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TITLE: Man of Mystery
AUTHOR: Lorelei Moone
GENRE: Romantic Suspense, BBW
RELEASE DATE: July 6, 2016
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
PAGES: Approx. 170
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What would you do if on your way home from your boring work, all of a sudden a handsome stranger leaps into the back of your car and asks you to drive him to the airport?

Be terrified? Threaten him and hope he gets out and leaves you alone? Those were my first instincts as well.

There was something in his eyes, something in the words he said that made me pause though. What if this beautiful man really did need my help? What if my refusal meant not only that his safety hung in the balance, but that of the entire country? So I drove him to Heathrow Airport, and my adventure began…

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“Happy now?” I complain, while steering the car through the tight zig-zagging roads, heading for the other side of the housing estate. “Heathrow it is. What terminal?”


“Don’t tell me you don’t know? Do you have any idea how huge Heathrow is?” I exclaim.

“Give me a moment.” 

I turn to find the stranger looking at a phone-type device, just fatter, like a handheld satnav thing for hikers. My ex had something similar he took on treks.

“Four. Terminal 4.”

“Great.” I put my foot down as I join the A30, all the while keeping an eye on my speedo which is close to touching fifty miles an hour. “How much time do we have?”

“Not much. Do your best,” he says, while giving me a quick pat on the shoulder. I don’t know whether it’s the adrenaline coursing through my body, or the fact that actually he’s pretty hot for a crazy person, but his touch has an instant effect on me. I must be losing my mind to let this guy affect me at all.

“Fine. But if I get a ticket, I’m telling them you drove. I’ve got six points on my licence already and the insurance company will have me over a barrel if I get more,” I ramble, my voice trembling slightly.

He lets out a chuckle and pats my shoulder again. “Deal. Now go.”

He was right, once I put my mind to it, our progress towards Heathrow has greatly improved. I know these roads like the back of my hand, even if I still compulsively slow down at the speed camera leading up to the Terminal 4 ramp. I’m in this now, whether I want to be or not, but still I’m not willing to blatantly speed through a speed trap. 

“We’ll reach it soon, then what? Do I park up, or what?” 

I check my mirror, seeing that he’s sitting upright now, staring out the rear window. 

“Actually, let me out just there.” He points at the mini roundabout ahead of us. “The cargo is headed for flight SV118 departing for Riyadh at eighteen-fifty. I’m going to try and intercept it. Pull over.”

I slam on the brakes and turn to face him properly. His face is tense yet determined, as he gazes ahead through the metal fence surrounding the cargo area ahead of us.

“What’s your name?” he asks, leaning forward and making eye contact again. 

“Tess…” I mumble, severely distracted by the green depths in front of me again. Shit, why do I have a knack for attracting crazies? He’s handsome though, the strong jawline, dark brown hair and symmetrical features are practically perfect. He could be a model, or an actor. Could all this just be an act?

“Tess. I know I’m asking a lot of you, but your country needs you.” He pauses, his eyes lingering on my lips for a moment. “We can’t let the plane leave. Give me your phone.” 

I hand it to him without protest. How is it that his eyes can hypnotise me like this? Shit, I must be desperate to be so easily distracted by a handsome guy in a suit. Once all this is over, I’m going to get Maggie to set me up with someone. She’s been offering for weeks.

The stranger types a number into my phone and hits ‘dial’, then gives it back to me. 

“I need you to go into the terminal and keep an eye on the departures board. If I’m successful, it will show up as delayed. If not, then you’ll see its status change to ‘boarding’ at around eighteen-twenty. If that’s the case, I need you to call in a bomb threat to shut down the terminal. Do you understand?” He reaches out for my cheek, caressing it with the back of his finger and causing even more upheaval inside my stomach. This has got to be a dream, even if it feels totally real. 

I nod though. If the plane boards, I call the airport with a bomb threat. Sounds easy.

“Wait, why don’t you just report a bomb threat anyway? Why go through all this nonsense?” I ask. 

He smiles briefly, pulling his hand back. “If I go in by myself, I may be able to detain some of the people involved. They may have intel. If I call it in now and the airport gets shut down, they’ll run and we may never know who was behind it.”

That makes sense, I guess. 

I nod. “Fine. I’ll go in.”

“I’ll be in touch if it went well.”

“And if not?” I ask. 

“Chances are, then I’ll be dead.”



Lorelei Moone is an up-and-coming author of paranormal romance & romantic suspense novels based in London. Her first book, Scottish Werebear: An Unexpected Affair has hit the virtual shelves on Amazon on 25 September 2015, and her second, Scottish Werebear: A Dangerous Business a month later on the 25th of October. A lover of all things sweet, and caffeinated, when she’s not writing about sexy bear shifters and their strong-willed curvaceous love interests, Lorelei can be found baking cookies or cakes for her family.

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