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NEW RELEASE - ENTHRALL SHADOWS (Enthrall Sessions #10) by Vanessa Fewings Review:

ENTHRALL SHADOWS (Enthrall Sessions #10)
by Vanessa Fewings

Henry Cole's novel is now live on
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Henry delivers a storm of passion that only a Cole can summon.

The enigmatic older brother to famous psychiatrist Cameron Cole, Henry is a charismatic and beautiful mystery. Head of the family empire. Powerful in business.

Devastating in bed.

Former Navy SEAL, scarred and tormented from fierce battles and broken hearts.

The man has demons.

But they don’t frighten me. I crave him, even as I struggle to resist him.

It’s not until I find myself alone with Henry in the middle of the wilderness that I realize I’ve fallen irrevocably and hopelessly in love with this remarkable man.

The only problem—we come from different worlds. Society deems us an unthinkable match. As a dominatrix, I’m a dangerous scandal in the making.

If anyone discovers our forbidden romance, lives will be destroyed. An empire will fall.

Ours is an impossible love.

Except if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time at Enthrall, if you want to reach the brightest light, you have to delve deep into the darkest shadows.

And the dark is my specialty.

ENTHRALL SHADOWS is the hotly anticipated story of Cameron Cole’s older brother Henry Cole and premier dominatrix Lotte Chamberlain.


5 Stars!
Beautiful imagery, sexy, witty, adventurous... and utterly addicting. A must, MUST read!

The Full Review:
ENTHRALL SHADOWS was so well written, as all of Vanessa Fewings novels are. I love ALL of the Enthrall Sessions characters, but I was waiting patiently for Henry Cole! And wow, did we get him.

Henry Cole is a former Navy SEAL turned CEO of the reputed Cole Tea industry. He is haunted by a tumultuous past riddled with guilt and pain. He’s barely hanging on most days. When suddenly confronted with that very painful past in the most heartbreakingly cruel way possible, he needs an escape. So he finds himself trespassing into Chrysalis, the swanky BDSM club he knows his brother, Cameron Cole, has a part in.

There, he meets the stunningly beautiful premier dominatrix—Lotte Chamberlain. The attraction is instant. Sparks are ignited into a full-blown inferno. But they are from two very different worlds, and there’s no combining such disparate spheres. Or at least that’s what Henry thinks. They can’t seem to stay away from one another. The intense pull is magnetic. And contrary to what Henry thinks, he needs the formidable and unrelenting Lotte to help him along his journey into the past.

Since the moment Henry Cole appeared on canvas as a battle-worn warrior, he’s been a slow reveal, accentuating the lives of those around in this series. However, he remained a mystery. I was so excited to see where his story would take us. I wasn’t disappointed. On the contrary. I was intoxicated by his darkness and exhilarated by his charm. Having served and survived captivity in Afganastan, he suffered the worse kind of torture. His time there fundamentally changed him and left him with PTSD. I loved the way the author handled his strengths as well as his weaknesses. Henry is a true hero.

I have always liked Lotte, but this book really explores who she is as a character—her solid morals and individualism. She’s confidently brazen, brilliant, and kind. There’s a reason she’s loved by all the characters in this series. She’s there for Henry in a way I don’t think anyone else could have been. She guides and helps him on his journey of rediscovery as he lays to rest old wounds and finds new love and a sense of peace he never expected. In return, Henry helps Lotte regain a part of herself stolen by a painful past of her own. In a genuine pride and prejudice story, they both lay down preconceptions and find an acceptance neither thought possible.

Henry and Lotte together... WOW! Their chemistry is off the charts hot, hot, HOT! Incendiary! I just loved them together.

To add to the awesomeness of this book, we get visits from past characters and little insights into their continuing lives! Yay! And Cameron Cole... need I say more? He comes through once again. Ahh, I just love him!

The Wrap Up:
Told in duel POV’s, everything about this read is intelligent and good. It’s the best kind of adult fun, and is an exquisite addition to the Enthrall Sessions series! You won’t want to pass up!

NOTE: ENTHRALL SHADOWS is the tenth book in the Enthrall Sessions series, but the story is so well laid out and written that you won’t necessarily have to read the previous books to understand what’s happening. However, you should. ALL the books in this series are excellent! I honestly can’t get enough.


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