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NEW REVIEW! TRADING YESTERDAY (Trading Yesterday #1) by Kahlen Aymes:

"... sweet, heartfelt, angsty and was just an all around fantastic read."
- Craves the Angst

TITLE: Trading Yesdterday
SERIES: Trading Yesterday #1 (standalone)
AUTHOR: Kahlen Aymes
GENRE: Contemporary, Second Chance RomanceRELEASE DATE: November 2017
PUBLISHER: Kahlen Aymes Books, Inc.
PAGES: Approx. 453

RATING: 4 Stars!

Chase, I need you. Please come. ~ Teagan

Something inside me snapped as her text message screamed from my phone. My heart started pumping and I was sucked into a vortex of emotion; pulled unwillingly into a past I desperately tried to forget. 

Teagan Tessler was the love of my life. My professional soccer career was a big part of the future we planned together but an offer a year ahead of schedule sent me to London. Just months after I left, Teagan betrayed me with my best friend, and without an explanation, I was completely and utterly destroyed. 

Six years later, I could breathe again and my professional and personal life was in a good place. I'd have to be insane to consider ripping open those old wounds again, but whatever it was she needed, it had to be huge.

The truth of my feelings resonated; I should shut off the phone and forget her forever, but my traitorous heart told me to get on a plane... no questions asked.

From USA Today bestselling author, Kahlen Aymes, Trading Yesterday is a roller coaster of emotion; ultimate loss, longing, betrayal and forgiveness that will restore your faith in unconditional love and leave you gasping for more.

#Contemporary #Erotic #Angst #UglyCry, #HeartstoppingLove
Trading Yesterday is a stand-alone romance novel and is intended for those 17+ due to graphic love scenes and language.

REVIEWER'S NOTE: A HUGE thank you to the author. I received an ecopy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

4 Seriously Beautiful Stars!

The Review: 
This book... wow! It totally stole my breath away. It was beyond sweet, heartfelt, angsty and was just an all around fantastic read. With beautiful, soulful writing and a plot that will consume you, I couldn’t put this book down!

Trading Yesterday opens up with a Prologue that sets three characters racing towards heartbreak you can feel coming in just the first few sentences. I knew what was going to happen, but it still didn’t prepare me for the amazing writing that brought it all to life!

Chase Forrester has just got the offer of a lifetime. One he has to accept.

Teagan Tessler just found out some amazing, although untimely news. One that will change everything.

Jensen Jeffers is the best friend who always does the right thing.

One decision. One hidden confession. And one wrong choice.

There was so much heartbreak in what follows between Chase, Teagan and Jensen. There were times I wanted to shake Teagan for what she did, but I also understood her reasons. Jensen was just trying to do the right thing in a messed up situation and poor Chase was beside himself when he realized what he’d missed ... and what had been taken from him. They were all so young when this happened. People do stupid things. Teagan was very human in this book. She was easy to connect with and I felt her remorse in every sentence. I loved Jensen. He was mostly a side character but he was a good guy trying to do what he thought was right. As for Chase? That poor man really went through the ringer when everything came out. His emotions were so raw and heated and he was totally in the right with how he felt. But he also owned his part and the bravery it took to finally let it all go and make things right just made me love his sooooo much!

Then there is beautiful, spirited, sweet little Remi! She stole the show! I adore that little girl.

I could feel the love pouring off the pages from all the characters. I could also feel the sorrow, anguish and heartache in wishing you could change a past that’s unchangeable. All the characters felt lifelike. The story itself had me consumed. And it was all due to the amazing writing.

There were a couple of times the story felt a tiny bit bogged down with repetition and some of the pros were a little flowery but the emotions were spot on! It was simply a brilliant read all around!

The Wrap Up: 
I’ll be honest, some of the content was hard to get through. Some of the character actions had me wanting to scream the roof down, but isn’t that what great stories do? They get inside your head and your heart and make you feel. This one did that, definitely!

This was my first book by this author, but I’m hooked! I’m looking forward to reading more.

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