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Nabbed in New Zealand by Christine Edwards

Book Blurb:

Taking a break from her job at an art gallery in Charleston, South Carolina, Valla Denier escapes on a week-long camping tour of New Zealand with a small group of companions and two skilled guides. Valla is enchanted by the wild beauty of the South Island and Kaikoura Beach, as well as the local men. After catching the eye of a rugged, drop-dead-gorgeous man in a café, she is shocked to run into him later that evening at a karaoke bar. Setting her shyness aside, she serenades the stranger with a seductive tune. She never imagines the lyrics would be taken literally.

Later that evening, Valla is taken from her campsite and wakes up in a strange room. Her captor is the man from the bar, Brocan Judge, a six foot five wall of muscle with piercing, cobalt blue eyes. He is not responsible for her abduction; his friend has delivered Valla as a gift, and repairing the situation is not as simple as it sounds.

Valla soon learns that Judge is a Dom, intent on punishing her for her willful ways. Even more surprising is Valla’s reaction to him. When he offers her the choice to stay or leave, she must decide how far down the submissive path she is willing to travel. But trust has never been Valla’s strong suit. Will she be able to set aside her inhibitions and give in to the strong hand she has secretly craved, or will doubt trump her growing desire?


Reviewers Note: Nabbed In New Zealand is an Erotic Romance written by Christine Edwards. I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review through I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews Tours.

4 “I Want To Go On Vacation And Find A Super Hot Dominant Who Can Make Me Swoon” Stars!
Yup, Thats Right. A Hot and Steamy Alpha Who Likes It Kinky In The Mountains!

The Review:
First, let me say I really liked this read for what it was. A fantasy with some spicy sex scenes and a lot of alpha male hotness. This story, of about 142 pages, is a quick but well written read and absolutely fogged up my reading glasses with all the steam between the two main’s. It had a bit of fun, some fantastic characters and I loved the New Zealand native speak the author uses! 

Valla is on vacation in New Zealand and her tour group has stopped for food when she see’s a handsome man that calls to her libido from across the room. She can’t take her eyes off him and the moment he sees her, there’s some deep lust coming from both of them. Then oddly enough, she sees him again later that night in a bar. When the hero, Judge, shows such blatant interest in her, his friend, Tane, takes it upon himself to drug and kidnap Valla from her camp and deliver her to Judge. 

When she wakes up, she’s in unfamiliar surrounds, tied to a bed and being watched by the handsome stranger from her encounter. Now, some might have a hard time with this scenario, thinking Valla should be screaming down the ceiling at this point, but the author makes the situation fun and light. And though Valla “wants to escape”.. kind of, I mean she is being held captive by a sexy beast of a man... her desire to bed him is so strong she just accepts her position. She’s being held against her will, has asked him to let her leave and has been TOLD she’s going to enter into a Dom/Sub relationship with someone she’s never really spoken to but because she can sense he’s not a true danger to her and he’s very convincing... and did I mention unbelievably hot??... this calls to some deep part of her and she concedes to his Dominant demands... at least for the time being.

Maybe any other heroine would have been clawing, kicking, screaming and breaking things to get away but like I said, its fantasy.. just go with it. 

The hero, Judge or Sir as he likes to be called when they <i>play</i>, is all alpha male hotness wrapped around a fantastically scrumptious packaging. I'm sure I didn’t mention this before, right? I loved the way this author describes him and between his sexual prowess and the sex scenes, I was definitely in need of a cold shower! 

The Wrap Up:
This read is an exciting, steamy, fan yourself, hold on to your panties, yummy read. The writing is great, the scenes descriptive and well done and the characters were fun. Its fantasy and entertaining. And really, I just enjoyed this read. Its that simple.

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About the Author:

Erotic Romance Author Christine Edwards grew up in the Deep South on Hilton Head Island, SC. At an early age she developed a passion for the arts that led her to earn a bachelor's degree in Art History from the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Christine has a special place in her heart for reading and writing erotic tales. She continues to publish stories that immerse readers in exotic and realistic geographic settings amid interesting subcultures of adult life.

Within the vein of BDSM romance, her main focus is on loving, multi-faceted relationships involving intense alpha males and feisty heroines. She adores snow skiing, traveling the world, and spending time with her amazing family. Christine currently resides in the sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, SC.

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