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"I really enjoyed this short, fun, exciting read... an excellent first book in what I hope will be a long-running series..." - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Going Rogue
SERIES: Cheating Death #1 (short story)
AUTHOR: Ashley Stoyanoff
AGE GROUP: New Adult
GENRE: Fantasy, Suspense, Thriller
RELEASE DATE: July 28, 2018
PUBLISHER: Ashley Stoyanoff
PAGES: Approx. 89

COPY PROVIDED BY: Amazon Purchase
RATING: 5 Stars

We all die. Some of us sooner than later.

Alexa Cross never thought her existence would revolve around death. In life, as a nurse, she helped save people. But life has a funny way of throwing the unexpected because, in the afterlife, she spends her time watching people die and collecting their souls. As much as she wants to stop the deaths, she knows death is inevitable, and it cannot be stopped.

However, when a serial killer decides to take up shop in her district, Alexa can't sit back and do nothing. No one should die like that, and she's determined to alter Death's timeline. However, to do that, she needs to embrace who she is now and break some rules. It's the only chance she has of stopping the person responsible for the vicious murders.

5 Reaping Stars!

The Review: 
Alexa Cross helps guide souls to the other side. 

Reporter by day and grim reaper by night, Alexa sees some pretty brutal scenes. She reports on them to earn money for food and shelter. And she reaps the souls of lost lives when their time is up.

But after six months of watching senseless murders happen while she does nothing to prevent them, she decides to intervene as much as she can without completely breaking all the rules and chancing Death sending her straight to purgatory.

But searching for a serial killer isn’t as easy as the television shows make it out to be and she’s in a race against the clock to stop The Clown Maker before he adds another soul to her list. And all the while, trying to avoid becoming a suspect or victim herself.

I really enjoyed this short, fun, exciting read. Alexa was snarky and witty and she’s a rule breaker so that’s an instant win in my book. The author gives us a tiny taste of romance as a potential, future love interest makes a couple of moves on our heroine but mostly I loved the idea of this character. I loved what she represented and I loved the whole premise and promise of Alexa’s journey as a grim reaper with feelings and a conscience. We’re also introduced to her boss, Death. I loved the way he’s written as he’s intriguing, to say the least.

This was an excellent first book in what I hope will be a long-running series by this author. Unique world building, interesting characters, and amazing writing leave you smiling at the end of this read and I can’t wait for the next installment!

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