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ARC REVIEW - TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (PRG Investigations #1) by Ashley Stoyanoff:

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TITLE: Two Truths And A Lie
SERIES: PRG Investigations
AUTHOR: Ashley Stoyanoff
AGE GROUP: New Adult
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: February 28, 2015
PUBLISHER:  Ashley Stoyanoff
FORMAT: eBook and Paperback
PAGES: Approx. 246

RATING: 5 Stars

One year ago, I became a missing person. I left everything behind—family, friends, school. It seemed like a good idea at the time. My only option, really, until I realized running from a police officer isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

It’s been exactly three-hundred and sixty-five days since I left home, but I’m finally ready to take the step I should have taken a year ago. I’m done hiding. I’m done running. I’m going to take my life back.

It was supposed to be easy. A meeting with Jason Pierce, a private investigator, was set up for me. All I had to do was go to him, let him do his thing, and then I could go home, or so I thought.

That is, until I met Jason and things got … complicated.

REVIEWS NOTE: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

5 HUGE “Darlin’” Stars!

The Review: 
I enjoyed this read so much. It was exciting, fun, steamy and thrilling. It starts off with a bit of action and it just keeps right on going with a solid, heartfelt story line, fantastic characters and wonderful dialogue, all with a side of angsts!

I loved it from beginning to end!

Elena Reed has been on the run for a long time. There’s a very real threat that’s following her and keeping her from staying in any one place for too long. But she’s tired of running and has decided to seek out help and try and fight to get back to a home she’s not seen in over a year.

Jason Peirce is a private investigator, who has major trust issues when it comes to his father. So when the shy, beautiful, vulnerable Elena shows up looking for help, sent by his father, he can’t help but believe it’s another set up.

Quote Spotlight...
”You know what the worst part of betrayal is, darlin’?” he asks.
I shake my head. What kind of question is that?
A damn good one, I suspect.
He reaches out, brushing his fingertips across my cheek. “It always comes from the people you love and trust.”

But as Jason and Elena dig deeper into Elena’s problem, he finds he’s worrying less about trust and more about Elena’s well being. Told in duel POV’s, this story was intense but sweet, with a really big helping of romance.

Quote Spotlight...
In that moment, I can see it. I know exactly who I am.
I’m a daughter, a sister, a woman.
I’m a fighter, a survivor. I’m strong.
I’m loved and I’m whole.
I am Elena Reed.

We get inside Elena’s head and find out what her life has been like over the past year and it’s heartbreaking. Running, being scared and not being able to find the help she so desperately needed wore her down. And when she started to fall in love with Jason, it was hesitant but all consuming. I loved her character. She was timid and on edge but she certainly had reason to be. And even with all this happening around her, she still had spark and a lust for life. Peace and safety were things that had been chased away by this threat that constantly loomed over her life and when Jason takes her case, she’s able to breath and relax and we see a playful, sweet side to her.

Quote Spotlight...
There’s just something about this girl, small, sweet looking, innocent smile. It makes you want to protect her, slay dragons and lay their heads at her feet.

Jason was yummy! He was hot, intense, sincere and also playful. Right from the start he saw Elena as someone he needed to help. And it was an instant attraction even with the bouts of mistrust. He and his partners, Wes and Vance, made an amazing team and I loved whenever they were in a scene together because they were more like family and brothers than partners.

And lets not forget about the sexy, swoon-worthy passion between Jason and Elena. The author totally brings the steam for these two. Wow!

The Wrap Up: 
Everything about this read was great. From beginning to end I was captivated by the amazing writing and exciting story. The characters were relatable and fun to read. This is the first book in this series and it’s definitely a winner. The next book will be about another set of characters and I can’t wait for Vance's story!

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