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PROMO BLITZ with ARC REVIEW and GIVEAWAY - THE CLUB (The Club Series #1) by Lauren Rowe:

TITLE: The Club
SERIES: The Club Series
AUTHOR: Lauren Rowe
GENRE: Contemp. Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 5, 2015
PUBLISHER: SoCoRo Publishing
FORMAT: eBook and Paperback
PAGES: Approx. 300
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RATING: 4.5 Stars

When playboy businessman Jonas Faraday receives a private note from the anonymous intake agent assigned to process his online application to an exclusive sex club, he becomes obsessed with finding her and giving her the sexual satisfaction she claims has always eluded her, in order to fulfill his own desperate need for redemption.

Sarah : When I read Jonas Faraday’s brutally honest personal message on his application to The Club, I practically climaxed at my desk. I’m an idiot to risk losing my job but I couldn't resist contacting him. I knew my confession would be like dangling an irresistible carrot in front of his nose—but never in a million years did I think he’d actually hunt me down.

Jonas : I was shocked to get my intake agent’s email—I’d attached that note to my application on a whim, never expecting a reply from an actual person, let alone a reply as mind blowing as that. Her message was so alluring, so irresistible, I’ve been spiraling into a full-blown obsession ever since I got it. What’s her name? What does she look like? Finding her is my top priority.

In The Club , what starts out as an innocent exploration of sexual attraction quickly spirals into a steamy story of unbridled passion, obsession, heartbreak, and, ultimately, redemption.

4.5 “Divine Original” Stars!
Funny, Smart, Heartwarming and Sexy! 

The Review: 
I had a completely different idea of what this book would be like when I started reading it. I didn’t expect it to be light and fun and I didn’t expect it to absorb me so completely that I got way grumpy when I was interrupted while reading it.

EVERYTHING about this book was a pleasant surprised!

The Club is wonderfully original, playful, smart and sexy. The characters were amazing, the story was sincere but light, it had a little bit of mystery at the end and it was a lot of fun to read. I can’t wait for the next one.

Sarah Cruz works as an intake agent for “The Club”, a private, very exclusive and secret group that guarantees a perfect match in whatever kind of relationship you’re looking for. She processes applicants that have the money and the background to endeavor in such an adventure.

Jonas Faraday wants to have unfettered access to all the women he can handle without the emotional attachment they seem to beg for once he treats them to his god-like skills in the bedroom. He wants no commitments at the end of the date and he wants no guilt for walking away after a night of uncensored pleasure. 

Thanks to a lifetime of brainwashing and Disney and Lifetime and Hallmark, she naiely believes glimpsing God during an epic fuck somehow translates into some kind of happily ever after with her Prince Charming. No matter what I’ve said beforehand, no matter how clearly I’ve presented myself and the limits of what I’m willing to give, she’s suddenly convinced she’s found The One. “He just doesn’t know it yet,” she tells herself.
And that’s when I hurt her, whoever she is...” 

When his brother tells him about The Club, he’s excited to submit his application.

What he doesn’t expect is a snarky, personal reply to the most honest solicitation he’s ever written or spoken, which sends him on a journey to find his “beautiful intake agent”. And sends her on her own stalking mission to find out just who Jonas really is.

This is precisely the way I’ve been taught to do the surveillance portion of my application processing procedure. So, really, I’m just following protocol. So why do I feel like a stalker, then? Because I’m a stalker. A sick, perverted, obsessed, panties-on-fire, spent-all-night-scoping-him-out-on-the-Internet stalker 

Sarah Cruz is full of life. She’s confident and smart and witty but she also has huge trust and daddy issues... along with one particular problem Jonas finds too much of a challenge not to jump feet first into. 

Sarah thinks she’s a ten percerter, a rare woman who can never quit secure that illustrious “big O” that’s eluded her, her entire life. In all her twenty-four years, through all her sexual encounters, she’s never acquired the grand prize, always watching her partner reach their climax before she even saw a glimmering hope of her own. When she reads Jonas’s application and his powerful statement about how he’s no romantic, doesn’t want the flowers and hearts but will excitedly and passionately lead a woman to divine providence and convince her he’s definitely God’s Gift in the bedroom, her body reacts in a way she’s never experience and she covertly replies to his application!

"Some guys say fucking a beautiful woman brings them closer to God. But, really, they should aim higher. Because when I make a woman come like she’s never come before, when I make her surrender and leap into the dark abyss, I don’t just get closer to god, I become God. Her god, anyhow, for one, all-powerful, fucking awesome moment.” 

When Jonas reads the secret reply from the abrasive yet arousing mystery woman through email, he’s instantly intrigued. But when he reads she’s never achieved her own orgasm, it sends into an obsessive pursuit in finding the woman on the other end of the most forthright and tempting reply he’s ever received.

And once they meet, everything changes!

You’re everything I never knew I always wanted.

The Wrap Up: 
This read was a little gushy and overly sweet at times but its also delightfully entertaining. It was fun and exciting to become absorbed in every moment of Jonas and Sarah’s journey to find the culmination of human possibility

The beginning was intriguing and immediately got my attention. I was excited to read this one and didn't want to put it down. However, there were a few instances, especially in the beginning and around the middle where the characters, both Jonas and Sarah, go way deep into a lot of internal monologue. Some of their ideas or personality quirks were hammered home more than once and that got a bit repetitious but all in all, I really did enjoy this read. So much so, that I CAN’T WAIT for the next book to see what happens, since this was ended on a slight cliffy. I’m definitely a fan!

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The Reclamation (The Club Series Book #2)
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Day: January 26, 2015
Pre-Order at Amazon | Kobo | iBooks

The Redemption (The Club Series Book #3)
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Day: February 9, 2015
Pre-Order at Amazon

About the Author...

Lauren Rowe is the pen name of an author and singer-songwriter who decided to use an alter ego in writing THE CLUB TRILOGY to ensure she didn't hold back in writing the story. (And she didn't.) Lauren lives in San Diego, California where she performs with her band, writes, and hangs out with her family and friends.

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