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Today, we have a special Spotlight Tour stop with P.A. DePaul, author of the SBG series, Guardian Redeemed and No Regrets. Today we'll be spotlighting EXCHANGE OF FIRE, book one in the thrilling, suspenseful and sexy SBG series. And just in time too because her second book in this series, "Shadow of Doubt" will be releasing in April.

Want to know more? Sure you do. Just keep reading because below, we have a special note and an excerpt from the author. And don't forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom and check out the links for the rest of the tour.


TITLE: Exchange of Fire
GENRE: Romance, Suspense
RELEASED: August 19, 2014
PUBLISHER: Penguin Intermix
PAGES: Approx. 391


Faking her death was easy, living with her past is harder, but nothing is more dangerous than falling in love…

Sandra Walsh was a deadly sniper for the Sweet Briar Group, a covert agency with assassins for hire, until her last mission went horribly wrong, accidentally killing an innocent girl. Knowing she’s a danger to her team, Sandra goes off the grid, becoming a Shade—an agent declared dead but secretly hiding among the living. She intends to honor her vow never to pull another trigger or have contact with the spy world again. Until she meets Casper Grady…

Grady is a former Marine with a troubled past and a debt to pay. His life mission has gone from protecting the nation to helping local children and their families. The moment he meets Sandra, he knows there’s more to her than meets the eye, but he can’t help but be drawn to the mysterious femme fatale. And when Sandra’s past suddenly catches up to her, Grady is determined to protect her at all costs, no matter how dark and dangerous her secrets are.

As the danger increases, so does their intense attraction. But when they’re forced to choose between each other and the people they’ve sworn to protect, their growing love might not be enough to keep them together—or alive…

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Hello Craves the Angst Peeps!

I hope you’re in the mood for some steamy, exciting Romantic Suspense! Just look at the cover if you want affirmation…wait, don’t do it! Gah! Too late! Now I’ll never get your attention. *Chin resting on hand, drumming fingers* Oh, you’re back? Thank you so much for tearing your eyes away from Exchange of Fire’s hero, Casper Grady. I probably only have to say a four words to convince you, you’ll like the first book in the SBG series. Ready? Okay: Female sniper. Former Marine.

Convinced? Dang. I can’t see if you’re nodding or not. Well, hopefully between the back-cover blurb and my four little words above you’ll click on one of those retailer links to enter a world where a clandestine Black Ops team works for SweetBriar Group (AKA SBG), a corporation the public believes is an environmental company, and risks their lives on missions no one can know about.

FYI, Shadow of Doubt, SBG #2 (releasing April 21, 2015) continues with another member of Delta Squad, you know, just in case you wanted to read Cappy’s story (He’s the C.O. of Delta).

Thank you so much for spending time with me today. I truly appreciate each and every one of you! <3


The following excerpt is a little bit steamy. Ooh Rah!  Our heroine, Wraith (sniper of Delta Squad), and our hero, Casper Grady (former Marine), have escaped an assassination attempt and are now in a temporary safe house in the Carolina mountains. They’d been locked in a battle-of-wills all evening, challenging each other at every step, and the attraction they’d both been fighting for months is no longer denied.

     “You think you can make it to the laptop before me?” he challenged. 
     She didn’t answer. Instead, she darted around him and leaped onto the couch cushion and began vaulting over the back. The movement was so graceful and fluid he almost didn’t want to stop her . . . almost. 
     He jumped after her, just barely missing landing on top of her crouched position. She ran forward and snatched at the exposed strap. His seabag shifted, causing the corner of the satchel to get caught in its handles. She yanked while still running toward the dining room. His seabag protested for a costly second, allowing him to reach out and grab on to her shoulder. He gripped harder just as she jerked the satchel again. The seabag’s handle dropped off, causing it to tip over, right under his feet. 
     He leaped over it and managed to wrap his other hand around her arm. He spun her until she smacked her shoulder blades into the wall between the dining room and kitchen. She held the bag in front of her like a trophy, her chest heaving and her eyes alive with triumph as she stared into his. Damn she was beautiful. 
     His blood sang with the primal victory of catching her. Now punish her. He crushed his mouth to hers. Deep sensations of her returning his passion coursed through him. He angled his head and pressed closer. The laptop bag dug into his chest. He tore his mouth away and ripped the satchel out of her hands. 
     “I win,” she whispered, her voice husky as he dropped the bag onto the dining room table. 
     “Did you?” he retorted, taking a moment to enjoy the desire radiating from her hazel eyes. “You sure?” He crowded into her space and ran a hand up her arm. Everywhere his fingertips touched, a trail of goose bumps followed. Ooh Rah. “’Cause this doesn’t feel like losing.” 
He dipped forward and reclaimed her lips.

About the Author...

P.A. DePaul is a multi-genre romance author including paranormal fantasy and romantic suspense. She originally hails from Carroll County and Baltimore County, Maryland, but also lived in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia. She currently resides in a beautiful community just outside Philadelphia. Exchange of Fire is the first novel in the SBG series with the second novel, Shadow of Doubt, releasing April 2015

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me today! I hope everyone enjoyed the taste of the little steamy excerpt. :D

    1. LOVED the excerpt! Thanks for having me in the tour and for stopping by. Good luck PA and I can't wait to read EXCHANGE OF FIRE.

  2. This looks really good!!! Thanks for the tease....

    1. So glad you enjoyed! I love teasing people...oh wait...hmm...need to think how to reword that. ;) :D

  3. This book sounds so good. I just love romantic suspense books. Thanks for having the giveaway.

    1. Oh Yeah! I love romantic suspense books too! If you're interested, on one of the stops I talk about my top five favorite RS books/series. :) I hope you enjoy Exchange of Fire!! :)

  4. I can't get enough of PA DePaul! If you haven't already, read this book AND her others! Seriously talented author!!!!!!

    1. {HUGS}} Mandi! Thank you so much!! :D