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REVIEW - RAMPANT (Condemned, #2) by Gemma James:

TITLE: Rampant
SERIES: Condemned
AUTHOR: Gemma James
GENRE: Dark Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: Oct. 28, 2014
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
PAGES: Approx. 156

RATING: 4 Stars!

Life is twisted. Cruel. After being ripped from the safe haven of Rafe's arms, my new kidnapper is waging a sick game.

Unable to make my body do his bidding, he's resorting to psychological warfare. He'll bend my mind until I break, and when I do, that just might be my saving grace.

I'll forge through hell to get back to Rafe, body and spirit broken and bleeding, but I'm unprepared for what I find. He's done what I can't: he's erased eight years of pain and betrayal. I don't know how to bring him back to me, because bringing him back means ripping him to shreds all over again.

NOTE: RAMPANT is a new adult dark romance with disturbing themes and explicit content, including sexual scenes and violence that may offend some. Intended for mature audiences. Part two of the CONDEMNED series. This is not a stand-alone read.

4 Holy Hell, What Just Happened Stars!
Insanity At It’s Finest! This Read Was A Roller Coaster Ride of Dark and Intense! 

The Review: 
Just Breath! That’s what I was chanting the whole way through this book. If I thought the first book, Torrent, was intense, I can honestly say I had no idea what intense was because I went into total mind fuckery mode with this one! Holy hell!

I loved every dark, intense and suffering moment. It was a hard read, no doubt, but it was also thrilling and I loved how yet again, this author isn’t scared to put her characters through the ringer. 

Alex is once again in the hands of the real enemy, only this time it’s more than she can bare.

This story literally picks up where the first book left off after that huge cliffy from book one! With shocking and disturbing scenes to completely immerse you in the horrific world Alex has to endure at the hands of her step-brother Zach, who tries to make her love him in a way he believed she once did, you will see the insanity that lives within. He completely loses it and Alex is the one to suffer. 

She’s been betrayed in the worst way possible. With Zach so lost in his debauchery, he can’t see the pain he’s caused her and when he finally snaps out of his own delusional world, it’s almost too late.

I really think there’s a part of Zach that loves Alex but it’s warped to the point of unrecognizable. He’s gotten away with hurting her for so long he truly believes she’s “the one” and his feelings were returned. But her feelings have always been for one man and unfortunately, he’s forgotten her.

Rafe has lost his memory and along with it, the knowledge Alex is in deep trouble. He’s trying to recreate memories from the last eight years which have escaped him, leaving him wondering about the recurring horrific flashes from a prison sentence he doesn’t remember and the beautiful girl that is haunting his dreams. He’s trying to cope but he knows something is missing. He just doesn’t know what it is. And unfortunately for Alex, its the memory that she needs him now more than ever.

A lot is revealed in this read. Disturbing realizations and facts about a family with dark secrets and one girls bid at surviving it all.

The Wrap Up: 
This author takes us on a whirlwind of a story and it’s all wrapped around some very devious and carnal scenes that feed the readers crave for dark and twisted. Readers who love these types of books are going to be thrilled with this one!

Rampant leaves off with a pretty big cliffy and I can’t wait for the third book. I have no idea how it’s going to play out, especially given Rafe is still missing pivotal parts of his memory. It’s going to be torturous waiting but I have no doubt I’ll be ready as I know this story and characters will haunt me for a long time to come!

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