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NEW REVIEWS! TOO FAR GONE and IN PURSUIT (Adirondack Pack Series) by K.C. Stewart:

TITLE: Too Far Gone
SERIES: Adirondack Pack
AUTHOR: K.C. Stewart
GENRE: PNR, Shifter Romance
RELEASE DATE: June 8, 2015
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
PAGES: Approx. 318

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RATING: 3.5 Stars!

Tired of her horrific past continually being dredged up and broadcast all over, Sadie James leaves her hometown to start over. But her new Adirondack home has secrets and dangers that change everything for her.

Wolf shifter, Tyson Cartwright is mourning the life he once knew. His past haunts him as he reluctantly relinquishes his human side. But when, newcomer Sadie James comes face-to-face with Tyson's most vile enemy, he vows to protect her--no matter the cost. As Tyson and Sadie grow closer, he struggles to keep her safe while battling his own demons. Suddenly, he must choose between saving Sadie and ultimately destroying her. Can he fight the pull of the wild or is he too far gone to save the one woman he's destined to love?

3.5 Stars!

The Review: 
This was a wonderful, short, clean read with a different slant on most shifter romances. The mains were both trying to overcome horrific pasts, with the hero wanting to give in to his primal side and let go of his humanity and the heroine wanting to escape the pains of her past and get back in touch with who she really is.

Sadie James is running from tragedy and when she moves from the big city of New York to a small town in the middle of Adirondack Mountain, she’s looking for peace and a fresh start. Encountering a pair of fighting wolves while taking a leisurely walk in the woods and then adopting a stray, wild wolf who quickly becomes her silent confidant wasn’t exactly what she had in mind by a fresh start. And capturing the attention of a local wildlife officer who seems a little to interested for her liking certainly wasn't on her to-do list.

Tyson Cartwright is running from his sins. After dispensing the law in his pack as enforcer and taking a life he can’t escape from, he’s running wild, hoping the wolf quickly takes over his humanity so he doesn’t have to endure the emotional pain of what he’s done. Stumbling across a smart-mouth human in the middle of his forest wasn’t on his agenda. Neither was protecting her or falling in love with her but fate has a way of laying down the laws and taking charge just when you’ve given up.

When I say this was a different kind of romance, what I mean is most of the book, Sadie has befriended Tyson who she affectionately refers to as Fred. Fred is in wolf form for most of this book, so we get Sadie’s one sided conversations with Tyson’s human like reactions and snark. I loved this twist to the romance. Sadie finds she can confide in Tyson, mostly because she thinks he truly is just a wild wolf. But things quickly escalate and dangers arise and soon, Tyson has to decide if he wants to stay wild or come back to life and be human for the woman he’s fallen in love with.

I enjoyed how this story played out. I enjoyed the characters, the plot and I loved the townspeople. I also really liked how you just couldn’t tell what Tyson was thinking, how feral he had turned and I loved wondering how he was going to come back from the wild side to keep what was his.

My only complaint was I didn’t like how it ended. It was abrupt and short and I wanted to see more of the romance between Sadie and Tyson as a human, where he could talk and express his emotions verbally. The author does a great job of conveying who Tyson is as his wolf, but I wanted more of the romance between the two and I wanted to see life after their human connection.

All in all, this was a great read by a new-to-me author. I can’t wait to read more of this series.

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TITLE: In Pursuit
SERIES: Adirondack Pack
AUTHOR: K.C. Stewart
GENRE: PNR, Shifter Romance
RELEASE DATE: August 15, 2016
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
PAGES: Approx. 60

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RATING: 3 Stars!

There was a man in her bed and Sadie wasn’t sure how she felt about that. The wolf she once considered a pet was now her mate. She needed time to process but Owen felt it his duty as alpha to help them along into a happy marriage, starting with their honeymoon. For the next week Sadie would have only Tyson as company as they hike through the Adirondack Mountains. Figuring out sleeping arrangements with only one extra-large sleeping bag would turn out to be the least of their problems when Tyson informs her that someone has been pursuing them since the very beginning.

3 Stars!
Great ending to book one! 

The Review: 
This! This should have been the ending in the first book. I understand the author writing more and giving us the ending we wanted from Too Far Gone but what I hated was paying for another book in the series, to get the ending I wanted in the first book. However, putting that grievance aside, I loved what this short, sixty page novella held and the ending it gave us was much better than the one in Sadie and Tyson’s first book.

Sadie and Tyson are together now and this book picks up right where their book leaves off, with them “married” and having gone home to Sadie’s house. In this book, it’s the night of their “wedding” and since they barely know each other, they choose to take it slow before consummating their new relationship. The next day, their pack leader Owen, invites them to take some time off and travel to the pack lodge in the mountains where they can spend alone time together, talk and just be free to be themselves before meeting the elders in the neighboring town.

Sadie and Tyson have a few quick, sweet dialogue moments that cement how patient Tyson is and how hard Sadie is trying. She’s trying to get past the betrayal she feels towards Tyson for his lies and she's trying to trust again after her past and the hurt she’s endured. Tyson is trying to come to terms with being a full fledged human again with responsibilities and a mate to care for, all the while healing from the tragedy his past holds and learning to forgive himself for what he’s done. I enjoyed getting inside their heads and seeing the healing and moving forward that was taking place for them. 

However, it seems not everyone is on board with Tyson and Sadie’s mating and it was fun to see this play out, with Tyson protecting Sadie and Sadie finally sticking up for herself and putting her bravery to use.

I enjoyed the way this story played out, but I will say that I wish “more” had happened. Resolutions came way too quickly for my liking and I still have some unanswered questions that I don’t think are going to get resolved since the next book is about Owen and his mate.

Nice conclusion to Tyson and Sadie’s story, but I guess I just wanted more because I liked them so much!

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