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REVIEW - THE REGENT'S GAMBLE (A Spellbound Consortium #1) by A. Payne and N.D. Taylor:

Title: The Regent's Gamble
Series: A Spellbound Consortium
Series Placement: #1
Author(s): A. Payne and N.D. Taylor
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: December 31, 2013
Published by: SPA
Format: eBook and Paperback
Pages: 600+

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Book Blurb:
New York City is famous for New Year’s Eve—but most people don’t celebrate it with a fight to the death… with a wizard who’s already dead! Of course, that is only the beginning for Addison Rhydderch, who wakes up to learn that he’s the newest Regent—protector of the balance between the mundane and the supernatural across the Eastern United states. Easier said than done, even with the guidance of a dragon and the aid of a sultry dryad. 

Brave, clever, and politically clueless, Addison seems like the perfect tool of the mysterious Regency Board… but even those Magi could never have foreseen the results of this appointment. With the Faeries threatening war and rumors of a mystical murderer stalking the streets, it is soon up to Addison to try and put out the fires flaring up from centuries old conflicts—Before both worlds are torn apart!

Not suitable for young readers, written with adult fans of fantasy and the paranormal in mind with sexual situations.

Reviewers Note: I received this eCopy from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

4 Fun, Fantastical, Fabulous Stars!
An Enjoyable Read With Adventure, Magic, Mythology and Great Characters!

The Review:
I'm a big lover of urban fantasy with its wonderful world of magic and unique and interesting characters, storylines and the situations it can inspire. This was very much that kind of read. 

Right from the start we are thrown into a dangerous and almost tragic situation as the main character, Addison Rhydderch, is on a seemingly innocent date and out on the town for a night of fun. But soon, things turn deadly as he finds himself surrounded by wraiths and a menacing foe who wants to steal his body. This is just the tip of the iceberg as that one moment throws Addison into a new position as Regent, in his world of magic users. 

But something is definitely not right in the magic world and it seems his position might be a ruse as someone or something keeps getting in his way. There is a war brewing, murders are happening and things are getting way out of hand.

Regent Addison encounters all kinds of situations, creatures and foes as well as a wonderful, steamy romance between himself and Saraia, who is a dryad, thats interwoven into all the fantastical adventures these characters find themselves on.

Addison is a wonderful hero. His intelligence, cunning and bravery help him as he fumbles around trying to figure out the mystery surrounding these crimes and even though he gets caught in situations you have no idea how he’s going to get out of, he prevails... most of the time. I also loved the well written dialogue in this book. And the passion between Addison and Saraia was a lot of fun!

But what I enjoyed most about this read was the excellent storytelling! The scenes were vibrant in their detail and the imagery created was amazing and fun. This book had a beautiful tale with so many unique things thrown in to really make this story stand out. I loved all the mythology poured into this one book with its creative and thrilling plot, intelligent writing and interesting characters.

And Then There’s The But...
My only real complaint was I did feel the story dragged in a few places. It seemed overly long during a few scenes and though I enjoyed the detailed writing immensely, I did feel sometimes it went beyond what was needed in the scene and sometimes I felt it took me out of the moment.

The Wrap Up:
This 600+ page book had everything you could want out of an urban fantasy, paranormal romance/adventure. It was cleverly written with a lot of action, suspense, great characters that were enthralling and sexy and there was an abundant of creature and magic action to keep you highly entertained along with some intense danger while the world they live in turns into a labyrinth of twist and turns as this story plays out. I’d definitely read this one again and I can’t wait to see what these authors come up with next!

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