Saturday, July 26, 2014

PROMO SALE for MOMENTS IN TIME: The Complete Novella Collection by Dori Lavelle:

Promotional Sale of Entire Box Set
July 25th through July 28th
Only 99¢ 

(Individual blurbs for the three books on Amazon):

Three books. Two women. One search for love.

Connected through loss and tragedy, two women have turned their backs on the lives that caused them heartbreak.


Four years ago, Carlene Adams made a deadly mistake. A tragic accident derailed the future she'd hoped for, taking the life of the man she'd planned to spend forever with.

As a self-imposed penance for her solitary sin, she has given up on every dream she ever had.

When she meets Nick Johnson, the single kiss they share awakens desires she shoved aside for so long. But Nick isn't who she thinks he is. She isn't the girl he believes her to be, either.


Six years ago, Melisa Bergfeld's husband died.

Left with a life she no longer wants, she seeks salvation in a homeless shelter. For a while, that's more than enough.

But when a fire breaks out, in walks the man who will try to save her life, and teach her how to live again. If she’ll let him.


!!! ON SALE FROM JULY 25th to 28th FOR ONLY 99 PENNIES !!!

About the Author...

Dori Lavelle, is a mother, wife, and a sucker for happy-ever-afters and mint chocolate. Give her a great romance novel and a mug of hot chocolate and she'd be one happy woman. Growing up, Dori read a lot, and when she wasn't happy with a particular ending, she wrote a different one, just for herself. Before long, she was writing stories when she should have been doing homework. The time has come for her to share the stories she cooks up in her head.

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