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NEW REVIEW! MAKING HER HIS (A Singular Obsession #1) by Lucy Leroux:

"Brilliantly written, this book held all the trappings I love in my romance reads and delighted me with a deliciously sexy hero and a unique heroine I could totally connect with." - Craves the Angst

TITLE: Making Her His
SERIES: A Singular Obsession
AUTHOR: Lucy Leroux
GENRE: Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 6, 2016
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
PAGES: Approx. 262

COPY PROVIDED BY: Instafreebie
RATING: 4.5 Stars
HEA: Yes!

For almost five years, Alex has had one obsession. Her name is Elynn.

Alex Hanas couldn’t believe that after so many years as a widower, his father was getting remarried. To make matters worse, the American gold digger had a kid—a daughter named Elynn. After months of avoiding it, Alex goes to brunch with every intention of giving his father’s new family the deep freeze. But he can’t pull it off with Elynn’s anxious green-grey eyes locked on him.

That was the day his life changed.

Four years later, Alex is as close to Elynn as a stepbrother can be. But that’s not enough for him. He wants more…and he’s done waiting.

4.5 Obsessed Stars!

The Review: 
YES! This is the kind of book I have been longing for! I’ve been in a reading funk lately and this one just yanked me right out of it. Brilliantly written, this book held all the trappings I love in my romance reads and delighted me with a deliciously sexy hero and a unique heroine I could totally connect with. Once I was done, I immediately wanted to go back and do a reread.

I’m hooked and can’t wait to read more by this author!

Alexandros Hanas has just got a new family he didn’t want. At twenty-seven, the wealthy, sexy, swoon-worthy alpha is reluctant to get to know his father's new wife and her seventeen year old daughter, Elynn, who he remembers from his one and only brief meeting as being a frumpy, plain-Jane. He believes his father, Costas, has married a gold-digger and isn’t willing to give Mary and her daughter a chance.

Elynn Scallett is an intelligent overachiever with a traumatic past. She’s shy, introverted and has dreams of working in a lab as a mycologist. With her past haunting her, she nervously meets her new stepbrother, Alex, with anxiety and the possible threat of poisoning him with her ... mushrooms.

I have to say right here, that I LOVED their meet-greet. Elynn is different and unique and I enjoyed getting to know her. She’s young and naive and that has caused her a certain amount of problems in the past, but soon she has a champion on her side when Alex’s heart becomes invested in ensuring her safety and well being.

Alex was older than Elynn and though he tried to keep their relationship on a brotherly/sisterly notes, it was hard for him to distance himself wholly, considering his feelings and her past. But he waited, patiently, for four long years, for her to grow, mature and heal. He wasn’t a saint while he waited. He played the field, his exploits splashed all over the tabloids. And though traditionally, I like my hero’s to be devoted to their one and only woman throughout the story, I think, given Elynn’s past, this actually helped them. Elynn felt comfortable around Alex because she only saw him as her friend and confidant, not as a threat as she tried to heal. She could be around him when she couldn’t comfortably be around other men. 

In the back of his mind, Alex knew that their future was together. He just needed her to be ready for him and when he realized that time had come, Alex stopped at nothing to claim his girl. They had an intensive, push-pull, tension-filled slow build from friends to lovers romance that kept me riveted to the pages. Alex was all alpha. He was possessive, demanding, dominant, protective and maybe even a little obsessive. And I loved every minute of it!

These two were scorching HOT together. Their chemistry, which totally brought the tummy flutters and chest pangs, was amazing to read. And the feels! I have to talk about the feels. Their emotional journey to a happily ever after was done so wonderfully. I love angsty books and this one had some very real and emotional moments, along with thrilling and exciting moments, all leading to a perfect romance that totally captivated my heart.

The Wrap Up: 
Making Her His was just an all around great read that touches on the forbidden and delves into the erotic with two amazing characters who you can relate to and who you can connect with. I wanted to be Elynn! To have Alex’s attention turned my direction and to have all that determination and effort aimed my way just to have me? Yes! I wanted to be Elynn!

I loved this book! It’s that simple. This was my first read by this author, but I’ve already purchased the other books in this series so I can get my swoon on! I can’t wait to read more about the side characters in this book and if those books are even half as hot as this one, then it’ll be money well spent!

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