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BOOK BLITZ with EXCERPT and GIVEAWAY - BURNING RIVALRY (Trevor's Harem #2) by Aubrey Parker:

TITLE: Burning Rivalry
SERIES: Trevor's Harem
AUTHOR: Aubrey Parker
AGE GROUP: New Adult
GENRE: Romance
RELEASE DATE: February 16, 2016
PAGES: Approx. 146
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Good girls finish last.

The contest is heating up in every way imaginable.

Bridget still only wants one thing: the money she needs to sort out her life, and the lives of those who depend upon her. And so far, nothing has broken the boundaries of what she’ll do for that money—though that edge keeps pushing further and further each day.

But now, battle lines are being drawn. Kylie versus Bridget, and everyone else falling over themselves to choose a side.

Kylie’s convinced Bridget wants to win, no matter what Bridget tells her to the contrary. And Kylie is determined that the top spot will go to her, and to her alone.

And all the while, Daniel Rice lurks at the edges of the contest—an unforgettable, unforgivable thorn in Bridget’s side, a ghost haunting her steps, a desperate need in her yearning core.

They say the competition can only have one winner. But the way things are going, Bridget isn’t sure there will even be that many.

Choose a side in Inferno Falls’ sexiest adventure yet.

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Brandon’s face, clear as day, on my screen.

“Where are you?” 

I don’t know how to answer that. Suddenly, it’s as if I’ve forgotten. 

“Jesus Christ, I’d about decided you’d been kidnapped. Gavin’s convinced that Tommy Finch had you killed and buried in a shallow grave or something.” 

My mind has to scramble. I know the name Tommy Finch; of course I do. He’s the cock who knocked up Maya from the Nosh Pit, like, ten years ago and has ignored her ever since. Now he has a new starring role as the asshat who’s inexplicably interested in buying Grady Dade’s uncle’s crap-shack. But I’ve been in this funhouse for a few days now, and my world feels changed. Inferno feels a thousand miles away. 

I sit, then lower the screen so Brandon isn’t looking above my head.

“Tommy? What does Tommy have to do with anything?”

“What did you do, just take a vacation?” 

It’s hard for me to answer because I feel something on my leg. I look down and see that it’s Daniel’s hand. Sliding higher. 

“I just went away for a while.” 


“Fuck you, Brandon!” I say, trying to channel Normal Bridget from the remote location of Somehow Different Bridget. “You’re not my daddy.” 

Leaning in, Daniel whispers, “Then who is?” 

I push his hand away. It comes right back, this time firmer. Gripping my leg rather than just touching it. He pulls the leg toward him, opening them. The other leg doesn’t seem to need an anchor and refuses to follow. Suddenly, the throbbing in my pussy feels very real and very important.

“Look. Someone named Jenny’s been calling. She seems really worried.  Who’s Jenny, Bridget?” 
Daniel’s finger brushes my panties. Holy fuck, they’re soaked. I only feel it when his fingers graze the corner where leg meets torso, tickling me, hooking a bit beneath the fabric and pulling it up. I’m bare for a second before his finger slips and the crotch of my panties snaps back into place, but in that second I felt the wetness spread, the chill as room air struck the moisture. I’m a furnace beneath it. I want him to touch me again, but I push his hand away. Not now. Not while I’m on with my brother. 

Daniel slips from his chair. There’s space under the counter where the laptop is sitting, and Daniel crawls into it. I try pinching my legs together, but I’m so turned on, it rubs vital things and gives me a thrill. Daniel sees it and seizes the distraction, spreading me open. He pushes my skirt up. I won’t lift my ass to make things easier, but don’t feel compelled to keep stopping him, either. 

“She’s just a friend.” 

“She says she’s been trying to find you but can’t.” 

“I’ll call her,” I lie. But I’ll need to contact her somehow. Some way. Even if Daniel has to do it, answering emails as if he were me. Because the one thing that can’t happen is Jenny letting the Linda cat out of its bag. Brandon will help if that happens, and that’s exactly the problem. He’ll help too directly, and surely make things worse. The limbo I’ve been in before today is far, far better than that. 

“Oh. Okay. She said something about needing money.” 

“Jenny always needs money,” I say, trying to laugh as if Jenny’s a lovable mooch. But it’s a hard act to pull off, because now Daniel is pulling my panties back aside and sliding a finger inside me. 

“What about you?” Brandon asks. 

I shiver. Daniel’s added a second finger, and I don’t want him to stop. 

“What?” Brandon asks. “What’s wrong?” 

