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REVIEW - Mobster's Vendetta (Mobster #3) by Amy Rachiele:

Goodreads Book Blurb:
My soul was drawn to him. It isn’t about the danger or his dark beauty, it’s the connection I feel – the feeling of home I have with him even though I am miles away from it. - Megan, Mobster’s Vendetta

The mob underworld never changes. It hides itself deep in the cities. The rules, people, and danger are identical no matter where you go. Sometimes I wish things were different, but they're not. - Antonio, Mobster’s Vendetta

Antonio and Megan have had to overcome severe challenges in the short time they have been together. Things just happen that way sometimes. Circumstance has kept them apart, but their biggest challenge is yet to come.

Power, greed, and malice can crush a person from the inside out. Antonio and Megan are in Chicago. Antonio needs to take care of business. Business that includes taking down his Uncle - for good.

*MATURE YA sexual content, strong language and violence. This is book three of the Mobster series.

Genre - Mature YA/Contemporary Romance

3 Dangerous Mobsta’ Stars!

Mobster’s Vendetta is a Mature YA Romance and book three in the Mobster series written by Amy Rachiele. I read this as a R2R with We ♥ YA Books! As always, a special thank you to the mods and author for allowing me to participate.

The Review: 
Mobster’s Vendetta picks up three weeks after book two, Awakening the Mobster. Meg and Erin are recuperating and hiding out in the casino hotel while Antonio and Vito are out hunting down Uncle Tutti.

Meg and Antonio are well settled into their relationship which only grows stronger every day. Their romance is maturing and it beautiful and sweet.

Vito is still crushing on Erin but being silent about it, though his actions are very much geared towards protecting her, from everything.

Antonio has stepped completely out of his fathers shoes and is donning his own pair as he is taking on more responsibilities in the family. He’s leading his own search party, making his own decisions and leading his own crew. But being top dog comes with sever risks as a rival steps up to the plate and takes a hit out on Antonio. With Vito by his side, they rush head first into danger.

I still love the friendship and loyalty between Antonio and Vito. They are more like brothers than friends and I admire the respect and love Vito has for Antonio.

This book was well put together, there was a good amount of action and the story flowed well. We get plenty of time with the mains, Meg and Antonio, as well as the sub characters and are even introduced to new characters.

But I have to say, I still dislike the Vito/Erin budding relationship. She’s just turned fifteen! Him crushing on her feels wrong and I didn’t care for the amount of attention that was paid to that part of the story. I know the author was gearing up for book four, which will be about them, but she doesn’t seem strong enough to be in the business. I think she will have to go through some major character changes before we see her again.

Im Conflicted...
I loved that Meg turns out to be this natural born shooter. She’s deadly with a handgun.. rifle.. it didn’t seem to matter, her aim never failed. She has this natural calm and ability and instincts when it comes to that part of the business. And I liked that she gained the respect of the guys with her ability and had a small amount of power in a business that sees very little from women. But I didn’t like the fact she was “going into the family business”. I wanted her to stay apart from that, to be the island for Antonio, his safe place. Doing the things she’ll do, will change her. It has to. It will harden who she is and she will no longer be that beautiful soul Antonio has fallen for. Yes, she’ll be immersed in Antonio’s world and by his side in all things, which is cool on some levels, but I'm still conflicted about this part.

The Wrap Up:
This book wasn’t bad but I'm not sure I like some of the directions the author has taken the characters, but it was a decent wrap up on Meg and Antonio’s beautiful and romantic tale.


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