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REVIEW - Orpheus: A Vampire's Rise - Erotic Edition (The Stone Masters Vampire #1) by Vanessa Fewings:

Title: Orpheus: A Vampire's Rise
Series: The Stone Masters Vampire
Series Placement: #1 (Erotic Edition)
Author: Vanessa Fewings
Genre: Erotic, Paranormal Romance
Published Date: May 27, 2013
Published by: VKM
Format: Ebook and Paperback

Copy Provided by Author

Book Blurb:
The coveted erotic edition of the celebrated first novel in The Stone Masters Vampire Series.

Daumia Velde will be paying for his brother's death for the rest of his life. Not because he is guilty, but because those who are guilty need a scapegoat. Daumia would be dead himself were it not for the assistance of Sunaria, a mysterious woman appearing in the nick of time from the ghostly night of the graveyard.

After years of serving the corrupt Roelle at his ranch in Spain, Daumia at last begins to think of his freedom - of paying back the men who accused him and finding a way to rise in the world. What he cannot foresee is the extent of his danger or the depth of the depravity of those who would hide their own crimes behind his ignorance.

Freeing himself from their deceptions may take more than Daumia is prepared to give. It may, in fact, require his very life.

In this sweeping saga of betrayal and corruption in 15th century Spain, VMK Fewings introduces us to her epic Stone Masters Vampire Series. This is the story of the man who would become one of the most powerful vampires in history. Behind the legendary Orpheus is the history of a conflicted man fighting for his place in the world - and before that, a young boy who was not meant to survive the graveyard.

Reviewers Note: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

4.5 Breathtaking, Spectacular Stars!
A Seriously Delectable Read!

From start to finish, this book was a dramatic tale of pain, love, hate, happiness and loss. I couldn't put it down...

The Review:

Orpheus: A Vampire’s Rise follows the life, death and rise of Daumia Velde as he walks through time, facing one metamorphic event after another and the boy who becomes a man and then becomes something more has one sensational story to tell.

When this book opens, Orpheus is sifting through memories in a neglected room that seems to have stood the test of time, where he confesses the need to chronicle his past in a longing desire to bring back something for which has been lost. But to understand, he needs to start at the beginning, where on one fateful night, in Spain 1471, Daumia finds himself facing a raging bull in the middle of a forbidden arena at the young age of eight. Upon barely escaping, he’s thrown into a crypt where he meets a beautiful, mysterious woman named Sunaria, who saves him from certain death and from that point on, his life is inescapably changed. 

Being towed away from those he loves, Daumia’s childhood is a somber tale of inequitable penalty that gives way to good fortune after a cunning moment etched out of Daumia’s strength and fortitude ...and the surprising help of his rescuer from years before. His life has moments of great passion, thrilling adventures, an honorable life steeped in happiness which ultimately ends in tragedy only to be revived by the ever present huntress who gives him a chance at rebirth and revenge. After wakening to his new existence a yearning for vengeance has replaced a lust for life and together, they set out to correct what once went wrong. On his journeys he finds himself immersed in a new world of danger and intrigue but using his wit, his cunning and his ingenuity, Daumia finds new ways to conquer his desolate situations and in most cases, prevail. He makes friends, forms a family and has once again found love. 

There isn’t a dull moment in Daumia’s journey and I was certainly entertained and pulled into the events as if I were living them alongside the characters!

In short, I absolutely loved this read!

My Thoughts:
A Vampire’s Rise was a thrilling, titillating tale which allows the reader to experience a palette of emotions and with beautifully crafted prose, captivating scenery and unique and fascinating world building, I was entranced in this read from beginning to end!

It was fun watching this alluring and realistic world the author creates reveal itself in each chapter. 

These vampires follow closely to the traditional lore. They ignite in sunlight, they must drink human blood to survive, they are sensitive to holy artifacts and they have no reflection. But along with the myth, Daumia finds himself fleshing out lore from superstition as he learns about himself. For example, he has no mirrored reflection but finds he can see himself reflected in water. He also finds he is one of the few who has no aversion to holy artifacts.

It was intriguing watching Daumia go from his human life to his vampire existence as he learned his powers and restrictions. Daumia’s life is one series of tragic event after another, his power constantly tested. Once he transforms from human to vampire, he struggles with what he has become and what he once was. Remnants of his old life keep parts of his humanity present but under the surface, the monster awaits. And when circumstance force his hand, Daumia sets in motion a plan that ends with the strengthening of his unnatural power and stature enabling the child to become the Master.

Through the authors talented writing we get to experience the wonders of time, starting with the mid 1400’s and ending in the late 1700’s, as the settings in both Spain and London are transforming and growing in all its industrious splendor. The incredible views, the acrid smells, the effects the city is experiencing with the influx of humanity without all the niceties of modern living literally come to life as we see it through Daumia’s supernatural senses.

The Wrap Up:
This is my second read by Vanessa Fewings and her writing style completely beguiles me! Her exposition is enchanting, her stories creative and imaginative with the ability to transport the reader into a macabre world of suspense and originality. Just when you think you have things figured out, new twists present themselves and you’re thrown into a whirlwind of melodrama! 
And for this book, I was fortunate enough to read the Erotic Edition and its seductive and inviting words only bewitched me further.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this series, A Vampire's Reckoning (The Stone Masters Vampire #2) and continue this extraordinary journey with Orpheus and those he encounters along the way. 

Just SOME of My Favorite Quotes

Quote Spotlight... 
When your heartbeat ceases, it’s fatal, though for my kind it’s just the beginning, an endless pathway strewn with the remarkable. Myth unravels as we, the immortals, linger in the underworld and, when the mood takes us, integrate with the living. I don't consider myself the walking dead, for I’m very much alive.

Quote Spotlight... 
“Orpheus, why do you refuse to talk about the past?” she asked. 
“Some memories, I choose to forget.” I sighed. 
“The pain fades.” 
“What if I don’t want it to?” 
She shifted in my arms. “So you hold onto the pain and forget the cause?” 
I pushed her away. “Whatever it takes.” 
“To survive eternity?” she whispered. 
“To exist.”

Quote Spotlight... 
This gift, I know no other way to describe it, had provided me with the ability to seduce anyone, a supernatural capacity to entrance. It refined my abilities, enabling me to possess anything that I coveted, and control anyone.

Quote Spotlight... 
“Will God ever forgive us?” 
“Probably you more than me.” 
“You didn’t choose this life?” 
“No, but I revel in the dark.” 
“You like being this?” He looked surprised.I shrugged. 
“I find that I do.”

Quote Spotlight... 
The voices in my head has almost gone. Here I’d managed to suppress many of the old inner ghosts, subdue the angst that disallowed any sense of calm, searching for self-forgiveness or even insight as a poor second. Striving to keep at arm’s length that awful feeling of being overtaken by the unseen, and fearing I’d be unable to prevent it.

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