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REVIEW TOUR with GIVEAWAY - FALL TO YOU (Here and Now #2) by Lexi Ryan:

TITLE: Fall To You
SERIES: Here and Now
AUTHOR: Lexi Ryan
AGE GROUP: Adult/New Adult
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: June 2, 2014
FORMAT: eBook and Paperback
PAGES: Approx. 234
AToMR Productions

RATING: 4.5 Stars!

Fall to You is the second book in the Here and Now series. It is not a stand-alone and is intended to be read following Lost in Me. Hanna’s story concludes in book three, All for This.

Torn between two men…

When I woke up after the accident, I couldn’t remember anything from the last year—including my relationship with Max Hallowell or anything about Nate Crane. Now my memories are returning, but instead of answering my questions, they’re leaving me with more.

The man who broke my heart and wants to be my future…

Max is all I ever wanted, and now he wants to marry me. He’ll do everything he can to fill my life with love, family, and security. I need those things now more than ever. But can I trust him?

The man who stole my heart and wants to let me go…

Nate never made me promises, and I never asked him to. I’d been on the rebound, looking for a distraction, and he made me feel beautiful and wanted when I needed to feel those things most. He says he has to let me go, but what if I can’t let go of him?

With every revelation and every passing day, I feel more like Alice down the rabbit hole. I’m falling. Who will catch me?

REVIEWERS NOTE: Fall to You is book two in the Here and Now series and is a Adult Contemporary Romance written by Lexi Ryan. I was gifted a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review through AToMR Tours

4.5 Sizzling, Riveting Stars!
Where Do We Go From Here?! 

The Review: 
I’m so freaking torn!! Normally in a romance book, you have a clear image of who you want your heroine to be with and even in a love triangle, you at least have a cloudy view of where you want the story to end and most times are slanting one way to the other by middle way of the book. And to be honest, I don’t normally read triangle type stories because I don’t like the cheating aspect. But in this book? I’m so confused and torn and completely entranced by these characters and their situation. I don’t envy Hanna’s decision but this story has captivated me and I’m totally hooked! All of this is a testament to how well these books are written. I’m loving this series!

The first book opens up with Hanna in the hospital, battered and with no memory of how she got there or the last year of her life. The weight she’s struggled with her whole life is magically gone and she’s wearing an engagement ring from the man she’s been in love with for years but who never saw her as more than a friend. Little by little, she gets her memory back and finds her present isn’t the perfect life she thought she woke up to.

Fall to You opens three months before Hanna’s accident with Max’s POV and from there we are taken on a past and present “fill in the blanks” journey of what transpired with all three characters with alternating POV’s in a before and after Hanna’s accident format which I loved. It was easy to follow and it explained so much. I loved getting the full story of how Nate and Hanna met. Those two are sweet together even though most of their relationship was based on escape. They were both running from something but it turned in to so much more.

About middle way, the book practically picks up where the first ended and as the story unfolds, more pieces fall into line and the fallout from book one is slowly being worked through even as new problems arise. Max, Hanna and Nate are all in a tough situation.

I can’t even imagine how this will all end. First I’m rooting for one character, then I’m rooting for another. Things get very complicated in this second installment and everything I thought I knew gets totally dispelled, people I didn’t like or trust have now won me over and this love triangle is going to break everyone’s heart when everything is fully revealed and the decisions have been made. I have no idea whats going to happen when the dust finally settles but what I do know is that it’s going to be a tough road for the main characters as well as the reader.

Since the first book, I was distrustful of Max and his end game but we were only getting skewed Hanna’s POV filled with insecurities, doubt and memory loss. Since gifted with Max’s POV in this book, we see how much he’s suffering, how much he truly cares for Hanna and trust me, it made all the difference in how I first saw him. Yes, he made mistakes but I now think he’s genuine. 

Nate was broken and tortured by things he thought were true about himself and his fear of hurting the one person he wanted to protect the most, his son, had him walling up his heart to any potential love or future family. In this second book, we see how Hanna breaks down those walls and he comes to want more. He’s sweet and caring and he sets Hanna at ease and allows her to be herself. Max would to but Hanna is so twisted up about her looks, she never lets her guard down around Max. Nate enables that freedom Hanna wants and needs. 

And then there’s Hanna who created this entire mess because of her insecurities which were reinforced from a disapproving mother. My heart broke for her but I also just wanted to smack some sense into her. She let Meredith's manipulative ways keep her from the happiness she could have found and her heart strayed. This is a love triangle that's more complicated than any other I’ve read before because there seems to be no bad guy in this scenario... at least so far. 

Who knows what book three will reveal. Hanna has two wonderful men, both accepting her for herself, both wanting her to choose them. It’s too bad she couldn’t see her own value. 

And that ending..Wow. The mother of all cliffies. It was predictable and I saw it coming from a mile away but it broke my heart and had me cheering all at the same time. 

The Wrap Up: 
I still think there’s more to the story than we’ve seen so far. Something happened in the last days leading up to Hanna’s accident and memory loss. I have my suspicions and I feel confidant in them but who knows what’s going to happen! At this point, it could go either way. This book was edgy, revealing and super sexy. I am so ready for book three!

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Once a college English professor, I now write full time. I live in rural Indiana, where, when I'm not writing, I get to hang out with my husband and two kids--a six-year-old boy and a two-year-old hellion, er, girl. Not surprisingly, reading and writing remain my favorite activities, though both come in bits and pieces these days, not the big hunks of time I enjoyed before I had children. When I'm feeling virtuous, I like to go running (I use that word liberally. I'm really, really slow) or do yoga. Don't worry, I'm always careful to balance out such activities with a hearty serving of ice cream or a chocolate martini.

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