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REVIEW - DEAD EXTRA: Episode 1 (A Liberty Strong Series) by Michael Saucedo and Nik Price:

Title: Dead Extra
Series: A Liberty Strong Series
Series Placement: Episode 1
Author: Michael Saucedo, Nik Price
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Release Date: December 17, 2013
Format: eBook
Pages: Approx. 68

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Book Blurb:
Liberty Strong is a daytime darling, a soap opera star in the Hollywood sky. But will that star be extinguished? She’s angered the powers that be and now a shadowy network boss is spying on her, her shrink is sabotaging her and near, far too near, is an elusive and menacing fan. 

Add to that the open casting day known as The Scramble—the one day each year the studio gates are open wide to the public, where would-be soap opera stars line up, fresh blood for a dying daytime world. They won’t stop at her lines--they’ll steal her life. 

If Liberty were smart, she’d run. But Liberty is stubborn. And Liberty is strong.

4 Exciting Stars!
Compelling and Scandalous! A Fascinating Start That Left Me Craving More!

The Review:

Being a fan of soap opera’s, specifically General Hospital, since the age of six, when my mother would sit me down with her to watch the latest drama unfold over the airways and being a huge fan of Elizabeth Webber’s character and remembering the days of Juan Santiago, Emily, Liz and Nicolas, when I heard Michael Saucedo who played Juan was pairing with Nik Price to write a serial type book about a struggling soap opera darling based loosely on certain aspects of the Daytime Drama lifestyle, I was totally in! The fact it was inspired by Michael’s wife, Rebecca Herbst (Liz Webber) and has her proudly pictured on the cover only endeared me to it more.

Dead Extra (Episode 1) is about 68 pages in length and is the incredible first installment to a six part serial where we enter into the cutthroat world of the daytime drama, Deceptions, a soap opera in which the beautiful Liberty Strong plays character Rebecca Carrington.

Liberty’s real life is in distress. Her career is being threatened, she’s suffering the effects of divorce, a declining housing market and she’s in financial debt. She’s the mother of two small children with no help from her ex-husband. And to top it all off, it seems someone out there might want to cause her harm.

Fictional or not, I loved this look into what its like to live in the public eye. It was fun trying to decide what events were pulled from reality and what events were the creativity of the authors. The writing is fluid and entertaining and there is an amazing cast of intriguing characters within these pages. This is a stunning introduction for what is to come with the next five installments and had me completely hooked from the chilling beginning to the astonishing end.

The Wrap Up:
I can’t wait to see what happens next for Liberty and the rest of the cast. In true soap opera form, this book leaves off with a cliffy that will have you aching for the next scene!

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