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Color of Forgiveness (Color #2) by Madeleine Beckett Review:

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Book Release Date - March 15th, 2013

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Genre - Adult/Contemporary Romance

NOTE:: Color of Forgiveness is the second book in the Color duet written by Madeleine Beckett. I received this ARC from the author for an honest review.

4.5 Delightfully Crazy Stars!
Intense, Funny and Romantic! Definitely A Must-Add To Your Read List!

The Review:
This sequel picks up right where book one, Color of Loneliness, ends. After having spent the night with Myra, Dylan runs off after he receives a mysterious phone call. When she doesn’t hear from him by the next morning, a worried Myra shows up at Dylan’s house to ensure he’s alright. When the door opens, she gets an unwanted surprise she was definitely not expecting. Myra has some hard decisions to make. She has to cope with Dylan’s life, his fears, his secrets and his past all the while trying to avert a stalker who seems determined to make her life miserable as well as a persistent ghost roaming the halls of her worse-for-wear house. Dylan has some decisions of his own to make. He has to figure out if he deserves a second chance at life, love and happiness and if it’s really worth the risks.

Characters and Story...
I enjoyed watching Dylan and Myra come together. Their relationship was not an easy one. Dylan’s tragic past is finally revealed and it’s a true hardship. You can’t help but feel the pain he’s going through. He has mountains to cross in his emotional journey and at times it seems almost impossible, but with Myra’s help and understanding, he’s able to see past that red haze of pain to the healthy place he desperately wants to be.

Myra has had her heart broken and has trust issues. I felt so bad for her while she was dealing with the things happening in her life. She felt alone but she was patient and accepting which only drew me to her more. There were times I wanted to take a wiffle-bat to Dylan’s head but even though he was being indecisive and afraid of the future, he never abandoned Myra. He was always around the corner, protecting her, watching out for her and in his own way, loving her. These two were just sweet together and I loved them!

And I absolutely loved the cast of sub characters in this book. They were incredibly entertaining and engaging. Dylan’s family was so much fun to read. They cared and loved each other just as a real family would and stuck by each other through it all. Chad was a hoot and the best brother a guy could have. He had no problem putting his little brother, Dylan, in his place. Susie is the perfect best friend and was a complete riot! I adored her and her hilarity! She literally kept me in stitches throughout the whole book. Her stories always came in at just the right moment, lightening the angsty mood and making you laugh at the most inappropriate times. I LOVED her.

And I can’t complete this review without talking about the amped up passion in this book. Wowza! Bring on the cold showers because I needed plenty of them to deal with the steam! Myra and Dylan burned up the pages and had me fanning myself after reading their interactions. Yum!

The Wrap Up:
I really enjoyed this read. It was fun, fast paced, filled with tension and had plenty of mystery surrounding the main characters. And I have to give a shout out to the author, Madeleine Beckett for writing an incredibly entertaining sequel to her Color duet. I was thrilled when I received my copy for review from her. I’d been patiently waiting on this one and it did not disappoint! She has a talent for writing fascinating characters with tons of personality that will either make you totally hate them or completely love them, just the way an accomplished writer should make the reader feel. She did a fantastic job! I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next. I’m definitely a fan for life!


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