And steamy!! Oh my, can she write a sex scene like no other! Tobias and Zara's chemistry sizzle and the intense sexual burn gave me all the feels!

The Wrap Up: 
The Prize is a fast paced, adventure packed, seductive story, wrapped around secrets, mistrust, mystery and intrigue as Zara tries to figure out Tobias’s end game. Vanessa Fewings always crafts the best tales filled to the brim with tension, sexual desire, shocking outcomes and they always, always leave me wanting more and filled with delight. This is just that kind of read. One daring event after another with two characters I absolutely loved. I was mesmerized.



Vanessa Fewings is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS. 

THE CHASE is the first in her sizzling new romantic trilogy from HQN Books and will be released in June 2017, followed by THE GAME & THE PRIZE. 

Vanessa is also the author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Cyprus and the USA. 

Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.

The Bestselling Enthrall Sessions reading order can be found on
Instagram: @vanessafewings

The Bestselling Enthrall Sessions - reading order can be found on

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