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TITLE: The Reality of You
AUTHOR: Jean Haus
GENRE: Comedy, Romance
RELEASE DATE: June 27, 2014
FORMAT: eBook and Paperback
PAGES: Approx. 279

RATING: 5 Stars!

Naomi Porter was once witty, fun, and outgoing, but she has scratched outgoing off the list, along with men. She has a mediocre tech job in fabulous New York, a large smut book collection, and awesome friends, both tangible and in an online gaming community. She just doesn’t date. A future filled with cats and housedresses beats having her heart broken again. 

But Naomi still likes men, even kind of stalks—mostly fantasizes about—a gorgeous one at work during lunch.

Her best friend, Kara, is determined that Naomi will be outgoing again. When Kara finds out who, as in a notorious playboy, Naomi is stalking at lunch, she plans to break Naomi of her lunchtime habit and bring her back into the real world. It’s just going to take a bit of deception.

Between all the deceiving, fangirling, and bumbling, Naomi might not be able to resist the temptation of turning her seven-month fantasy into reality. And really, so what if he’s a playboy or a demanding jerk? Her fantasies don’t include love or even like, just a bed or a couch or the back seat of a limo…

Reality might be just what she needs. 

*A sexy romantic comedy intended for audiences 18+*

REVIEWERS NOTE: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

5 Huge, Super Swoonin' Stars!
Bring on the Funny and the Angsts! This book was a great combo of both and I enjoyed every minute of it! 

Quote Spotlight... 
“... The reality of you is so much better than anything I’ve ever imagined.”

The Review: 
I’m a big fan of Jean Haus and have been since In the Band (Luminescent Juliet #1). In fact, it’s one of my favorites so when she asked me to read and review her new, adult romantic comedy, I was totally in! And trust me, I wasn’t disappointed. Told in the heroine’s POV, this was such a fun, sexy, super sweet and angsty read and I simply loved it. 

Naomi Porter is hiding from her past behind her gaming console and frumpy nerd cloths. Employed as a computer geek in the basement of the technology company she works for, she likes the mundane chores her college degree in computer science gives her. But once upon a time, she was headed for the Olympics and a career in coaching soccer. However, a car accident and a bad break up took it all away. Now she likes the thick walls she’s built around her “weak-willed heart” and the obscurity of her Friday nights in... oh and ogling the hottie in the business suit who she stalks on her lunch breaks. She’s never met him. She’s never talked to him and she never plans to. She just daydreams about him and admires him from afar.

But one too many margaritas and a lost hand at cards changes everything.

Paying-up on a bet, Naomi finds herself heading out on a week long business trip with the hottie-from-afar, but soon realizes her imagination is a lot prettier than the real thing.

Notorious playboy, Reese Jordon, seems to have it all. He’s incredibly good looking, he’s beyond wealthy and he’s got women begging him to be a part of his money life. He’s rude, conceited, overly confident and all business. At least until he get’s some one on one time with Naomi. 

Clashing at first, these two wobble towards a future that could be a happy one but with the interference of a determined BFF, a snooty grandmother and a huge lie between them, these two have a lot to overcome.

Oh how I loved Naomi! This girl found herself in the wildest of situations which had me laughing and smiling so much my cheeks hurt! She’s this intelligent, athletic woman who seems to turn into a clumsy, bumbling idiot when she’s around Reese. She can hardly stand on her own two feet while in his presence, let alone portray the confidant woman she wishes she was. I loved her character. She wasn’t perfect and though she was a bit fractured from her past, she wasn’t broken. And when things got bad, she pulled herself together and moved forward, although on shaky legs. She was real!

Reese was totally delish! He was just sexy from the start. When we first meet him, he’s this cold, detached guy but even with his hard core, intimidating attitude, which you understand the reasoning for later, you could tell he was not immune to Naomi’s charm. Stealing heated glances on the side and riveted by Naomi’s simplicity, we start to see a gradual change in Reese. 

These two worked through a slow build to a scorching hook-up which moved it’s way into a sweet but very complicated relationship. They have some serious obstacles in their way and people who don’t want them together so there’s plenty of angsts to enjoy.

The BBF girls club was a hoot. I loved it when they all got together. They were fun and loving and even when Kara, who doesn’t like the idea of Reese and Naomi together, was being adamant about Naomi staying far away from Reese, you knew it was because she cared and loved her best friend and didn’t want to see her back in that shell she’d been hiding in for the last three years.

The Wrap Up: 
From beginning to end, this book had me hooked. I loved every minute of it. It was fun, playful, angsty and just a great, all-around heartfelt story. 

Quote Spotlight... 
“The reality of us is better than we either imagined.”
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