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NEW REVIEW! FALLEN CREST HOME (Fallen Crest #6) by Tijan:

"Emotional, riveting, sexy and intense! Tijan does it again with an amazing read you won't be able to put down!" - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Fallen Crest Home
SERIES: Fallen Crest #6
AGE GROUP: Young Adult/New Adult
GENRE: Contemporary Romance

PAGES: Approx. 300
RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2017

RATING: 5 Stars!

It’s been years since my mother was in my life.

I healed.

I learned to accept love.

I lived.

That’s all done. She was away, and now she’s back.

I’ve avoided her for a year and a half, but I can’t hide anymore.

Mason has an internship in Fallen Crest, so we’re heading back for the summer.

And when we got there—no one was prepared for what happened.

5 “Fighting” Stars!
Emotional, riveting, sexy and intense! Tijan does it again with an amazing read you won't be able to put down! 

The Review: 
First off, excuse the length of this review. I know it’ll go on way longer than reviews are supposed to, but Sam, Mason and Logan just can’t be explained, summed up or talked about in one paragraph.
Sam, Mason and Logan are back, baby! And they mean business.

I loved this book so hard! I couldn’t put it down, reading through the night to that cliffhanger that’s left me stunned. STUNNED, I tell you! Thankfully, I have the next book to head into later today, but for now, I’m going to try and express how much I loved this one, and why.

After six full length books and a handful of novellas, there’s always a possibility of the story getting stale or the characters going in the wrong direction. But Tijan shows just how well she knows her characters and just how amazing she is at giving them extreme adversities where they can shine and bewitch the reader.

Where are they now...
Things are changing for the Fearsome Foursome as they enter the challenging stage of adult life. And their inner circle is also growing with some new additions as they learn to trust and accept. 

Mason and Sam are together. I don’t think anything could ever truly shake their unyielding bond. Logan (who ALWAYS leaves me laughing at his crazy, impulsive antics and unapologetic, often times lewd speeches) and Taylor are still in the afterglow of a solid relationship, working towards their happily ever after. It’s hard for Sam, Mason and Logan to trust or to let new people in but as they grow, those hard edges, soften a little. And one loyal person who has gotten a pass is Nate. He’s still single, but I’m sure someone as amazing as he, will find his happiness soon, but for now, he’s content with being Mason’s wing man and being back in the circle of trust. 

And then we have Mateo, who follows Mason to Fallen Crest while he and Sam spend the summer their for Mason’s internship with his father. Mateo finally gets an up close and personal look at the life this family circle leads and he quickly realizes the money and popularity are just fronts for the underbelly of Fallen Crest. Mark is still with Cass and it seems things are solid between them, even though Cass and Sam will never be besties.

Heather and Channing have finally found togetherness and Sam’s friendship with Heather is as strong as ever.

We get reappearances from Adam, Becky and even Kate. And you won’t believe where they are now ... or what they are up to! Some of the same petty problems arise as in the past with these characters, but in a fresh, new way, and the inclusion of family and money, which seems to always make things worse.

James and Aailise are back and Sam is terrified of what will come of that. Malinda and David are solid and the part of the lifeline Sam needs to make it through all her troubles with her bio mom. Even Garrett makes a return and I was happy to see how that all played out. Sam’s main inner circle is Mason and Logan and even Nate, but her life is filled with people who love her. Even though she’s thrown off balance, yet again, in this book, she has support and love from those she needs it from.

And then we get the thrill of new enemies! I was pleasantly stunned at how amped up the animosity between Mason and his rivals was and how Sam always gets caught right in the middle. Mason protects Sam at all costs and this book truly shows the depths he’ll go to for her. I LOVED IT!

The fight scenes...
Holy....!!! I can’t even express how AWESOME the fight scenes were. The boys might be getting older, and physical violence might be an “adolescent” thing, but it sure it HOT HOT HOT to watch Mason and even Sam, in action. Put Mason, Nate and Logan in the fight circle and WOW!!! Stunned! Just stunned! It was beyond exciting and Tijan really relays that with fantastic, heart stopping, intense writing!

The relationships...
Sam and Mason have always had chemistry and have always burned up the pages with their hot bedroom scenes, but in this book, like everything else, it’s amped up. There’s the fear of change in the air and desperation pulls them together in steamy, sexy and riveting scenes that left me all hot and bothered.

Logan and Taylor are sweet together, but in all honesty, she seems almost an afterthought in the story. She’s in the inner circle and it’s clear Logan loves her and they are going to be together for a long time, but there were several instances I was left wondering ... why. I like her, I enjoyed Logan and Taylor’s story, but where as Sam will run (literally) into the fray to protect Mason and Logan, Taylor watches from a distance. I know this isn’t her story and she’s got trauma she’s still dealing with, but Sam’s fierce loyalty totally outshines Taylor's devotion and you can see why it will always be the Threesome Fearsome.

The emotions...
Tijan has always brought the “feels” in her stories. And this one is no different. Sam’s vulnerability breaks my heart. She has been so damaged by those who have betrayed her, that now she questions her own future and what she might be capable of. She fears her own heart, her own strength and her own passions. She’s lost and with everyone around her finding their place in life, she’s left wondering what it all means. Hearing Sam’s inner thoughts and her pain ... it’s heartbreaking. She needs and feeds off Mason’s strength and he’s more than willing to give it to her.

Mason and Logan have been damaged as well. They don’t trust people. They don’t let people in and that shows very clearly when they are confrontational with people about their motives, which more times than not, turn out to be self-serving.

I can’t wait to see how they cope with what the ending of this book brings...

Which leads me to the ending...
I was left speechless. I didn't see that coming. Well, one part of it I did, but the uncertainty of what the future holds is gut-wrenchingly clear in that last paragraph.

The Wrap Up: 
With only one full length book left and a novella to follow, I can’t wait to see how it all ends. It’ll be bittersweet but I’m excited to see what happens next.


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