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ARC REVIEW - YOURS COMPLETELY (Reign #2) by Joya Ryan:

TITLE: Yours Completely
AUTHOR: Joya Ryan
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: April 2, 2015
PUBLISHER: Bear & Gunner Pub. LLC 
PAGES: Approx. 191

RATING: 5 Stars

Lana Case knows what it feels like to be tossed aside - first by her family and then by the man she naively believed was her true love. But when Jack leaves, reconfirming that she isn't worthy of love, her world shatters. The last person Lana thought to find refuge in is an adrenaline-junky firefighter, let alone Jack's best friend. Yet Callum Malone's easy-going, playboy persona is just what she needs.

When Lana finds herself the target of a stalker who isn't going away, Callum not only welcomes her into his home, but also into his bed. Unable to deny the chemistry between them, Lana gives in and after a night of fiery passion discovers what it finally feels like to not only be cherished - but safe. Lana and Callum are falling fast, knowing they're both far out of their depth. And then Jack returns to claim the woman he left behind . . .

REVIEWERS NOTE: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

5 Magnificent Stars!
Brilliant, Sexy, Fun, Angsty and Intense. Absolute Perfection! 

The Review: 
My mind is in a complete tail-spin right now. This was an amazing read! From beginning to end, it captivated me, tied me up in knots and had all my lusty bits begging for more. I loved every single moment and now I’m torn!

When I first read the blurb, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through this read. In book one, we fall in love with Jack and Lana so I knew in this book, having a different love interest for Lana was going to be hard. But the author did such a great job with Cal’s introduction in book one that I already adored him and I was anxious to see how this all played out.

I was NOT disappointed. I completely fell in lust, then in absolute love with Cal. He went from this adorably hot firefighter with a penchant for flirting to this amazing, intriguing and totally yummy hero that had me swooning on every page. He was sweet, kind, considerate and loving. He was dominant but also let Lana take the reigns because he could see her struggle with gaining back her self worth and power. He has a dark past and he’s been hurt in ways that have scarred him for life so when Lana comes to him, broken and hurting, he knows just how to help her. He’s there to comfort her, protect her and love her and it was beautiful to watch him help her shed her depression and regain her trust in herself.

And let’s not forget to mention their love scenes. Their chemistry was off the charts, panty-combusting hot!

But ever present in the background of their romance, was this exciting bit of mystery surrounding certain events happening in Lana’s life. You can literally feel the build up and suspense as a danger you're not quite certain of looms over the whole story. The author did this brilliantly, giving us little pieces to tie us over until something else happened.

Lana is just trying to make peace in her life but she seems to have it coming from all sides. She has the evil step-brother, Brock, in one corner. Cal who wants to love her in another corner. Jack who’s left her. A wicked step-mother giving her evil glares, a dispassionate father who seems to care more for his step-family and their money than his own flesh and blood daughter, and the beautiful Bea who’s ready to help pick up the pieces and become the mother figure Lana has always wanted. 

Each piece of this story gets more and more intriguing and complicated.

And then the big whammy! When the climax finally happened, I fist pumped and yelled “I Knew It!” I knew there was something like that in the work but I was pleasantly surprised at how the author handled it because all the build up left me floored.

And that ending? Holy hell! Who saw that coming, because it wasn’t me!

The Wrap Up: 
This story encompasses everything I love in a read. It had fun parts, sexy parts, lots of angsty parts which thrilled my little angst-loving heart, it had intrigue and mystery and danger and wayward souls just trying to make it through the stages that is “life”.

And of course it leaves off on a major cliffy so I’m going to be waiting anxiously for the next book. Joya Ryan, you seductress and brilliant wordsmith, you have won my heart once again with your characters and story. I’m in awe!

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