I have a thousand answers: I’ve been taken to some pervert’s compound in the Rockies. If I don’t start fucking strangers, I think I’ll be punished. They say I can leave, but I haven’t managed to, and am stopped whenever I try to go. I might know too much. About Trevor Stone, about his company, Eros, about the kinds of things they’re up to. I need help, Brandon, but I’m finding myself unable to ask. 

Daniel moves his hands to the bottom of my dress and shoves while lifting me off the seat. A moment later, he has my panties by the sides and is pulling them down, peeling them away from my skin, releasing what feels like a bomb on the verge of detonation. This time, he doesn’t have to pick me up. I lift myself just enough, and my panties curl away from my wet slit like a banana’s skin. I watch Daniel between my legs, seeing his fingers return to where I need them most. Spreading me open with his thumbs. Rolling his fingers across my clit, making me shiver. 

I need to get off this Skype call. Now. 

“Noth … nothing.” Shit. I’m starting to feel like I’m going to come. And when I look down, Daniel is smiling. He spreads my folds some more, showing me a bit of pink. Then he lowers his face to me and I feel the warm roughness of his tongue on me, flicking my clit, slipping shallowly into my pussy to taste me. 


“Tell him,” Daniel whispers up at me. But the son of a bitch, his lips are so close that his words vibrate against my skin, giving me tremors. “Tell him where you are and why you came.” 

“Look,” I manage to say over waves of intense pleasure as Daniel’s tongue runs up my sex from bottom to shivering top. “I’m going to … I’m gone for a while.” And though I try to stop it, a sigh escapes my lips.

And my mind screams, Tell him where you are, at least!

“Okay. Is it for work or something?” 

And my mind says, Nobody knows where you are, and this your only chance! 

“No, it’s … ” Shit. Fuck shit fuck! I feel every muscle from my stomach down wanting to clench. Daniel’s hooked a finger back inside me, pressing into a spot I didn’t know was there. His tongue is ticking back and forth across the hood of my clit like a metronome gathering speed. I can barely tell one sensation from the next. It’s all pressure and tension begging for a burning release. 

Tell him!

But I can’t. Because if I tell Brandon where I am, I’ll have to tell him why and how. 

I wasn’t abducted. 

I went willingly. 

I fucked a guy at a club, then blew him in his limo. The same guy who’s between my legs right now, making me come, who finger-fucked me while I watched two other strangers getting it on. 

So yes, Brandon, come save me. Come save your dirty little slut of a sister. 

“It’s not business,” Daniel says as he rubs my pussy. “It’s pleasure.” 

“It’s just a vacation.” 

“When will you be back?” Brandon looks puzzled. I understand. This call was out of the blue, and we never Skype. I don’t really have a point and haven’t asked anything he’d expect me to ask, because frankly I’m too far gone to care. I’m not really answering his questions. I’m jumping, fidgety, out of breath. 

And oh, holy fuck, I’m coming. I’m coming, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. 

I lash out with one hand, spinning the laptop so it’s facing the nondescript wall. Daniel’s tongue shoves me over the edge and I practically crack my head into the counter as the orgasm curls me into a twitching ball. I bite my fingers to keep from yelling out, but the waves just go on and on and on and I never want it to end. I can hear Brandon calling my name, worried, but I can’t give him any attention. My eyes are closed, my pussy is on fire, and I’m somewhere else. 

With my eyes still closed, I feel Daniel set the laptop in my hands. 

Then he’s behind the screen while I slouch down, half sitting, half on my back. Unzipping his jeans and pushing them down. Around the laptop, I see his fat, hard cock bob free, its tip already wet. He tugs me to the chair’s edge, again jostling the computer in my hands. Then he’s pushing my legs farther open as the last of my orgasm trills away, pushing his hot length into my clenching pussy, giving it something to grip. 

“What the fuck is going on, Bridget?” 

The screen bouncing as Daniel starts to thrust. My breathing harder and harder to control. 

“I’m fine,” I say. “I’ll call when I … get back.” 

I manage to hit the disconnect button before I come again, practically tossing the computer to the counter as I reach behind Daniel’s ass and pull his cock inside me to the hilt. I come all over it as he moves slowly. When I’m finished, Daniel turns me over like a doll and slams into my pussy from behind until I feel him grip my bare ass and fill me with seed, collapsing on top of me as his breathing recedes, his lips kissing my neck. 

“You have to get back before someone misses you,” Daniel says, his cock still tumescent inside me. “But remember, don’t touch anyone. You’re mine.”


I love to write stories with characters that feel real enough to friend on Facebook, or slap across the face. I write to make you feel, think, and burn with the thrill that can only come from getting lost in the pages. I love to write unforgettable characters who wrestle with life's largest problems. My books may always end with a Happily Ever After, but there will always be drama on the way there.

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