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TITLE: Tomorrow's Lies
SERIES: Promises
AGE GROUP: Young Adult/New Adult
GENRE: Coming of Age/Romance
RELEASE DATE: October 28, 2015
PAGES: Approx. 344

RATING: 4.5 Stars!
CLIFFHANGER: No (but it does continue)

When today's promises become tomorrow's lies, how can you believe in anything . . . or anyone?

Jaynie Cumberland has no idea how to trust again, so she’s given up on trying. Dumped in to the state foster care system at age fourteen, Jaynie spent three years treading water, just trying to get by. 

Still, Jaynie always knew she was broken in some way. After all, why did her own mother abandon her? And following a harrowing experience at her first foster home, Jaynie’s worst fears are confirmed, leaving her feeling worthless and shattered. 

Now Jaynie counts the days till she turns eighteen and can go out on her own. All she wants is to be free of everyone and everything. But before that can happen, she must make it through the next few months at one final foster home. There Jaynie meets a gorgeous, albeit rough-around-the-edges, boy who is dealing with the repercussions of his own turbulent past.

Flynn O'Neill is immediately taken with this new, fragile girl. He becomes determined to show Jaynie there is more to life than hurt and pain. Unfortunately, this new home they live in, one that promised to be a haven for unwanted kids, is more like a living hell.

So what do you do when you’re trapped and there’s no way out?

What if you fall in love and protecting the other person becomes the most important thing in your life?

What if something unthinkable happens, testing your love, and the stakes are raised higher than ever? Will you come out unscathed? Can today’s promises be kept? Or will they simply become more of tomorrow’s lies?

Tomorrow’s Lies is a beautiful story of an all-consuming love and broken people building a family out of nothing. It's about never giving up, even in the face of adversity.

*mature content and possible triggers*

New Adult/Coming of Age Romance
***2016 RWA RITA entry***

NO cliffhanger!!


REVIEWER'S NOTE: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 Stunning Stars!
My heart both weeped and also cheered. What an amazing read! 

The Review: 
I love this authors writing but she really outdid herself this time. She bleed her soul onto the pages of this book and it shows. Jaynie and Flynn were absolutely beautiful together and their story was awe inspiring.

I LOVED this read!

The Story/Characters... 
Jaynie, abandoned by her mother when she was very young, has been in and out of group homes and foster homes for years, and just when she thought she’d caught a break and ended up with a nice caretaker, hell opened it’s prison doors and unleashed her worse nightmare. To late to escape the depravity of humanity, she’s finally taken to a new home, where promises for a fresh start are preached. Only her new home is anything but sunshine and fresh starts.

Flynn’s life has been anything but ideal. Broken and betrayed by the one man who was supposed to love him unconditionally, he’s shuffled around in the system, being placed in one bad situation after another. But just when he thinks life has finally given up on him, fate swings Jaynie his way and suddenly there’s light in the darkness.

These two characters are far too broken and damaged for ones so young, but they fight, they pull their strength in and they find beauty in the ugly.

S.R. Grey does a tremendous job of depicting life as an orphan. Knowing this was a fictional story didn’t diminish it’s real life similarities to things that happen in our unfortunately broken system. Children who should be loved and cared for and protected are in fact exploited, battered and corrupted. But there are some who hold on to their pure hearts even through the horrific circumstances they are forced to endure. Out of necessity and a desire to connect, they make good where there seems to be very little. That’s what Jaynie, Flynn, Mandy, Cody and Callie did. They banded together, loved each other and formed their own little family during the worst of situations. And inside that family, true love was born. 

Jaynie and Flynn found peace, healing and ultimately trust, with one another. And though there problems were momentous, I loved that the author didn’t give us the traditional conflict of two young blossoming loves. Flynn was true to Jaynie. He didn’t stray, even though the opportunities presented would have meant a less harsher life for himself. He stood up for himself, had a moral code and he protected Jaynie whenever he could. I loved these two as a couple. Their romance was a beautiful thing to watch unfold. Flynn was patient and kind and supportive. He understood just how damaged Jaynie was and it didn’t matter to him. He loved her, problems and all. Jaynie felt the same for Flynn. She didn’t care what kind of burdens he carried. She was strong enough to help him carry them.

I enjoyed the ending as well. Just when you think the evildoers have the upper hand, fate steps in and retribution is granted. The author did a phenomenal job with all the characters stories, making this a fantastic read!

The only thing I felt slowed down the story was the lull between the climax and the ending, which was filled with the rebuilding of everyday life and the characters waiting for either a reconnection or the other shoe to drop. But honestly, I think it felt slow because I wanted so desperately for them all to get their happy ending and I was anxious to see how it all played out.

The Wrap Up: 
Tomorrow’s Lies was heartbreaking, heartfelt, emotional, angsty, beautiful, wonderful and just an all around breathtaking read! I enjoyed the story, I loved the characters and I can’t wait for the second book to see how their lives unfold further.

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