Friday, January 19, 2018


So, yesterday I made a Facebook post about what I'm reading and I'd thought I'd share it on my blog as well.

!! What are you reading? !!
It's a snow filled wonderland in my backyard right now, but it's honestly too cold to venture out and enjoy it. So, I'm tucked away inside, beside the fireplace, comfortable and warm under a blanket, sporting lime green fuzzy socks and enjoying a hot cup of chai tea and ENTHRALL CLIMAX by Vanessa Fewings!! It's a true pleasure to be back inside the world of "Enthrall" and lose myself to all it's intrigue and sensual treasures on this quiet day.

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SIDE NOTE - Since I posted the comment above, I've now finished ENTHRALL CLIMAX and it was EPIC! Oh, so, so EPIC! I'm floored and don't know how I'm going to be able to write a review worthy of that book. But I'm going to try and it'll be posted soon.


Did you catch my reviews of PAINTED FACES and KILLER QUEEN by L.H. Cosway? Both were truly unique reads. Think hard edge, straight drag queen who falls in love with the boisterous, yet shy girl next door. Yup, the entirety of both books were full of unexpected themes and both are AMAZING!



I've also recently read SEX, NOT LOVE by Vi Keeland! And trust me, that is one that NEEDS to be read too. I think it's her best book to date and I can't wait to do a reread of it.



Speaking of rereads...
I've been on a reread kick lately because I have quite a few review books lined up and I don't like to read a ton of new books when I've got reviews in my que, so here's a list of rereads I've done over the last couple of weeks.

TRUST by Kylie Scott -  "... a beautiful tale of second chances and new beginnings." - Craves the Angst  (SEE MY FULL REVIEW HERE!)

THE DEAL by Elle Kennedy - "This read was fantastic! From the moment we’re introduced to the main characters, Hannah and Garrett, you know magic is about to happen... and it does, big time!" - Craves the Angst  (SEE MY FULL REVIEW HERE!)

SIX OF HEARTS by L.H. Cosway - "Ingenious, Unique and Romantic! This was a PERFECT read!" - Craves the Angst (SEE MY FULL REVIEW HERE!)

I've read SIX OF HEARTS, like, 5 times and it NEVER gets old... LOVE JAY! He's super hot and super fun to read.

Let me know in the comments what you've been reading recently...

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