Tuesday, August 30, 2016

JUST RELEASED! CRAVE (Splendor #2) by Janet Nissenson:

TITLE: Crave
SERIES: Splendor
AUTHOR: Janet Nissenson
GENRE: Romance
RELEASE DATE: August 30, 2016
PAGES: Approx. 467

The next chapter in one of the most romantic love stories ever told

Luxury hotel heir Ian Gregson longed for his beloved Tessa from afar for more than two years, forced to keep his attraction towards her well hidden. But now that his feelings no longer have to remain a secret, he is free to indulge his constant craving for the woman of his dreams.

Shy, innocent Tessa Lockwood is dazzled by her handsome, sophisticated lover, and falls deeper and deeper under his spell with each passing day. But their newfound relationship will be tested by Tessa’s lifelong insecurities, and her fears of succumbing to the throes of depression that have always tormented her.

It will fall to Ian to convince her that their love is strong enough to overcome any obstacles that life might place in their way. And that now that he’s finally been able to make her his own, nothing and no one will ever keep them apart again.

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