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VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR w/EXCERPT and GIVEAWAY - LONGING (Club Inferno #2) by Jamie K. Schmidt:

TITLE: Longing
SERIES: Club Inferno
AUTHOR: Jamie K. Schmidt
GENRE: Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: Sept. 2, 2014
PUBLISHER: Loveswept

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Desire never goes out of style, as Jamie K. Schmidt proves in the sizzling continuation of her Club Inferno series—perfect for readers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You.

Reeling from a disastrous love affair, model and budding fashion designer Anya Litton needs a temporary refuge, a place to lick her wounds and plan her next career move. At Club Inferno, where seductively chic men and women indulge their most intimate fantasies, she can mix business with unimaginable pleasure. Anya quickly connects with club Dom Clint Reyes, who unleashes Anya’s deepest longings over nights of burning passion.

Clint is a master at taking submissives to the heights of pleasure in Club Inferno’s opulent private dungeons. But it’s Anya who has Clint begging for more when the woman of his dreams becomes his eager partner in exploring the limits of desire. As their relationship ignites into an erotic contest of wills—and a jealous rival plots against them both—Clint prepares to fight for a future with Anya. In this complicated dance, the wrong move could end it all . . . and taking control means total surrender.

Longing is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

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     Clint tamped down the disappointment. It wasn’t as if he should expect to find someone interested in an actual relationship in a sex club, but he had hoped Anya would be different. All he was to anyone was just a stripper, just a Dom. He supposed it was his own fault for fingering her in the back of the pole-dancing class. It probably would have been a better idea to take her out for dinner first. For once in his life, take things slow and normal. But that wasn’t him and if it scared her off, so be it. Still, he was going to enjoy their time together. He slipped an arm around her and hugged her to his side.
     “Let’s go out to dinner tomorrow. Somewhere outside of Couture.”
     He held his breath, waiting for her answer. If she came up with an excuse, he’d fuck her and forget her. Cut his losses.
     Instead, she gave him a smile that was infectious. “I’d love that.” Then her face creased and he felt stupid for letting his expectations get the better of him. “But I can’t.”
     He kept the smile on his face but dropped his arm.
     “I’m on this stupid diet. If I don’t drop a boatload of weight, I’m not going to get a part in the stage version of Some Like It Hot. It’s way off Broadway, but still . . .” Her voice trailed off and she looked so wistful that his heart clenched.
     “You have to eat.” Clint was surprised he was fighting for this.
     Fuck her and forget her.
     “Actually, I’ve been drinking these protein shakes.” She made a screwy face that was part Lucille Ball and part Bill the Cat.
     “Okay,” he said. It was a creative blow-off, but he’d had worse.
     “It’s not just a part,” she said, walking on ahead of him. “It’s a damn quest.”
     “Wouldn’t that be Spamalot?”
     Grabbing his hand, she smiled up at him again. Damn, she was incredible. Maybe she’d give him a chance when he had his own bar. “Do you like tequila?” he asked.
     “Tequila and I have a long and somewhat checkered past. Do you know that country song ‘Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off’?”
     “Bartender!” Clint called, waving to the man dressed up like a saloon inn keeper at the far end of the room
     “I once drank a mariachi player under the table.”
     “I’m impressed.” He steered her toward the bar.
     “To be fair I probably outweighed him by a few pounds.” She darted a glance up at him from thick, sooty black lashes.
     “I like your body,” he said. Too much.

Heat (Club Inferno #1)
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Jamie K. Schmidt has published more than thirty short stories in small-press journals and e-zines. She’s an active member in the Romance Writers of America. When not writing, she relaxes with a mug of hot tea and knits or makes beaded jewelry. She sells her handcrafted items at Connecticut’s historic Dudley Farm during the summer.

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