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Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps by Jo Piazza Review:

Goodreads Book Blurb:
Cyber-stalking, drive-bys, drunken text messaging, creating fake email accounts—you’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to love.

Sophie isn’t dealing with her breakup well. Dumped by her boyfriend, Eric, for his sexting, D-cupped, young Floozy McSecretary, Sophie leaves Manhattan and lands back in her hometown, crushed and pajama-clad, blaming herself and begging her ex for a second chance.

But when her best friend, Annie, gets in trouble for driving drunk and is forced to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, something clicks in Sophie’s strung-out mind. Women need love rehab, she realizes, to help fix the craziness that comes along with falling for someone.

If you start it, they will come. When she opens up her home to the obsessed and lovelorn, Sophie finds a way to help women out there who have overdosed on the wrong men—and she saves herself in the process.

Love is a drug and the only things that can save us are the steps, rules, and one another. Step one: Admit you have a problem, and keep the hell away from Facebook.

Release Date - June 4th, 2013

Genre - Woman's Fiction/Chick Lit

Love Rehab: A Novel In Twelve Steps is a Womens Fiction/Chick Lit written by Jo Piazza. I received this eARC in exchange for an honest review by Open Road Integrated Media through NetGalley.

3 Lovely Stars!
Simple and Fun With A Bit of Romance!

The Review:
Love Rehab is a light-hearted, fun story of one woman's triumph over heartache.

We’ve all been there. At some point in your life, you’ve been a stalker to some degree. Late night drive-bys, excessive texting or calling, social network stalking or hounding your friends for just the tiniest detail of what you’re estranged ex is up to. When a relationship has gone south and you’ve been dumped or even when you’ve been the one to do the dumping, you can’t help but wonder what he or she is up to when you are no longer the one taking up their time. So what do you do when all of a sudden, you find yourself with lot of time on your calendar and Google at your fingertips?

Love Rehab anyone?

Sophie is a love addict. She loves being in love and has just been dumped by her long term boyfriend of two years. Suddenly her dreams of marriage, two point three kids and the white picket fence are in the past and she’s drowning in sorrow and obsessing over why her “one true love” called it quits. After an excessive amount of unanswered phone calls and texts, Facebook and Twitter stalking and inappropriate drunken picture posting, she’s forced to face facts that her relationship is over when her ex threatens to call the cops. All her friends are avoiding her because of the constant complaining except for Annie who’s progressive drinking lands her in AA. Joining Annie at her first AA meeting, she soon realizes the therapeutic advantages of a social gathering where you can let out all your angst in one long rant once a week with people who understand and sympathize.

Joe, therapist, recovering alcoholic and the head of the AA group, suggest Sophie start her own Lovers Addict Anonymous (LAA) group where others who have been scorned by love can come and seek understanding and support. Taking this idea to the next level, she sets out on a journey of self discovery and love healing. As words spreads and wIth the help of friends, her idea turns into a group of twenty or thirty women and Sophie takes the reader on a twelve step program through personal experience, trials and setbacks.

I liked this book. It was told in Sophie’s POV and was written like an overview of a time in her life when she’s been dumped and the process she goes through to heal. There’s a small bit of romance as Sophie opens herself to the possibility of a healthy relationship but its not the focus of the story. In fact, its a small side story as the main story of Sophie’s journey to self discovery happens.
This book was smart, funny and realistic as it touched on a subject that everyone has experienced at some point in their lives.

So why only three stars...
This book reads more like a self help type book than an actual novel. There wasn’t much in the way of world or character building. I liked the story, the conflict and the rom com/pop culture references, the funny, out of the box moments that had me laughing out loud and the realistic moments that had me nodding my head as I realized I too had fallen in the love trap at various moments in my life. But what I really missed out on in this book was character connections and substance. We don't get to connect with who Sophie is as a person. Joe and the rest of the housemates are the same way. Though I could sympathize with what they were going through, I couldn't connect with the leads and left me unconcerned with their love connection.

The Wrap Up:
I liked this story and loved the sense that I wasn’t alone in some of the things I’ve done or how I’ve felt in the past. I did feel the ending was rushed and it felt like everything just fell into place like most rom coms do at the end instead of the way real life usually works out. But at the same time, it was a light and fun read and it certainly kept me entertained as I journey through Love Rehab with Sophie and friends.

Release Date - June 4th, 2013


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