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The Soul's Mark: BROKEN (The Soul's Mark #3) by Ashley Stoyanoff Review:

Goodreads Book Blurb:
At first glance, Willowberg seemed like any other college town to newcomer Amelia Caldwell. But after a whirlwind of strange events, she now knows the truth—Willowberg is run by vampires—and her soulmate, Mitchell Lang, is their leader. And if that wasn’t enough, Amelia also learned that she is a witch.

The vampires and humans coexisted with relative peace, or at least they did until the vampire hunters arrived. Now, Amelia finds herself at the center of a showdown, fighting not only for her freedom and that of her new vampire family, but also for the lives of Willowberg’s residents.

But when Amelia’s branches of destiny cross paths, a long forgotten darkness falls upon the town. For any chance at victory, she must revisit her past and come face to face with the ultimate challenge: a fate that was decided by a force much closer to her than she could ever have imagined.

Will darkness prevail, or will Amelia find the strength to mend what has been broken?

Genre - YA/Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

5 FreakTastic Stars!!!
Seriously Amazing and the Best So Far!

The Review:
I’ve really enjoyed this series and between the amazing cast of characters and the entertaining story, I have spent all week with these books but I can say unequivocally, The Soul’s Mark: Broken is without a doubt the best of the bunch.. so far. (I hear there’s a fourth book in the works and if it’s anything like this one, we are in for one heck of a treat!).

But back to this book and this review.

Broken picks up right where book two, The Soul’s Mark: Hunted left off after that hair-pulling cliffy. There was so much going on in this fantastic story and the action keeps going from start to finish.

Amelia and Megan find themselves in trouble, forcibly taken from their home after all the crazy events of book two. There’s a puppeteer behind the scenes pulling the strings of both Josh and Cole and a plan of hate-filled revenge is at hand. But that’s not the center of the story. Things go totally out of control when Josh takes it upon himself to try and “fix” things.

Amelia finds herself in the middle of many different plots, everyone has their own agenda and when things come to a head, it’s anyone’s guess as to how this will all turn out. She has to look within herself to find the strength and courage to lead and get through the harrowing journey she’s forced on and the thing is, it’s a full circle kind of journey, started centuries ago.

I really liked the hidden past Amelia uncovers. It all connects and it felt right that it worked out the way it did. She struggles and doesn’t have that formidable force field of family surrounding her she’s had in the last two books. For the most part, Amelia is on her own and I loved this part of the story. She has to decide what love really is, what path her life should take and what she needs to do to accomplish those wants and needs.

Mitch and the rest of the vampires are in the thick of a very bad situation but even when all seems lost for the vampire nation, their humanity comes into play. Mitch’s love for Amelia is tested in a big way and I loved that even when his soul is stripped away, the core of who his is, is still fighting for love. It was sweet and romantic and everything they’ve worked for to be together is remembered and longed for.

Complaint… Oh Yeah.. A HUGE One…
I loved all the conflict and everything the characters go through. It’s not until the end of the book that I really had any problems at all. I kept waiting for Amelia to find her power. When things come to the climax, I was really hoping Amelia would step up to the plate and find her inner goddess. But once again, someone swoops in and fixes things for her. This to me was NOT how I wanted all her trials to end. In essence, she causes all these problems and it should have been her that fixed it, ON. HER. OWN. Sure, she could have gotten guidance, but ultimately, it should have been her power, her resolution and her courage and will that should have saved the day. This was a huge disappointment. I also really didn’t like the tone this book ended on. Things are messed up even more so than they were before.

Thankfully, there’s a book four, so I’m hoping all will be set right.

The Wrap Up:
I thoroughly enjoyed this series and I loved the journey from start to finish. I wish things had gone differently in book three but ultimately, it doesn’t take away from the series and this book as a whole. I can’t wait to see whats in store for us in book four (which doesn’t yet have a title or a pub date). I can only hope things get put right and all the characters get the HEA they deserve, but either way, sign me up because I need more Mitch and Amelia and the rest of the Lang family!


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