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BLOG TOUR with GUEST POST and GIVEAWAY - FROM THE BEGINNING (Prescott 0.5) by Mignon Mykel:

TITLE: From the Beginning
SERIES: Prescott
AUTHOR: Mignon Mykel
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: April 4, 2016
PUBLISHER: Mignon Mykel
PAGES: Approx. 188
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Before the Prescott family became big in the hockey world, there was just Noah Prescott, fighting for a spot on an NHL roster. Never did he imagine a simple note from a shy fan would speed up his world.

Ryleigh Scott had an issue talking to men, but she knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to Noah — potentially negative labels, be damned. Never did she imagine a simple note would start what could only be described as the beginning of the rest of her life.

This is Noah and Ryleigh — before the NHL contract, before the kids, before going back home.

This is Noah and Ryleigh from the beginning.

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We asked Mignon to answer a few questions about herself and From the Beginning. Here's what she had to say...

1. A typical day in the life
This is my favorite question to ask, so I thought I'd go ahead and answer it myself. I work 40 hours a week minimum at my day, err, night job -- I work nights at a hospital where I snuggle babies all night (and other important things). With From the Beginning, I had to teach myself discipline in writing. With the official first book to the Prescott series (coming hopefully this summer) I've been a bit loose, with a goal of 4k a week but if I haven't hit the goal, I haven't stressed over it. I put myself on a super tight deadline for the re-write of From the Beginning though and with that, taught myself to actually sit and focus. Sometimes my peeps don't talk to me but usually they do. Therefore my new routine is to open up my manuscript after work in the morning at the very least and write for 1-2 hours. And then sleep. Because sleep is good.

2. A little about me
I have been a reader and writer for as long as I remember. In my late teens/early twenties, I started many, many books but lacked the discipline to finish them. Neutral Zone, the book From the Beginning was re-molded from, was the first book I actually finished -- even though I hated it and felt that it was missing more than just a little bit... I am fiercely independent and because of that, I have a hard time letting things go -- especially in this self-publishing book journey. If I could do it all, I would; but the problem with that? I can be a procrastinator too. I like the stress of last minute, I suppose..! I also love the thought of organization and have 3 planners -- my regular planner, one for keeping track of word count, and a purse sized one. Also... I'm in the middle of planning a cross-country move all while reviewing 14+ books a week and writing. Hey, I like to keep busy...

3. How did I choose the romance genre
I've always been a romance junky. From Cinderella as a toddler (on repeat) to reading VC Andrews at 10 years old, love and happily ever after was always my go-to. I also subscribe to the "you write what you know" theory; I love reading romance. I love watching flawed characters find a way to be full and loved for who they are. I also love the idea of big families -- a theme you may see through my writing as I continue this journey!

4. How did you come up with the title, From the Beginning?
Funny thing -- I hate titling. I can't figure them out for the life of me. When it comes to series, I like titles to connect in some way, and I'm having the darnedest time with this Prescott series (I think I figured it out now). From the Beginning just came to me though. I knew I didn't want it to be Neutral Zone any longer, and the retitling literally took seconds -- the whole reason I was bringing Ryleigh and Noah's story back from the deep, dark confines I put them in was because I wanted readers to know about the Prescotts before they were the Prescotts you'll all meet; and to do that, we had to start at the beginning. Hence, "from the beginning".

5. Favorite chapter and why...?
Ok, confession time? The first time I wrote this book, the steamy scenes were behind closed doors. I didn't write them; I wasn't comfortable writing them. So what does that have to do with this question? While I wouldn't necessarily say it's a true "favorite chapter," I just love how it all lined up. Chapter 11. That's the one. It's the first time Noah and Ryleigh get it on, but more than that, in an unintentional twist, it happened to be in the eleventh chapter of this book, where the family's number is eleven. Noah's number is eleven. The kids will all either be number eleven, or some form of the number; there are eleven years between the oldest and youngest child; there are eleven years between the beginning of From the Beginning and the end. Eleven is just the Prescott number, so when Noah and Ryleigh started to get hot and heavy in chapter eleven... Everything just felt right.

6. What I'm working on now
Caleb's book!! Noah and Ryleigh's second oldest child; he finds himself in a Bachelor-esque situation... 

Thank you!!
I hope you love these Prescotts as much as I do! They've been hanging around with me since 2008 and while it's been the boys who have been most active in my head (the youngest is adamant about having his story told...), the girls have started to push for their stories again, too, so... We shall see!


Mignon is a twenty-something (…getting awfully close to thirty-something) who resides in Wisconsin. An avid reader since her preschool days, she ‘blames’ her mother for teaching her to read during that all-important time during a forming brain. Some of her earlier memories of reading include her mother buying her a book at the mall — and finishing the book before they even returned home.

Writing happened soon after the reading started. Her first writing piece can be found in a box of other important papers from growing up. It’s about an apple who was her friend, but she had to eat.

The first series Mignon started to write was about a close family of one brother and his three younger sisters. She started writing this family and their friends in 2005, but as soon as the Prescott family took over her mind, the Ashbys fell silent. Maybe someday we’ll all hear from the Ashbys, but those Prescotts…. The Prescotts are excited to have their stories told.

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