Monday, January 1, 2018


I enjoy a good challenge and there's something pretty spectacular about being in a book reading challenge, where you can tackle your reading lists with others who are trying to do the same thing.

Each year, I try to enter at least three book challenges. For 2018, I'm signing up for the "2018 ALL ABOUT THE TROPE CHALLENGE" hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup.

For my part in the challenge, I've decided to go with SECOND CHANGE ROMANCE, level 6-10. It's one of my favorite tropes and I haven't read enough of it lately. I'm hoping to get in at least 10 books this year.

Keep track with me on my Goodreads page list here. 

Here's the challenge write up:
This is a little different from our regular challenge. The last few years we've done a pick your genre challenge but this year we're focusing on...tropes!

Basically pick a trope...and read it as much as you can!
You can read across genres as long as it includes your trope.

Examples of Tropes!

Best Friend's Sibling
Second Chance Romance
Arranged Marriage/Marriage of Convenience
Returning Home
Enemies to Lovers
One Night Stand (turned more)
Beauty and the Beast
Best Friends to Lovers
Opposites Attract
Character in Disguise
Secret Baby
Fated Mates
Stormed In (snow/rain/etc)
First Love
Fish out of Water
Opposite sides of the Track

Pick Your Level



The next challenge comes from the same host and it's a fun one! TRY SOMETHING NEW Challenge...

For my part in the challenge, I'm going to challenge myself to read DEBUT books/authors. I love finding new authors, but I'm also a little gun shy about doing it. It's like going in blind. Sometimes you find gold and sometimes you don't. But I'm going to look for gold this year and challenge myself to Level 1: 1-10 books and aim more for the 10 book range.

Here's the write up:
This is replacing our "New to Me" challenge.
Exact same thing just a new name :)

It's all about trying something new and is fairly flexible.


First book in a series
Debut book
A new genre or trope.
A new to you author or series.
An author switching genres
A new book format
or unique storyline element.


Level 1: 1-10 books
Level 2: 11- 20 books
Level 3: 21-40 books
Level 4: 41-60 books
Level 5: 61+ books


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