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"The drama, secrets and mystery surrounding the O’Hara family kept me glued to the pages, anxious to figure out what was going on and the incredible cast of entertaining characters brought the small town of Craigstown to life."
- Craves the Angst

TITLE: Home Tears
GENRE: Suspense, Romance
RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2016
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
PAGES: Approx. 308

RATING: 4.5 Stars!

Dani’s survived a lot of shit storms.

Her mother died. Her two sisters loathed her. One aunt hated her. The other was strangely distant, but the worst storm—being dumped by her childhood best friend/high school boyfriend/first love for her younger sister.

There went the one person who was hers and with that, the main reason she stuck around. So, she left for ten years. But now she’s back, and nothing’s the same.

With help from Jonah Bannon, a reformed—kind of—bad boy she remembers from high school, Dani uncovers family secrets that have spanned generations. And along with those, she’s about to face the biggest sh*t storm of her life.

Only this time, she may not survive.

4.5 Stars!
Definitely a must read! 

The Review: 
This isn’t just a romance... 

I go into a Tijan read knowing I’m going to hit the mother load for angsts and come out in the end swooning. I love her books. They are always filled with crazy-out-there drama and a romance that I can read time and again. With Home Tears, I knew things were going to be a little different than her other books, but I had no idea just how different. 

And I loved it! Every. Single. Bit. Of It!

Like I said, this is more than a romance. In fact, the romance sort of takes a backseat to the life of Dani O’Hara, her family and the townspeople of Craigstown. Of course, there is drama, there are buried secrets and the characters are incredibly lively ... all the things you’d expect from a great Tijan read. But there’s more. There’s so much more, if you just dig a little deeper and really take in the story this author is trying to tell.

Dani O’Hara is a runner. She’s been running all her life. She ran by building walls around herself as a child, she ran the night her boyfriend and her sister betrayed her, she ran the moment she might have found happiness with another and she ran when tragedy struck. But now she’s back home in Craigstown and her reappearance after ten long years has sent the small town into a tailspin. Everyone is shocked. Everyone has something to say. And no one expected to ever see her again.

Jonah Bannon is a town hero. He’s worshiped by most and beloved by all. He could have his pick of any woman he wanted, especially in Craigstown, but the moment he sets his sights on Dani, he knows she’s the challenge he’s been waiting for.

Jake Cairns, Dani’s ex, has a bucket full of guilt. And when Dani comes back into his life, he’s thrown off balance. Julia O’Hara, Dani’s sister, isn’t pleased with her return either and drama unfolds as the sisters try to find their footing in a town two small for the both of them.

There’s also a mystery to solve. After returning home, Dani starts asking questions and soon realizes her family has more hidden secrets and lies between them than she ever thought possible. She’s come home to heal after the events that lead to her running again, but this time, she’s determined to stay and make peace with her past, but first, she has to find herself ... her true self. And with Jonah’s help, she might just be able to do that.

I loved Jonah and Dani’s chemistry. They were sweet and sexy and had a real connection as Dani was able to open up to him like she hadn’t been able to for anyone else. The drama, secrets and mystery surrounding the O’Hara family kept me glued to the pages, anxious to figure out what was going on and the incredible cast of entertaining characters brought the small town of Craigstown to life. And that dramatic ending isn’t one I’ll forget any time soon. I loved it!

The Wrap Up: 
There was so much going on in this read it and I found the story to be incredibly exciting, heartfelt, emotional and powerful. Dani was an admirable heroine. She was strong and resilient. Her journey to finding her happily-ever-after was fraught with trials and heartbreak, but in the end, I think she needed all that to really connect to who she was and where she came from.

This wasn’t just a romance.... For Dani and the people of Craigstown, it was a new beginning.

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