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PROMO POST with EXCERPT - EVAN EVOLVED (Evan Elemental #2) by Crystal Groszek:

TITLE: Evan Evolved
SERIES: Evan Elemental
AUTHOR: Crystal Groszek
AGE GROUP: New Adult
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 12, 2014
PAGES: Approx. 172

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When Evan O’Fion wakes up in a hotel room after being kidnapped by the cocky and mysterious Ezra Volkov, her first impulse is to flee. But Ezra surprises her by giving her a choice: run away and live in darkness or go with him and discover the truth of who she really is.

Does this beautiful, dangerous man have the answers to her questions? And will the truth be worth the heartache it will cause her?

Evan isn’t sure who to trust, but she’s desperate for answers. Armed with her growing Elemental abilities and a fearlessness that borders on reckless, Evan begins a journey into her past and inadvertently unleashes the ghosts that those around her have tried to keep hidden, leading to the most shocking revelation yet.
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     “Ezra, are we dead?” A blush breaks out across my face and chest. I can’t help but ask, though, because it’s something that’s been on my mind since the word “vampire” wedged its way into my everyday vocabulary.
     Ezra drops his hands from my back and takes my hand in his. He guides it up and places my palm flat on his chest. “Do I feel dead?” His heart beats warm and steady against my hand.
     “No,” I whisper. I drop my hand and turn slowly so that my back is facing him and pull my hair over my shoulder. “Unzip me?”
     “Evan, I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” Ezra says, his voice strained.
     I look back at him over my shoulder. “I want you to see me, to touch me.” My blush deepens. “Don’t make me beg.” I look away quickly, embarrassed by the raw need in my voice.
     Ezra doesn’t hesitate any further; he reaches up and slowly unzips my dress. When I turn back to face him, Ezra captures my mouth in a painstaking kiss. I feel it in every cell of my body, the rightness of it. I slip my arms around his neck and wind my fingers through his hair. He groans against my mouth, sending my pulse soaring. In my lust-filled haze, I feel him take my hips and guide me so that I’m walking backward in the direction of his bed. As the back of my knees hit the bed frame, Ezra lifts me by the waist and tosses me lightly onto the bed. I barely have time to laugh before I feel the whole of his weight on me. The room quiets to the sound of our breath. “Ezra, I want this. But I have to know, do you?”
     “Yes, absolutely.” He shifts his weight, parting my legs with his knees.      I wrap them willingly around his waist.
     “I don’t want to hurt you, Ezra. I can’t....I can’t be in any sort of relationship right now. I remember what you said, in the field...” Ezra stops me with a kiss. It’s brief and sweet and for a second I forget how much trouble I’m in.
     “If you’re done trying to save me from myself,” he whispers against my mouth, “then I’d really like to finish taking this dress off.”

Evan Elemental (Evan Elemental #1)
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About the Author...

Crystal Groszek is the author the Evan Elemental series. Crystal began thinking about and plotting Evan Elemental while attending Utica College where she earned her bachelor's degree in English Literature. She currently lives in upstate New York with her husband, Patrick, and her lovably insane puppy, Lenni. 

You can find more information about Crystal and the Evan Elemental series by visiting her at or You can also reach Crystal on twitter at and on Facebook at

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