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COVER REVEAL with EXCERPT - ONE PENNY (Marked Heart #3) by M. Sembera:

Foolish is the heart that leaves itself open to falling in love. Reckless is the person who steps away from tradition to claim a life of their own. Irreplaceable is the moment one takes the risk.

Title: One Penny
Series: Marked Heart
Series Placement: #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: M. Sembera
Release Date: January 22, 2015

Penny Caffrey seems to make all the wrong choices in life. From the men she dates to her career path; most of what she does is either hidden from or frowned upon by her large Irish family.

Seth Chevalier has been labeled a disappointment by his entire family. He has a good job at a large accounting firm that he devotes the majority of his time to. His is used to and comfortable living a solitary life.

When her latest boyfriend, the drummer for a local band dumps her Penny takes a step back to do some self-evaluation and decides to lay off of dating for a while.

Even with an overbearing father, Seth is determined to be his own man and moves into an upscale apartment complex in an effort to prove he is successful.

Seth's solitary life is thrown completely off track when he moves in next door to Penny and she decides they are going to be friends, whether he likes it or not.


    Penny opened the door to find a tall, handsome, brown haired man with a startled look on his face. As she looked him over there was something familiar about him. Then, she realized, she knew him.

    "No," he uttered shaking his head before rambling, "I mean yes... Never mind...Sorry," and then turned away.
Watching as he bumped into the railing on his way down the stairs, Penny waited to shut the door until she saw him sprinting across the parking lot. It seemed like he couldn't get away from her fast enough.
    "Who was at the door?"
    With a confused expression, Penny replied, "A guy I went to high school with."
    Shaking her head, Charlotte laughed, "They really do start lining up at your door don't they."
Penny couldn't help but laugh at the thought.
    "So what did he want?"
    "No idea, he just said never mind and then ran away."

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