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ARC REVIEW - DEADLY PACK (Deadly Trilogy #3) by Ashley Stoyanoff:

TITLE: Deadly Pack
SERIES: Deadly Trilogy
AUTHOR: Ashley Stoyanoff
AGE GROUP: Young Adult
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
RELEASE DATE: Sept. 27, 2014
PUBLISHER: Self-Publish
FORMAT: eBook and Paperback
PAGES: Approx. 190

RATING: ★★★★★
HEA: Yes

Since becoming the alpha female of the Dog Mountain pack, Jade certainly has had her share of challenges. She’s had to prove herself to a bunch of werewolves that she spent years hating; forgive her mate who’d done nothing but lie to her, and face the grueling fact that her father leads a pack of werecougars, who are responsible for tormenting her werewolves for many years.

On the upside, the Dog Mountain pack is finally coming together—now that Jade and Aidan’s mate status is official. And now that they know where her father’s been hiding his nasty pack of beasts, Jade and Aidan can concentrate on stopping them once and for all.

But when Jade’s dad finds out that she’s become Aidan’s official mate, all hell breaks loose, and Jade and Aidan soon learn that his plans for their werewolves are bigger than anyone could have ever suspected.

REVIEWERS NOTE: Deadly Pack is the third and final book in the Deadly Trilogy and is a Young Adult, Paranormal Romance written by Ashley Stoyanoff. I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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5 Perfectly Outstanding Stars!
A Fantastic Conclusion To A Fabulous Series! 

The Review: 
Deadly Pack picks up right where Deadly Mates leaves off. The tragedy that unfolded in the last chapters of book two has left its scars and hurt with the characters and as they try to navigate around all that pain, new developments arise, new secrets are unveiled, loyalties are once again tested and with the newly put-together pack sorting through all their troubles, it’s uncertain how things will turn out.

I really enjoyed this read. From the first page in the first book, this author creates a thrilling and wonderful paranormal story for us to sink our teeth into and this last installment concludes and wraps everything up nicely. I loved the characters and as their story gets trickier and more involved, we get lots of action, lots of angsts and lots of fun. 

Jade and Aidan are finally mated and it looks like things might be heading in the right direction for the pack. But things are also coming to a head as the wolves search out and locate their enemy. When they finally discover their camp, they realize taking out the werecougars won’t be as easy as they first thought. There are surprises they weren’t expecting and their search and destroy mission quickly becomes a rescue. Jeff, Jades father and the leader of the werecougars certainly plays up the bad guy as he amps up his strategies with an almost desperate and fevered edge. We find out his true scheme and with a shocking reveal that changes everything, characters, faults and lies are tested and weeded out. All the while the pack undergoes changes and unite for the purpose of protecting their own as the female wolves are in even more danger than ever. There is a lot going on and the characters have some very tough decisions to make!

Jade is coming into her own as alpha but she’s in a tough spot. Her father is their enemy and she’s having a hard time reconciling the loving, caring man who raised her from the monstrous man ruling over the werecougars. The things he does, his motivations, make no sense to her and what he’s willing to give up and do in order to complete his mission is evil. Jade has to find a way to distance herself from her childhood memories and put her pack first. Thankfully, she’s got Aidan and the pack on her side. 

Aidan is watching as Jade slowly cracks. The pressures of being an alpha when it’s her own father causing so much pain, is hard to endure. His love for her has come full circle and he’s trying to keep watch over her all the while planning a strategic move against the werecougars. When a plan presents itself and it looks like they might stand a chance against their enemy, Aidan takes charge and leads the pack into battle. However, things quickly turn for the worse and Aidan has to figure out how to save them all before losing his pack and the woman he loves.

My heart broke for Jade. She had a lot put on her shoulders but even when she stumbled, she picked herself up and moved forward. She grew and matured during these three books and became a wonderful heroine. The pack recognizes this as well. They circled around her, protecting her, standing by her side, accepting her and her rule. It was a long, confusing and sometimes heartbreaking journey for the pack but in the end, they all came around. Jade really loves Aidan and she’s trying so hard to be the strong alpha female he needs and wants. And with his help, they find a way to succeed not only in getting the pack united but in their relationship as well. 

Aidan was just as alpha-hot as always. He excelled at leading in this book and when he also stumbled, his pack was there to guide him back from the brink of disaster, pulling him through. He and Jade weren’t just alphas, they were family ruling with love and respect. I enjoyed seeing Aidan be there for Jade. He really stepped up his game and helped her through the decisions and actions they had to make. 

I loved that everyone got a conclusion. Good or bad, it was all settled. All the questions were answered and everything was wrapped up nicely. 

The Wrap Up: 
I’ll miss waiting for the next Jade and Aidan adventure but I know I’ll go back and re-read these books time and again because they really are that good. Ashley Stoyanoff has a remarkable way of pulling you into her world and holding you there until the very end. She weaves a magical tale of family, romance, loss, hope and love with a paranormal edge. I loved this story and the characters and it will stay with me for a long time to come.

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