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REVIEW - A PROFESSIONAL BITCH (The Cathouse Series Book 3) by Matthew Kadish:

Title: A Professional Bitch
Series: The Cathouse Series
Series Placement: #3
Author: Matthew Kadish
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Erotic Spy Thriller
Release Date: September 23, 2013
Published by: SPA
Format: Ebook
Pages: Approx. 512

Copy Provided by: Author

Book Blurb:
Sabrina Scott, Blaire's chief rival, is alive - and she's out for revenge. She's resurrected the terror network Al Jabbar, and is racing to get her hands on a nuclear weapon to be used in an attack on the United States. Even worse, the mysterious terrorist mastermind, Shahryar, is anticipating the CIA's every move, and helping to protect Sabrina so she can bring about her dastardly plan.

As the CIA is dealing with this threat, Blaire has been put on the sidelines, asked to help train a new generation of DIVAs - deep cover agents trained in the art of seduction and sexual manipulation. Project Cathouse has been restarted, this time in Las Vegas. But Blaire is now the teacher, not the student.

Her task is to mentor five of the new male recruits, each one presenting their own unique challenge - especially the mysterious Hunter Black. But beyond that, she's now a role model for the new female DIVAs, and the ambitious Katya Jones is out to prove she's better than Blaire ever was. The warning signs are there, and now Blaire needs to prevent Katya from turning into another Sabrina, and help keep Hunter from becoming another duplicitous Drummond Scott - the man who betrayed Blaire and tried to kill her.

But her training efforts are quickly sidelined when Diego Escarra, a deadly enforcer for the Colombian drug cartels, arrives in town with information not only about Sabrina's impending attack, but possibly the identity of Shahryar himself. But Diego also brings with him an even bigger threat - one which could destroy everyone in the Cathouse if it's not exposed. And the only one who can get close enough to stop him is Blaire - that is, if Sabrina and Drummond don't kill her first.

The danger has never been greater. The stakes have never been higher. This time, saving the world is going to take more than a Hooker Spy...

It's going to require a Professional Bitch.

Book 3 of the Cathouse Series is a shocking, entertaining, and sexually-fueled spy thriller unlike any readers have ever before experienced. Discover the twists that occur after the events of A Hooker Spy, and what it really means to be a Professional Bitch.

Reviewers Note: A Professional Bitch is book three in The Cathouse Series and is a Sexy Spy Thriller written by Matthew Kadish. I participated in the beta for this read and received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

5 Cat-tastic, Dram-astic Super Stars!
Send Your Significant Other On A Coffee Run People! This One’s Definitely An Up-All-Nighter!

The Review:

Who’s a sexy, badass, super star spy gettin’ the dirty job done all the while looking fantastic in a pair of stilettos and glittering stripper wear?!? Bitchin’ Blaire, thats who! A sex-kitten DIVA who will kickpunch your ass if she has to and then kiss it all better! I loved this read. I loved Blaire (insert fan girl scream!). I loved the crazy twists and plots and I loved the return of all our favs! Five stars? Puh! Try 5 Gazillion (its a word y’all)! This series just keeps getting better and better.

Like the other books in this series, this read was packed to the gills with excitement and thrills. Hold on to your g-strings cuz the DIVA’s are back in town!

We’re going to Vegas Baby!

Due to the injuries Blaire sustained from her last mission, she’s been pulled from active spy duty. Mark takes advantage of her down time to talk her into coming back to the training grounds to offer up her knowledge and sexpertise as she trains and teaches the next generation of DIVA’s in a new town and new digs. She’s not the only one dropping knowledge in the swanky Vegas hothouse. The original gang is back and there are lessons to be taught, baby DIVA’s that need to be schooled and secret missions to be accomplished. We see familiar faces, new faces, catty rivals, dangerous enemies, old flames and even appearances by Blaire’s resurrected rivals, Sabrina and Drummond as a much more sinister plot is revealed.

While training gets underway, there’s romance in the air, trickery afoot and under the surface, an evil master plan plays out as Shahryar and the ever growing terrorist conspiracy is finally uncovered ... and Blaire? Caught right in the thick of it all. The jobs not always been easy. In fact, its been down right scary at times but Blaire has always held her own through her skill, bravery and fortitude. This time when tragedy strikes, it hits home and Blaire and the rest of the DIVA’s find themselves in desperate times.

