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REVIEW - BREAKABLE (Contours of the Heart #2) by Tammara Webber:

TITLE: Breakable
SERIES: Contours of the Heart
AUTHOR: Tammara Webber
AGE GROUP: New Adult
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: May 6, 2014
FORMAT: eBook and Paperback
PAGES: Approx. 366

RATING: 5 Stars!
HEA: Of Course!

He was lost and alone. Then he found her.
And the future seemed more fragile than ever.

As a child, Landon Lucas Maxfield believed his life was perfect and looked forward to a future filled with promise — until tragedy tore his family apart and made him doubt everything he ever believed.

All he wanted was to leave the past behind. When he met Jacqueline Wallace, his desire to be everything she needed came so easy…

As easy as it could be for a man who learned that the soul is breakable and that everything you hoped for could be ripped away in a heartbeat.

5 Exposing, Enlightening Stars!
A Fantastic Male POV Companion That’s Left Me Emotionally Euphoric As Well As Sad It’s Over! But Wow! What A Ride It’s Been!

The Review:
This read was all-consuming! I adored Lucas Before, but After reading Breakable and having my heart torn to shreds and put back together while riding along with him through his journey to find love and peace, I know he’ll always stand out as one of my favorite hero’s!

Lucas’s POV is explored in depth, which I loved. We get every nuance of his struggle both in his past and present which was broken up into a recount of his time in Easy as Lucas and his past as Landon through scene and chapter switches. Unbreakable was easy to follow as flashback and memories were revealed. Questions and open ended scenes from the first book were answered and explored in this book and I could feel all the emotions and trials and struggles of our hero as his story unfolded and was revealed one piece at a time. I understood, from book one, why he was the way he was, or at least I thought I did. But in this book, we get a deeper learning of everything he went through in all its shocking disappointments.

Life was cruel to Landon as a child and an innocence was stolen from him that no child should have to experience. My heart broke as we watched him turn from a happy, carefree small child to a troubled, isolated pre-teen, to a hardened and desolate teen. His world and life was literally tumbling further into darkness with each passing year, until one final “snap” almost takes his story from “second-chance hero” to “tragic”. But because Dr. Heller threw him a lifeline, we get to see the hauntingly beautiful soul who graced the pages of Easy fight his way back from the grim path he was on to the bright future he was supposed to have.

Seeing Jacqueline through Lucas’s eyes was enchanting and knowing that he had his eye on her long before she ever realized who he was, just completed the heartfelt longing picture we were painted in the first book. In fact, Lucas was kind of a stalker, which was fun! He observed her, watched her and cared for her before he ever spoke one word to her. She was his light and salvation even though he didn’t know it.. yet.

And the hotness factor in this book? Wowza! The sexiness was amped way up but never crossed into vulgar. Lucas held Jacqueline in high regard and the author honored that throughout the book but holy hell was their chemistry off the charts hot!!!

I loved getting snippets of his childhood and I loved getting complete looks into the years after the nightmare he survived. It explained so much more about this troubled, lonely boy who would become a man capable of honor and love and sacrifice and it also showed just how emotionally defenseless he really and truly was. In the first book, you knew he was haunted and in pain but in this book, you really get an understanding of just how scarred, scared and vulnerable he was.

But Jacqueline changed all that for him and gave him the hope he’d been missing. It was beautiful.

The Wrap Up:
The poetic writing flowed brilliantly and completely swept me up in every chapter and sentence in the story. When I hit that last page, I was both elated and heartbroken. It ended on a beautiful note but I was saddened that their story was at a close.

Like all other Easy fans, I waiting a long time for this release and I was not disappointed. I loved every tid-bit of new information we were given, every scene that told the same story but in a different light and every past experience told through the eyes of a boy with no hope. It was emotional and at times crushing but bearable because I knew how this story turned out. Lucas was then and is now, one of the best hero’s in this genre.

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