Wednesday, September 2, 2015

REVIEW - YOU'RE IT (a TAG novella) by Shari J. Ryan:

TITLE: You're It
SERIES: a TAG novella
AUTHOR: Shari J. Ryan
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: August 31, 2015
PUBLISHER: Booktrope
PAGES: Approx. 104

RATING: 4 Stars!

Our little family has been together for four years, and life has been good, considering my track record. But In the blink of an eye, my ease was suddenly gone when I heard his terrifying words. I knew from the look on Tango’s face and the way he avoided my gaze—all hell was about to break loose. Now it seems like the dangers I spent years desperately avoiding are starting to threaten my happily ever after.

Maybe it’s because I let my guard down. Or maybe it’s because I was starting to trust again. But I can’t even trust the people closest to me, and now I remember why.

Screw with me, that’s one thing. Screw with my family, and we’ve got a problem…

(This can be read as a standalone)

REVIEWERS NOTE: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

4 Stars!

The Review: 
What a fantastic addition to Tango and Cali’s story! I loved this novella.

In TAG, Tango and Cali meet when Cali’s father hires Tango to protect her from men who are after him for something he’s stolen. But what Cali didn’t know was that Tango was terminal and what Tango didn’t know was that Cali would ultimately be his salvation. Their story was an on-the-run, hot, adventurous romance that was a lot of fun to read. But I always wanted more. And now we have it. 

Four years after Tango and Cali settle into a somewhat normal life with their daughter, the “bad men” are back and this time, they want Tyler. You’re It was a quick, sexy novella giving us a glimpse back into their lives. The author really bumped up the hot factor and gave us some sweet and steamy romance scenes as well as a little taste of adventure, all before wrapping things up nicely and quietly. Cali was just as badass as she was in the first book and Tango was just as drop-your-panties swoon-worthy. I love these two indomitable characters who have been through so much together. And their daughter Tyler? Too freaking cute for words!

I’d love to see Tango, Cali and Tyler back for more action but if this is their ending, it was a perfect way to go. You can read this as a standalone but I’d suggest starting with TAG, because you’ll surely fall in love with this dangerous duo!

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