When Blaire walks into the new Cathouse, she’s happy to see that her BFF Rae will be teaching the new recruits as well. She and Rae have had a special sisterly bond since the first book and they always have each others back. Blaire also gets a surprise visit which leaves her open emotionally, so when the other potential DIVA’s arrive and the night opens with a meet and greet where Blaire gets to suss out her likely students, she gets her ass handed to her in a FUPA war (the mortal enemy of women everywhere). I only mention this because this is serious business gals! Read the book, you’ll understand.

Ohhh, the dreaded FUPA! *shudders*

Right off the bat, Blaire gets a rival, someone out to prove they are better than Blaire. All her training, experience and patience are tested as reminders of Sabrina and the original Cathouse come out to play.

Now... Lets talk studs! No, I'm not talking about the ones on my grandmothers farm (unless that boisterous babe is keeping secrets again!) but rather the oh so hot alpha males Blaire has to train in her time as teacher. I’m totally jealous she got some spicy lovin’ with five... yes, I said FIVE... sexy as sin, hot as hell (insert your favorite raunchy euphemism here) studly, magnificent manly men, all the while doling out her sage advice and nimble skills. I can assure you, my day at the office is NOTHING like hers! *sad face*

Blaire has always had an intelligence that is contrary to her bubbly blonde persona, but in this instance she has to come up with five very different methods of teaching five very different students. Mr. Lucky’s wise words have saved Blaire on more than one occasion and do so again as she channels him to find her way around these conflicting and unyielding baby DIVA’s, who are both a challenge and delight as she figures a way to break through each one’s walls and insecurities. Blaire is amazing at her job. She takes her time, she’s careful but she’s in it for the win. She wants to make sure when these DIVA’s leave, they are as prepared as she can make them for what they will face out in the field. I loved all the “lessons” because they were well thought out, well planned and very well written.

Maria and her wise wisdom are back to help Blaire when things seem to be heading in a tough direction. She’s always come in and given Blaire that little piece of advice that can carry her through. Blaire’s rival in the new Cathouse is Kytia, a young, spiteful girl with a grudge and a story. And then there is the delectable Hunter Black who will definitely steal your heart and make you swoon.

There’s a second story taking place, other than the secret mission Blaire goes on that is both dangerous and daring... and thats flashbacks of Sabrina and Drummond. I loved these! We get a whole different picture on these two and their relationship as we watch them meet, fall in love and enter into the Cathouse program. You get a better understanding of who they are and where they come from.

This book had so many twists and turns, fantastically written characters and a forward moving plot that will keep you nervously glued to your seat or high fiving whoever’s in the room with you (even if they give you the stink eye!) as the journey and adventure unfold.

The Writing...
I can’t say enough about the brilliance of every well thought out plot point, the study in behaviorisms, the intense psychology of all the characters and the cultural knowledge in this series. Matthew Kadish is unique and phenomenal in his writing. He creates very believable terrorist conspiracies and situations that feel more like an action adventure movie than a book.

I shall dub thee author amazing and god like and I shall obsess stalk worship be a fan of his brilliance for all time :D

The Wrap Up:
There is a Huge.. HUGE reveal at the end that will completely blow your mind!! And a cliffy to stomp all other cliffy’s. AND after everything that happens in this book, it will have you seriously questioning Blaire’s future! Everything is leading up to the final book in the series and poor Blaire is going to have to make some tough choices.

Im amazed at The Cathouse Series. I love everything about it and it only gets better with each book. I can’t rave about this series enough. Its unique, suspenseful, thrilling and fantastically sexy and fun!

Now.. go forth and buy said series and enjoy all the yummy!

PS... I still hate you FUPA!

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About the Author

Matthew Kadish is an independent author and world-recognized evil genius. When he isn't writing or being evil, he enjoys relaxing at the beach and videos of puppies. Much like Scottish cuisine, most of his literary works have been based on dares. He currently lives in Las Vegas and always bets on black, because Westley Snipes has yet to steer him wrong in life. He is the most talented author ever. His mother tells him so every day.

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