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"... a great read, just wasn’t what I was expecting. I enjoyed the story. I connected with the characters. And I loved the writing. But the beginning felt slow ..." - Craves the Angst

AGE GROUP: New Adult
GENRE: Romance
RELEASE DATE: October 18, 2015
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
PAGES: Approx. 308


Dark. Mysterious. Gorgeous. 
Loved by all the girls. 
Respected by all the guys. 
...that was Kian Maston. 

As the heir to a billion dollar empire, his future was promising until the day he saved my life. Everything changed for both of us, and there was one more word that could be used to describe him—dangerous. 

The nation fell in love with him while falling in hate with me. He was sent to prison, and as far as they were concerned, it was my fault. I was forced to go into hiding until today. 

Kian's being released from prison, and he should go back to being the golden boy he always was supposed to be. I should remain in hiding, living my life as normal as could be. 

That's what we should do...

3.5 Stars!

The Review: 
First, let me get this out of the way. I enjoyed this book. Like, a lot. The reason for only giving 3.5 stars is because it just didn’t “WOW” me, like other Tijan books do. If you’ve read my reviews before, you know I’m a HUGE fan. I love this author's work. She excels at dishing out major drama and angsts and she’s my go-to author for when I want something a little bit crazy and out of the norm ... which happens a lot. ;)

However, this book, though a great read, just wasn’t what I was expecting. I enjoyed the story. I connected with the characters. And I loved the writing. But the beginning felt slow and I think the reason for that was because it took a long time before the hero and heroine to actually meet face to face. Jo spends a lot of time with her friends, who were great. She spends a lot of time “thinking”. Thinking about Kain, thinking about her life, thinking about how she doesn’t want to be discovered. I was so ready to move past that and onto the romance! Kian made appearances through news reports and through Jo’s thinking, but didn't actually come in to face off with Jo until almost middle way of the book. Plus, there was a second love interest, Jake. I was confused who to root for. It took so long to get that romance spark and I wanted it sooner. Maybe I’m just impatient.

Kian was sent to prison for killing Jordan’s foster father. He gets out early and is insistent on seeing Jordan. I loved that Kian was a huge mystery. When we finally meet him, he appears in shadow and you aren’t sure of his intentions. Is he there for revenge or is he there out of curiosity for Jo’s new life? He was intense and brooding and I enjoyed getting to know him.

I also really enjoyed Jordan’s character. She’s in hiding from the world after what happened and after the media tried to crucify her. She wants a normal life but can’t seem to escape her past and it only intensifies when Kian shows back up. Jordan was sweet and I enjoyed how she cared about those around her. I will say at first, she confused me. I didn't understand her apprehension towards Kian. He killed for her. She had a new life because of what he did for her. But she was scared of him. And she made vague comments about how they were connected but she didn’t know him. It wasn’t spelled out accurately enough for us to clue in that she really didn’t know Kian that well. I thought she was being too dramatic. I thought they had some kind of connection in the past, but it turned out that Kian killing her foster father wasn’t all about Jordan. He was suffering from guilt and rage and a need to protect. He wanted to protect Jordan, sure, but it was much more than that for him. And I think this is where I wanted “more” and lost my “wow”. I envisioned Kian having this deep, maybe even a little unsettling, obsession for Jordan. This book was setting Kian up to be a little crazy, a lot stalkery and a complete bad-ass. I was excited about that. But when the truth comes out, it’s much more complex which was a good thing, but in wanting all that drama and craziness I was expecting, I felt a little let down. 

The Wrap Up: 
Kian was caught up in a messed up family cycle and Jordan was caught up in an abusive situation. This author usually delivers the “feels” and “angsts” and “crazy” in her books, but this one felt subdued from her normal MO. Again, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed this read. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. I wanted passion and excitement and I felt like I only got about forty percent of what we normally get from this author's books in this read.

I did love that we got dual POV’s. Kian get’s his POV about middle way of the book and we get a lot of insight into him and who he is as a character. His POV clears a lot of the mystery up and I’m thrilled about that.

Also, the chemistry between Jo and Kian was amazing... once we got to it. I loved them together. I loved them as a couple and I loved how they were determined to be together. And, it must be said, KIAN WAS HOT!

A great read. I just wanted my “WOW”!

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